Your forefathers created one nation, under God with liberty and
justice for all. These were men of high ideals, spiritually guided and inspired
to create a nation and a civilization to be admired and respected, to set an
example for the rest of the world. In exercising their free will under God’s
guidance and direction, they created a Constitution and a Bill of Rights for
every man, woman, and child to live in freedom in the pursuit of happiness.
Yet, among these 
high-minded and spiritual men were others who,
in the exercise of their free will, chose to put their egos before God and to
joust with God’s plan.

From its earliest inception, the United States of America has
been tainted by the spirit of the evil one – satan – who has utilized his
minions through the ages; those who chose to joust with God’s plan through
their ancient and modern secret and occult societies, to oppress God’s people,
not only in America, but in all lands and all nations.

However, because your Father in Heaven, your Creator, specifically
endowed your lands with the gifts necessary for your country to become truly
great in the eyes of the Lord, satan has been particularly vicious in his
cunning and stealth to subjugate the people of this nation under his dominion
and control.

Through his minions here on Earth, satan has achieved his goal,
but only here on Earth, for the inhabitants of your land are truly the children
of the Father in Heaven and ultimately the evil one will be defeated, and the
Heavenly Realms will be your reward, for those of you who choose the Father In
Heaven over the evil of satan.

Unfortunately in these end times, as prophesied by both ancient
and modern prophecy, your nation has now fallen under the complete control of
the enemy, of the evil one, of satan, also known as lucifer; who has also
manifested himself as moloch; so many are his deceptive disguises to trick you
into his servitude.

Therefore, you are being asked by the Father in Heaven,
individually and as a nation, to declare A NEW DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE FROM SATAN
, the tyrants and oppressors who have unlawfully,
illegally, and immorally taken control of your executive, legislative, and
judicial branches of government.

Therefore, you no longer should believe that it is your
obligation as good citizens to respect the authority of your government as it
is currently comprised and compromised. The authority of those in charge is not
vested in them by the Father in Heaven, or by His Son, Jesus Christ, Your Lord
and Saviour.

The power that the current establishment exercises is the power
of darkness that comes from the primordial darkness that is the snake pit of
the prince of darkness, satan, otherwise known as lucifer. You shall know him
by those who worship him in secrecy; by those who lurk in the shadows of your
government; controlling the puppet strings of the evil one’s minions in the
executive office, in your legislative bodies, and in your judicial courts,
wherein you have become a nation of death, not of life.

What happened, America?

240 years ago, you declared your independence from tyranny and
oppression. Now the tyrants and oppressors have tricked you into believing you
are free, for their leader, now and then, is satan, the ruler of the dark
world, who has seduced and tricked you into being his slave.

What happened, America?

You were the nation gifted by God to be a powerful example to the
rest of the world. Now you have forfeited your position in the eyes of the

What happened, America?

From sea to shining sea, you were given natural riches and
resources far beyond any other nation or land in the modern world, and you
allowed the tyrants and oppressors to monopolize and capitalize your God-given
riches and resources for their own personal greed-filled desires and enrichment
at the expense of the people of your nation. The time will soon come when the
minions of satan will completely deny you access to the riches and resources
that God has provided for all mankind, not just for the few despots who control
you now.

What happened, America?

You were greeted by indigenous peoples who welcomed you to your
new world, who taught you to hunt and fish, and to cultivate crops, and to
build your shelters  in the new continent, and then you allowed your
leaders and your armies to subjugate all of you, both native and immigrant,
because of your own greed-filled desires, both then and now.

What happened, America?

You were given lands with rich soil to grow and harvest plentiful
foods. Within your borders, whether in winter, spring, summer, or fall, there
was food aplenty for all, while many parts of the rest of the world experienced
starvation and suffering. Yet, you allowed the mega-corporations to not only
acquire vast amounts of your lands, but you also allowed them to pollute your
lands with chemicals and unnatural grains and vegetables, so that the bounty from
your lands will eventually cause starvation and death, as the evil one has

What happened, America?

You were blessed with good health, and when in need, provided by
your Creator with natural preventions and cures for the ills that may befall
you. However, you have allowed satan and his minions to gain control of your
health care system. They have enforced a system that disallows God’s natural
cures from being available to God’s children here on Earth.  Instead they
have concocted vaccines and pharmaceuticals that are being offered as miracle
cures without any evidence or proof that they are really for the benefit of
your health, while in reality it is their intention to cause more disease,
sickness, and death to cull down the population of people and to prematurely
eliminate God’s children from the Earth.

What happened, America?

The minions of the evil one are attempting to control and
dominate all of the people of the Earth through their control of the banks,
your natural resources, your food sources, your means of communication, your
educational systems and institutions, and your churches and schools. They are
instituting a new world order of global slavery to enforce rules upon you that
are intended to further enslave you. You see the fruits of their evil works in
their implementation of a draconian health care system designed to enrich the
minions of the evil one, while attempting to control all of you.

The deceivers are now planning to enslave and control the entire
world by introducing their form of healthcare in your nation to the poorest of
nations. Now that they have fully implemented their control over all of you by
controlling your healthcare, they will be introducing the system of
micro-chipping you, as well as all the inhabitants of the Earth, by requiring
you to take this implanted chip in order to receive healthcare. The chips will
then be used to mark those who are scheduled for extermination and death as
they begin to cull down the population of humans, as if you are all cattle or
expendable; and to these minions of the evil one, each and every one of you is
expendable, unless you serve a useful purpose in their draconian future world.

What happened, America?

You yearned to be free and protected by your oceans and borders,
and you avoided the conflicts that plagued the old world. Yet you allowed the
tyrants and oppressors to develop a military-industrial complex that is now
spreading death and destruction throughout the world. Once again, the blind
greed of satan’s minions gives them the power over you, convincing you and your
children to fight their wars to fulfill their greed-filled desires for riches
and resources, while sadly misinforming you that you are fighting for freedom
and democracy throughout the world.

What happened, America?

The tyranny of the oppressors infiltrated your lands through the
moneychangers that the Lord and Saviour warned you about, the evil doers filled
with anger and greed to control the people for their own personal benefit. They
have infiltrated your economies and your labour with their central banking
system, so that you are no longer free of tyranny and oppression. They have
seized control of your government and your common treasury, slowly,
deliberately, and with stealth.

What happened, America?

Look up in your skies and recognize that your God-given atmosphere
is being poisoned and polluted by a powerful cartel of sinister globalist
leaders and evil scientists. You are now falsely threatened by “climate
change”, which is the work of the evil one to further manipulate and
control humanity. Such warnings will accelerate now that the new world order
minions are accelerating their plans to further subjugate and control you.

A benchmark for you to recognize on climate change is that the
Father in Heaven has always and will always provide a climate for mankind here
on Earth that is in peace and harmony with the Father’s plans. However, satan’s
minions have been manipulating and controlling your global climates in
anticipation of controlling all of you globally through their manipulation and
control of the climate and your weather patterns.
 The minions of satan are planning to instill
fear and terrorize the citizens of the world with their climate change
warnings, but their plan is a sham, and the work of the evil one.

What happened, America?

You have allowed
evil leaders to take over your governments, your institutions, and your schools
of learning, where the youngest among you, your very own children, are being
brainwashed by the minions of the evil one to serve his evil purposes. These
young children are not even permitted to learn or know of the Lord and Saviour,
Jesus Christ, nor of His Father in Heaven.

What happened, America?

Your enemy and the enemy of your Lord and Saviour, the evil one,
satan, has placed his minions in positions of power and authority to attempt to
reign over all of you in his final challenge to usurp the power and authority
of the Creator over humanity.

You are no longer free! You have fallen victim to the tyranny of
the oppressors of the world, the minions of satan. 
The evil one has given these leaders, who are filled with avarice,
greed, and a lust for power, the tools of the demonic world that are now being
used to control and enslave all of you.

Nothing is more evident in this regard than your nation’s support
of the mind-altering and addictive drugs that are now being perpetrated on your
nation’s youth by the demonic, evil leaders and powerbrokers, who are engaged
not only in providing the means through drugs to damage and enslave your
children, but ultimately to bring about the early and untimely deaths of your
children.  Now your government has put in place a draconian system that
allows your children to become addicted to illegal substances, but then to
supposedly save your children from the illegal substances and to convert them
into a system of legal drug maintenance – a system that assures power, control,
and tremendous profits for those in control of the system, at the expense of
your children, who are being murdered by your leaders!

Greed happened, America!

And it is the greed of the tyrants and oppressors, the global
elites of your world, who have set themselves up as more powerful and more
worthy than the rest of you in order to assuage their hunger and passion, which
is greed through their exercising power and control over the rest of you. But
their power does not come from the Father in Heaven, but from the eternal
oppressor of all of humanity, the power to which these minions have pledged
their allegiance is satan, the ruler of the dark world, who is the enemy of the
Father in Heaven.

And your greatest shame, America!

You are no longer protected from the worst of the terrorism
because of your failure to protect those who are least able to defend
themselves, the unborn. The evil one’s greatest claim to victory has been his
ability to exercise his dark power and control over the black-robed minions who
have corrupted and tainted your judicial system by making the culture of death
as the law of your land.

What is going to happen, America…

Anarchy, terrorism, and war. The
evil one knows that his days are numbered and that the direct intervention of
the Father in Heaven will end his reign here on Earth, so his minions who fear
the loss of their power and control over you, will become like caged animals. Their
desperation makes them even more dangerous in these times, which is why they
are hell bent in executing their dark leader’s plan to divide God’s people into
warring camps even within your own borders and to ultimately throw the entire
world into a third world war conflagration, because they now fear the power of
the people and the retribution of the people, who are becoming increasingly
more aware of their dark plans.

Now is  the time, America…

to declare your independence from the tyrants and oppressors
within your executive, legislative, and judicial systems, who have been doing
the work of satan, knowingly or unknowingly, for the evil one has been so
stealth and devious in taking control of your America that many of his minions
do not even recognize to whom they have sworn their allegiance.

Now is  the time, America…

to declare your allegiance to the Father in Heaven through His
Only Son, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, who is with you in Spirit in
these times to right the wrongs done to America by the evil one and his

Now is the time, America…

to appeal to all secular and religious leaders who
are promoting and promulgating a secular new world order, a global secular
governance, and a one world religion that is the work of the evil one. Your leaders
must reject and repudiate their support of the new world order and their Agenda
2030, for it is the work of the evil one, satan, and his minions.

Now is the time, America…

to declare A NEW

Now is the time, America…

to pray, pray, PRAY TO THE FATHER IN HEAVEN to intervene soon in the affairs of
mankind through the intercession of His Son, Your Lord and Saviour, Jesus
Christ, for now only the intervention of the Father in Heaven through His Son,
and through the power of the Holy Spirit will release mankind from the bondage
and yoke of the evil one and his minions.

St Michael Archangel

July 4, 2016


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