July 2, 2015

Incarnation Church, Glendale, CA, at 9:20am

Jesus The Redeemer

My brothers and sisters,

 I come to you today as Jesus the Redeemer of the world, because you are very close now to my Second Coming in the fullest sense of the word, because the world had now reached a plateau of sinfulness that the world cannot continue to exist without my direct intervention in the affairs of mankind.

As it has been prophesied to  you from the ancient times to the modern times, there would come a time in the history of your world that it would be necessary for the Father in Heaven to call upon His Son to save all of you from the destruction of humanity by the evil one. Now that time has come.

All around you now, you see the discord among you and how it has become more destructive to all of you, because of the changes that are now being made by satan and his evil doers.

The evil one has been about this plan for centuries to divide God’s people between each other and through his discord to defeat the plan of the Father in Heaven for all of mankind to live in harmony.

It was never the plan of the Father in Heaven that you would be living in a world as you do now that is filled with sinfulness and darkness of a terrible degree.

But you do not have to continue to exist in this way for you have my Church, and you have the sacraments to sustain you through these times, until the day of atonement and change is brought about.

No one knows when this exact time will take place for humanity through the Father in Heaven, but I assure you that the time is very soon now. Thanks Be to God.

So prepare yourselves, your family members, and your friends, for within the very near future, the world will change so dramatically that the unbelievers will tremble in fear, and the minions of the evil one will become completely aware of their evil which will be exposed to all of you, the true followers of the Lord and Saviour, so that you can recognize who among you has truly been working for the demonic nature of darkness.

In this great clearing of the darkness from humanity, you will see a new light, truly the Light of God that will descend upon all of you and permeate humanity with the true, loving nature of the Father in Heaven, so that you can renew the face of the Earth with the goodness of the Father in Heaven.

Therefore, in the end, you will see the world of the Father in Heaven in the purging and cleansing of the Earth from the evil, and the restoring of the original plan for mankind, as designed by the Father in Heaven.

A New Heaven and a New Earth will be provided for those of you who are living on the face of the Earth, so that you can begin to live in harmony with the Father in Heaven, His Son the Redeemer of the world, and your Heavenly Mother.

Thanks be to God!

Message ended 9:35am


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