July 2, 2013

Our Lady Queen of Angels Church, Blessed Sacrament Chapel, Newport Beach California, at 9:11am

My Dear Son,

I come to you today as your Lady of Light, just as I came to you twenty-nine years ago on the very evening, when you returned ever so briefly to the Eternal Realms, so that I had the opportunity to instill in you your sense of mission, for I have a very important plan for you to fulfill, ever since your date of birth on September 19, 1946. I also come to you at this very time 9:11am, because this is a time and number that speaks to you about a sense of emergency “9-1-1”.

This sense of emergency should ring clearly now, not only to you, but to all your brothers and sisters in Christ, who are very much aware of the crisis that is developing in the Church of My Son, Your Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

You may recall that I gifted you with my message to you on the mountain of La Salette on November 1, 2005, because I wanted you to convey to the world the continuation of my message to the children of La Salette on September 19, 1846 – one hundred years before the date of your birth. Do you recognize now how complete my plan is in bringing my messages and my warnings to you, as well as to all of your brothers and sisters?

You may recall that when I spoke to you on the mountain of La Salette, I addressed to you the scandal that was developing in my Son’s Church. I first warned my children of this scandal through the children of La Salette, who bravely and courageously went forth with my messages to them, only to be vilified and scorned, because they had spoken the truth, as I had asked them to do.

I described the developing scandal and prophesied the problem in My Son’s Church that would come to a crescendo during the end times as a scandal involving wayward priests, bishops, and cardinals, who had become ‘cesspools of impurity” within My Son’s Church.

My warnings in 1846 were not heeded by My Son’s chosen priests. They refused to accept my warnings then, and as I had forewarned, the scandal became too much for even My Son to bear.

So now, today, the Church must boldly face this unfortunate scandal and each and every one of you, my children, my earthly brothers and sisters, must rise to the occasion and rally around the Church of My Son to assure that My Son’s Church survives these most difficult times in order to bring in the New Heaven and New Earth that the Father in Heaven is planning for the future of mankind.

It is necessary then for all of you, the followers of My Messages, to begin to pray more powerfully for the Pontiff in Rome, for I am charging him with the responsibility of cleansing and purifying My Son’s Church here on the ground, while all of us in the Eternal Realms, who are rallying around My Son’s Church, are also supporting his efforts to bring about the cleansing and purification of My Son’s Church, so that all of you can look to a future as fellow worshippers in My Son’s Church – a Church that will be free of the influence of the evil one, who has instilled his own minions within the Church to create diversion, chaos and confusion, so that the hierarchy of the Church becomes blinded to the truths of  your faith in Jesus Christ, as the sole Redeemer of all of humanity.

It is incumbent upon the Pontiff in Rome, and upon all of those within the hierarchy of the Church to rally around the Pontiff to defeat the evil that has permeated My Son’s Church.

It is up to all of you my children, my earthly brothers and sisters, to rally in prayer to bring about the powerful changes that are needed in My Son’s Church in these times.

It is an important part of the Father’s Plan that His children, who He so dearly loves and has created, become powerful prayerful warriors to assist the Father in Heaven, My Son as The Redeemer of the world, and your Heavenly Mother in ushering in the new world, as promised by the Father –  with the Church itself stronger and more energized than ever before to bring about the changes necessary for the betterment of mankind.

But be eternally vigilant now, and most of all, be discerning, for the evil one is very cunning now in his final attempts to destroy My Son’s Church. He has infiltrated hisminions very maliciously in a way that has allowed him to move his minions into high places within My Son’s Church.

It is now the responsibility of the Pontiff, who I have chosen to lead the Church in these times, to ferret out those who are doing the work of the evil one. However, the Pontiff of My Son’s Church cannot be successful without your prayers for him to defeat the evil that has permeated the Church of Your Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

My Son has great mercy for those who have fallen away from their faith and their calling to be servants of the Lord, because My Son knows how unmercifully the evil one has attacked His Chosen Servants. Through His Divine Mercy, all of these chosen servants can and may be forgiven by the Lord and Saviour, the Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Satan alone, the evil one, has been and continues to be the spear pierced into the Church of Jesus Christ. You are now in the times that the spear will be removed from the Church and the wound will be healed, so that the Church of My Son will continue to survive and thrive into the future during these End Times. Thanks be to God!

Message ended 9:40am                                                             

Our Lady of Light


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