Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, New York at 1:00pm

You are embarking now on the beginning of the end of the journey of the time period which has become known to you as the End Times. It is a journey for mankind that will encompass a transformation of all that is known by all of you here on Earth, and a transformation that will result in a better place for all of mankind, free of the bondages of the evil one who has corrupted the very essence of life, as it was ordained by the Father and Creator in the Heavenly Realms.

Now it is time for all of you to take up your arms in prayer and meditation to discover the Creator’s plan for each and every one of you. It is not by chance or mere circumstance that each and every one of you has been created by the Father. It is a plan that was drawn by the Father before you were born, before each and every one of you was conceived. It is a plan that encompasses all of God’s children here on Earth through the eons of time of human existence, and it is a plan that will not be defeated by the evil one and his tricks upon humanity.

So now it is the time for each and every one of you to awaken from your long slumber and recognize the calling of the Father in Heaven, calling all of you with the blasts of the angelic trumpets to arise to your future as planned by the Father. It is a call to arms now, not later, for each and every one of you.

You are not being asked to raise arms against your human brothers and sisters because of their race, color, or creed, which is the call to arms of the evil one to trick you into a belief that your enemy is your brother or your sister. This evil planning has been designed by the evil one, but implemented among you by the evil one’s minions here on Earth, who are hell bent to gain more power and control over God’s children by their use of might and force. It is this evil that has been destroying the world and its inhabitants for centuries now. And such wars against humanity were never part of God’s plan for humanity.

During the lifetime of the Father’s Son, did he ever call for an army or a militia to destroy your fellow brothers and sisters? The answer is clearly “No!” The Father in Heaven never intended for mankind to war against mankind; such was never part of the Father’s future for all of you.

Be aware now that there are those among you who continue to call for wars and more wars. This is the plan of satan to destroy your world. Be careful of your leaders now. They are attempting to destroy your own personal economies and to take away your freedoms to create a draconian world order and world government. For them to succeed in their endeavors, they have been calling all of you for a decade now to engage in a global war that has already begun, a global war to pit nation against nation, and religion against religion, to create chaos and confusion among all of God’s children to defeat the Father in Heaven and His plan for you – a peaceful plan of change and transformation to eliminate the evil one’s influence over God’s children.

You are in a time period now, when the plans of the evil one are becoming clearer to more and more of you. Yet, your leaders continue to treat you as their children and to deceive you into believing that their plans for world government, based on their attempts to define democracy, are in your best interests.

Do not fall for the deception that is being perpetrated among you by the minions of the evil one. Look to your fellow members of the human race, who represent the majority of the world’s populace. The peoples of the world want to live in peace and harmony. They want to grow their families in their communities without threat or harm coming to them. This is the universal desire of people of peace.

Yet, your leaders who are motivated by materialism and greed call upon you, the people of the world, to support their efforts to gain power, ownership, and control over the resources of the world that God has ordained for all of His children.

You are in the times now when the materialism and greed of these powerful people is obvious and blatant. They are so filled with the confidence that they will be successful in their actions that they have become arrogant now in promoting their global control and in asking all of you to become part of their agenda, when all they really intend to do is subjugate the world’s citizens in a feudalist, global government that is ruled from the dark side by satan himself.

Do you not understand now that this is the case for all of you to recognize? Is it not time now for you to take action?

The greatest success of these power brokers has been to convince you to do nothing, but now it is time for each and every one of you to become part of God’s change for humanity that will defeat the evil one and his plans, and to expose his minions here on Earth. By exposing the plan of the evil one, you will contribute to God’s plan for humanity. The truth shall set you free from their plans. By their exposure, they become powerless.

You have watched as the affairs of the world have become worse and worse at the hands of these power brokers. Now, it is the time for each and every one of you to do something about it. Recognize that God ordained you to be here on earth at this particular time in the history of humanity to contribute to the defeat of the evil one and his minions. If you are frustrated by what you perceive as your helplessness or your inability to contribute to God’s plan, it is because you are not listening to your Father and Creator in Heaven, as He attempts to reach out to each and every one of His children.

Begin now, today, in prayer and meditation to reach out to your Father in Heaven. Ask of Him what His plan is for you. When you receive His answers for you, begin to take action. Become part of God’s plan to save humanity from its own destruction. The Father in Heaven will conquer the evil in this world, but He calls upon you individually to assist Him in bringing about the transformation of the world!

Message ended 1:30pm