Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, New York  at 1:00pm

Message from Our Lady of Light

My dear son,

I come to you today as your Lady of Light at a time in your own nation when the End Times are suddenly very much in the news and in the air, for you are well aware now that the world is not the same as you once knew it, and you are in the times when great changes are taking place, greater than in any other time in the history of humanity.

The good news is that many of these changes that you are seeing are changes as a result of the plan of the Father in Heaven to bring about a New Heaven and New Earth for his sons and daughters. The bad news is that many of these changes are coming about because of the interference of the evil one in the matters of the world; changes of a demonic nature that are part of his plan to attempt to interfere with the plan of the Father in Heaven.

Alas!  The evil one is gasping his last breaths upon humanity, for these are the times as predicted that the evil one will be returned to the bowels of perdition, and a new era of peace for mankind will unfold.

In the meantime, the great tribulations of these times must take place and you are now seeing the beginnings of the events that are yet to come.

In your nation that was inspired and created by the Father in Heaven, darkness has taken over the affairs of mankind, as you can see in your laws and legislations that are designed to restrict your religious freedom and your celebration of the Church of My Son, Jesus.

You are also seeing the attempts by your governments and by your leaders to eliminate even any mention of God the Father, who has created all of you here on Earth. Because of this demonic plan, led by the earthly minions of satan, great harm is being brought upon you, my children, by the dark and sinister powerful leaders who have aligned with the dark one to create an evil empire, a global empire in which the evil one is secretly operating behind the scenes to bring destruction to your world and despair to your hearts and souls.

Now you can clearly see in the affairs of your governments and your leaders that they are turning their dark and sinister forces to target the Church of My Son, as well as all religions, because it is the intent of the evil one to bring bondage and despair to humanity.

The evil one is merciless now in his attacks, particularly upon those who have chosen a life of celibacy and dedication to the Church of my Son, as well as to many of you my brothers and sisters of the laity.

I am sure that you are all experiencing that the attacks of the evil one are now accelerating against you personally, because of the times that we are in. For the evil one knows that you, the lay members of my Son’s Church, have a very important role to play in defeating the evil one and his attempts to spit in the face of the Father in Heaven, as a last attempt of defiance against all that is good.

Again, I say to you that you need to fear not, for the evil one’s powers to destroy you are getting weaker and weaker. However, in his frustration, he is accelerating his attacks; using his last energy and breaths to capture many of you, my brothers and sisters, and to lead you on the road to perdition with him and his followers.

He unfortunately has many in his company of minions, who are willingly choosing to do the evil one’s work, because he has promised them fame and fortune, and materialistic pleasures and pursuits that they have chosen in league with the evil one.

You must warn your brothers and sisters in these times that they need to be particularly more vigilant against the evil one, because his days are short, and because he is spewing his venom in ways that are designed to entice you into traps that will eventually ensnare you into a world that at first seems pleasurable, but that will be further revealed to be only places of darkness and despair.

Surely you can see now that I speak the truth to you, because all of you can see the darkness, and how the subversion of your family and friends by the evil one is making it increasingly more difficult for you to keep your sanity in a world of increasing chaos and confusion. So mark my words that you must be more vigilant now than ever before to be aware of the attempts of the evil one to entrap you.

You must also be aware that the freakish and erratic weather patterns of the End Times are upon you, just as it has been predicted. Not only do you have to prepare for these troubling times by being aware of the errors of your leaders, you must also now be alert to the changes in the weather that will continue to affect you with more tornadoes, hurricanes, wind storms, and even strange and bizarre weather patterns that have never been seen before.

You must certainly be aware now that everything that has been predicted to you concerning these end times, from the prophets of the past to the visionaries of today, is happening right now before your eyes.

So you must clearly see that it is a time that calls for vigilance and preparation for the end times, now more than ever before. I know that I am preaching to many of you as members of the choir, but I cannot overemphasize now that you must prepare for these troubling times ahead.

Will you respond to my call now? Will you be part of the Father’s plan to allow my Son, and your Lord and Saviour, to lead humanity into a future of peace on Earth?

Take the time while meditating on this message to individually decide what it is that you are going to do now, today, to contribute to the plan of the Father in Heaven to save humanity from its own destruction.

The choice is obvious that you must prepare to assist the Father in Heaven, the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and your Heavenly Mother, to bring about this New Era here on Earth.

So be it. Thanks be to God. Now, please respond to my call!

Message ended 1:35pm