Meditation Garden, St. Rosalie’s Parish, Hampton Bays, New York at 9:30am

My Dear Children,

I come to you today as your Lady of Light, spreading the Light of the Father in Heaven, of My Son, the Saviour of the world, Jesus Christ, as well as the Light of the Holy Spirit that is fulfilling the Covenant of the Father to all of you in these End Times, for you to recognize that your Maker in Heaven is here with you in these difficult times for humanity.

I also come to you today as the Mother of All Sorrows, for I want you to know that I share with you all of the pain and suffering that you are experiencing in your lives in today’s world.

Never before in the history of humanity has so much evil permeated the face of the Earth. Fear not that I say this to you now, for you must realize that you have been specially chosen in these times to do the Father’s work in these End Times because now you, all of you, are experiencing the events of the most important chapter in the history of humanity.

These are the times that have been prophesied to you in the ancient texts, as well as by modern visionaries and seers, who have been gifted with the truth. So accept that you have a very important role in the future of humanity to assist the Blessed Trinity and your Mother in bringing about a New Presence of the Love of God here on Earth, as it will be manifested to you as a New Heaven and A New Earth. Thanks be to God.

I also appear to you today as the Mother of All Sorrows, for the birthing pains that these times are experiencing are manifested not only in the global geopolitical and geophysical events that you are experiencing; these events are also warning signs and signals of dire times to come that you must recognize are also having effects on you, your family members, and your friends, as well as upon all of your brothers and sisters here on Earth. For this reason, many of you are experiencing great stresses and strife within your families, as well as in your communities.

Be prayerful and loving in these times, particularly with those who you love and cherish most closely to you, for many of you are already experiencing great heartache and loss within your families. You must accept that you are part of a greater plan and mission that the Father in Heaven has ordained for you, and, in these times, this means that you must steel yourselves for great and sometimes overwhelming heartaches and losses. Think of yourselves in these times then as great crusaders for truth and justice, for the Father in Heaven plans on restoring His truth and justice in these times more powerfully than ever before, since the beginning of creation.

If you have faith in your beliefs, and truly accept the mission of the Father, as it has already been conveyed to you, then you must recognize that these times were always going to be more difficult for you than ever before. For it is important now that the difficult work truly begins to bring about the great transformation that the Father has promised you.

Therefore, I must ask you again to steel yourselves for the times ahead. Forge new beliefs in your ability to survive in these times. Rely on your prayers and your meditations, and your communication with the Loving Father in Heaven to gird yourselves to survive in these times.

And survive all of you will, because you have been specifically chosen as Warriors for the Lord in Heaven to bring about the great events that will necessarily transform all of humanity for the betterment of mankind.

The forces of evil that surround you are beginning to tremble in fear, for their dark one knows that his time is short, and his rule over the earth is about to crumble into oblivion, for the Father in Heaven is now placing his control over the firmament to begin the process of the Great Transformation. For those of you who truly believe in your faith and in the Love that the Father in Heaven has for all of His children, these will be times in which you will excel in your faith and your Love of the Father for much is being expected of you and much will be achieved by you. Thanks be to God.

I know that many of you are living in fear of these losses and heartaches that you will be experiencing, but I must remind you that your pain and suffering will be short lived, because the Father in Heaven has great Mercy and Love for all of his children, and he will enable you to survive these times courageously, because you are the children of God, and He has great love for all of you.

I ask all of you to turn to me, when you are feeling the heartaches and losses that are taking place for you. Please turn your pain and suffering over to me as your Intercessor to the Father in Heaven, for all of your pain and suffering will be lifted from you by your Heavenly Mother. The glorious day will come for each and everyone of you in the time prescribed for each of you to return to your Heavenly Home, where all that is so confusing in this world will become wonderfully and lovingly clear to you. It is at that glorious time designated for each of you that the Abundance of the Father’s Love and the Majesty of His Plan for His children will become known to you in a way that you will recognize the beauty and majesty of all that there is as created by the Father in Heaven.

I ask each and every one of you now to turn your pain and suffering over to me as your Heavenly Mother so that you can lessen your burden in life. This is necessary for you to do now, because you must be ready to do the Father’s work to bring about the New Heaven and New Earth for all of mankind. Thanks be to God!

Message ended: 9:56am

Our Lady of Light