The Rock, Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, NY at 11:00am

Greetings my son,

I come to you today as the Redeemer of the world.

For it is in these times that the redemption of the world will be completed in a way that the Father in Heaven chose to redeem all of His children by providing each and every one of you a life in the earthly world to allow all of His children to learn to understand that each and every one of you has been gifted with an individual nature through your soulful existence that is different and apart from all of your brothers and sisters. You are unique in this regard. For alas, all of the brothers and sisters have different journeys and missions as ordained by the Father.

For those of you, who are living in these times, each and every one of your journeys is uniquely important in the history of mankind. You have been chosen to be upon the face of the Earth during the most important period in the history of modern humanity.

Certainly you, yourselves, can recognize that great and glorious times are ahead of you, if you are living in the Spirit of the Lord. For each and every one of you, who has accepted the gift of the Holy Spirit that is also available to all of your bothers and sisters, you know that your journey now, in these times, is of an extreme and urgent importance.

The times in which you live are already experiencing great changes in the geophysical structures of the earth as well as in the discourse between all brothers and sisters on the face of the Earth. Certainly, then, you are experiencing the rumblings of great things that are about to come to humanity.

There is a time now on Earth when great corrections need to be made to bring humanity back to the course for all of you that has been designed by the Father in Heaven, since He first imagined the creation of all of you as His wonderful, and yes, even marvelous beings of light, incarnated into humanity to express each of yourselves individually in and through the Light of the Father.

Through eons of time much of humanity has lost contact with the nature of your very being, and darkness has descended upon creation as a result of the sins of mankind. Yet, with all of the misery, loss of life, and destruction of God’s creation that you are experiencing during these times, much of humanity does not even want to accept or recognize that sin does exist in the world, and it is because of the sins of humanity that the great corrections must take place.

Many of you have become aware that there are among you those who have taken up an allegiance with the prince of darkness to manipulate and control the rest of humanity for their own greedy and selfish purposes. The luciferian father of this plan to enslave humanity believes that he is close to prevailing over his human slaves who have sworn their allegiance to him. Yet, the victory as perceived by the dark prince will be short and bittersweet.
For the power of the Holy Spirit is manifesting over all of humanity during these times, and it is through the power of the Holy Spirit that the good among you will prevail over the evil. Through your prayerful efforts you will very powerfully usher in the End Times’ events that will result eventually, through your patient and persistent prayer, in an Era of Peace for humanity as it was ordained by the Father from the beginning.

I know that it is difficult for you to live upon the earth during these times. It seems that the material world in which you live is becoming increasingly more difficult in terms of your economies, your governments, the discourse between all of you as peoples of different cultures, races, and religions. It is this diversity that has created not only the difficulties but the opportunities for all of humanity to come together under the banner of the Holy Spirit, as opposed to the banner of the dark one who is desperately grasping now to bring his concept of a new world order to fruition.

He will not be successful in his attempts because of the sons and daughters of the true God in Heaven, represented to you as the Father and Creator, as the Son and Redeemer, and as the Holy Spirit. Through the intercession of the power of the Father in Heaven, the Holy Spirit is descending upon the planet in these times most magnificently to lead you through these troubling times.

I want you to live through these times courageously and with a steely resolve that recognizes that your existence here is only temporary, but your mission here will have a lasting permanence upon the firmament of the Universe.

For the forces of good and evil are going through a universal struggle during these times that you can easily perceive through your own earthly focus. This struggle is as ancient as the earthly creation itself. But in these times, dramatic events will be leading to a brave and exciting new world for those of you who continue on in this realm, but as you know, only for a brief and fleeting time. So recognize that your time here now is ultimately important, and that you must be certain that the time that you devote to God in these times must be well spent because of the important work that you need to do.

For the times will now get increasingly more difficult and the goal of your journey may become clouded at times, and certainly the dark one will be tempting you to turn away from your journey with me, because he knows that he cannot prevail with the Lord and Saviour and Redeemer of humanity about to crush the head of the serpent that has caused so much pain and suffering for humanity.

I want you to join with me in prayer and contemplative meditation to find the strength and the courage for what I am asking of you as your Lord and Saviour.

I want you to continuously and continually recognize that your journey here is brief and short, but your journey home to the Heavenly Realms will have an eternal permanence in which the ecstasy of being in the presence of the Holy Trinity has no bounds in the Heavenly Kingdom.

I want each and every one of you to prepare for your eternal homecoming, where all of your spiritual bothers and sisters await your return home to God with eager anticipation. Know that all of your brothers and sisters, who have passed on before you, are praying for you and wishing you Godspeed on your journey. Since they have already returned to the Heavenly Home from the earthly realms, they certainly know how difficult life is for all of you here on Earth today. But your heavenly brothers and sisters also know so well that each and every one of you here on Earth has important work to do for your Lord and Saviour.

Do not shrink from your responsibilities to me and recognize that you must continually set aside time in your day for prayer and contemplation, not only for the times that you are now experiencing, but also for the times ahead which will be challenging and at times will seem insurmountable. However, I, as your Lord and Saviour and Redeemer of the world, am with you on this journey at all times. I am available to you through prayer and meditation.

So prepare now for the difficult times that are immediately ahead for all of you and recognize that through your prayers that I will prevail over all of humanity as the Redeemer of the world. The time will come soon when all of humanity will be forced to recognize through their own individual experiences that the Triune God of the Father, Creator in Heaven; of the Son as Redeemer; and of the Holy Spirit is the one and only true God of the Universe.

The battle for souls that will be waged during these times will be lost by the evil one because you, my brothers and sisters, through your powerful prayers, will defeat the darkness and evil of the world.

And the Era of Peace shall prevail for all mankind!

Jesus The Redeemer
Message ended 11:32am