Quogue, New York at 11:59pm

My son,

I visit with you tonight on the eve of your great journey with me, for it is exactly twenty-five years ago today, as of this moment, as the clock strikes twelve, that you had begun your journey in accordance with my will. I am proud of you, my son, for the journey has been long and difficult, but you have prevailed in maintaining your discipline along the way.

Although you have faltered along the way, you have shown that you have learned to steel yourself for the times ahead. The journey will become more exciting for you now, because the events draw near that will bring about the New Heaven and New Earth that I have spoken about to all of the members of humanity, who have chosen to listen to my words.

The bell tolls at the midnight hour on your eve of the beginning of your journey doing my work, and the bell tolls also now for the beginning of the great changes that are going to take place for all of humanity.

I know that you, my son, do not express your fear of the future, because you have been blessed with the visions of the future that show the final reward that comes for all of you here on Earth, who are conforming to my will in doing my work to bring about lasting peace among the brothers and sisters of the world.

But such lasting peace will be far from your grasp as long as your current world leaders continue their course of enflaming peoples around the world, and instilling fear, anger, and hatred among the peoples of the world to achieve their means and ends to bring about a feudal domination and control over all of humanity.

But you my son know, from what you have been shown, that my enemies who profess of a new world order will be greatly defeated in their quest for world domination.

Do not take the chip that will soon be offered to you, and warn those among you, who have already been exposing themselves to hazardous occupations and endeavors which require them to be encouraged to take the chip, for it is not for your best interests or in the best interests of all mankind. The chip is a flagrant disregard for the humanity of all mankind.

My brothers and sisters you must rise up against the tyrannies that are being impressed upon you. Your knowledge is your power to defeat the dark ones of your human realms as well as the dark ones of the eternal realms, who are influencing the earthly minions, who are doing satan’s work.

Alas, how foolish these poor brothers and sisters are, who have accepted this new world order as their mantra for world peace. For it is the plan of the evil one to continue to fuel more and more wars leading to a final conflagration that may put the very future of the civilization of mankind here on Earth at great jeopardy and of possible extinction.

So powerful does the dark one seem in these times, for he has so successfully inculcated his darkness into those members of secret societies and cartels of evil that are manipulating and controlling the world in these times. They will be greatly confused and in despair when the times come for they have intentionally removed themselves from being in the service of the Lord.

You must use great caution and discernment now in your earthly affairs, for the chaos and confusion that will be brought about will make it necessary to prepare yourselves for dire straits and periods of intense social disorder and despair.

This, I must remind you, is not the work of the Lord, but it is the work of the dark one who is using those among you, who are manipulators of the currency and the banking system, to create further control and consolidation of the assets of the world. This consolidation of wealth is not of the Lord; nor is it by the Lord for the benefit of those among you who rely so heavily on your own personal comfort.

Whoa to those who are part of the global system to suppress and oppress my brothers and sisters. For I stand with you my brothers and sisters and against them; and along the way, with your help, they will be crushed and defeated. Their toys will be taken away from them and they, in turn, will act like children until their hearts become filled with the joy that comes from those who turn their lives over to the will of the Father and for those who do his will.

Remember the prayer that I have taught you: Oh, Jesus of Divine Mercy, hear my pleadings to you, for I am here to do your will.

Finally, my dear son, I will guide you now and provide the graces for you to continue your journey, for as you now know, you have much work to do, so go now with God’s speed on your journey and mission.

I come to you today as Jesus of Divine Mercy. Heed my words and implement my Divine Will!

Jesus of Divine Mercy

Message ended at 12:23am