The Rock, Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, New York at 4:00pm

My son,

I come to you today as the Redeemer of all humanity. I do not come to you as the Redeemer only to the faithful, but to all sons and daughters who are living on the face of the Earth, for I am the Redeemer to all mankind and not just to a chosen few. The Father wishes that all of his created beings spend all eternity with us in paradise. It was never the intention of the Father to pre-select a chosen few to share paradise, but for all of his sons and daughters to partake in the banquet of eternal life.

When mankind fell from the glory of being one with the Father, the Father in Heaven chose to allow mankind to follow its own will for the betterment of humanity. However, those who began to turn away from God chose to follow their own paths to live lives that were not in accordance with the wishes of the Father. The darkness and negativity that is still affecting the world so many years later is of the same substance and form as was created by the first sinners, who chose to joust with God and turn themselves away from their own Lord and Creator.

In these modern times, you are now seeing the fruits of the labor of these souls who have chosen to become gods in their own world by manipulating and controlling all of the sons and daughters of God the Father for their own personal ambition, because these individuals are sick with the power that comes to them from pursuing the evils of materialism and greed.

For the future of humanity, there will be great changes that will take place in your world that will effectively expose these dark individuals, who are living lives in league with my adversary, the evil one, who is the prince of darkness and also the prince of greed and corruption.

When I walked among you during my incarnation here on Earth, I saw the future that would result from the greediness of these individuals, and it angered me that the future plans of the Lord in Heaven were being thwarted by these individuals, who not only sought their own financial success to the detriment of others, but who also actually attempted to manipulate and control the thoughts of others to do their will to make these dark souls even more powerful in your earthly world.

The time will come soon when all of this madness will be brought to a halt. There will be great changes for you during a great shaking up that will affect your economies and your resources. Those who have manipulated and controlled the economies for their own benefit will be stripped bare of their resources and exposed for their past sins. As a result, many will suffer from great losses to your economies and to your material assets of which many of you pride so dearly.

It is time for all of humanity, for all of my brothers and sisters, to recognize that the material things of the world are fleeting and only have substance and value for the short period of time that each of you experiences living in the material world.

In the blinking of an eye when each and every one of you passes over to the kingdom of the afterlife, the folly of pursuing great wealth becomes painfully obvious. This is excruciatingly painful for those of you who hoarded great wealth and saw little reason to share such wealth with your brothers and sisters.

Those of you who recognize the folly of greed and materialism in this life will pass over to the heavenly kingdom peacefully, and serene, and with no attachment to the material world of the past. Woe to the poor souls who pass on from the earthly life filled with greed and avarice for they will have great difficulty in recognizing the error of their ways during the earthly life. They will still be seeking the things of the past that they thought would give them great comfort, but the things of the material world cannot be found in the heavenly realms. Those, who are looking for the wrong things in paradise, will fail to see the beauty that is in the Light that is provided to you during your passage, a Light that is the power of the Holy Spirit manifesting in a way that brings those of you who turn away from the material world great comfort and promise in the heavenly realms.

Much is in store for those of you who have forsaken the riches of the world before you pass on to the heavenly realms for the meek shall inherit the world in the kingdom of the Lord and Saviour, and those who linger with thoughts of great personal wealth will find darkness and confusion in the afterlife. Great prayers are needed for the souls of those who pass on still attached to the personal wealth of this world.

For those of you, who are still living on Earth and preparing for your just reward by honoring the Father in Heaven and I as the Son and Redeemer, you will find great reward in passing on to the heavenly kingdom. But since you have already committed yourselves to the ways of the Lord, while you are here on earth, you are being asked to strip yourself away from the material things and to take up my cross by evangelizing to all of your brothers and sisters among you, who are living day to day focused only on the material world and greedily coveting the things of their neighbors and friends.

There are many of you, who I have called out to in many different ways, who are learning to detach from the things of the world. This detaching from materialism is a long and arduous journey for most of you. But as long as you turn your life and your thoughts over to your Lord and Saviour, all of your needs will be met. Your wants and desires may not necessarily be answered, if they are of the material world. However, as you grow in detachment from the material things and you turn your life over more fully to me, who calls out to you with love and compassion, your journey on Earth will become more exciting and fulfilling, and you will see that in your life I will make all things new again.

For those of you who turn your lives over to me as the Redeemer and pursue a course of commitment to my sacraments, to the performance of good works among your brothers and sisters, especially the most needy, and to a new way of living devoted to evangelizing the Good News, your mission and journey will be fulfilled in the eyes of the Father and Creator as well as through my eyes as the Son and Redeemer.

I come to you today with a message of great love and compassion for you. I ask each and every one of you, most of all, to live your life solely focused on one mission. And that mission is to love. For love conquers all things, and love as expressed through your spiritual being is the purest love that the Father in Heaven has imbued in each and every one of you. I ask you to love your children as well as to love your parents. I ask you to show love to your friends and neighbors and to all those who you meet each and every day. I ask you to be ambassadors for me to express my love for all humanity so that through your good works and your efforts, the love of the Father and the Son can be expressed and available to all brothers and sisters on the face of the Earth.

Great changes are happening across the planet and now few can deny that the great changes are beyond the grasp of your scientists and scholars. The great changes are the work of the Father in Heaven to bring humanity through a period of time that requires a transformation of humanity to bring about the Era of Peace as designed by the Father. During these times you must strengthen and steel yourselves for the changes ahead. These will be exciting times for those of you who are living the faith and terrifying and terrible times for those living in darkness and those gripped by the materialism and greed of the world.

Arise yourself and look to the skies and ignore the mud at your feet for you are being called by the Lord and Saviour, the Redeemer, to a mission that is of great urgency and importance for the future of humanity. I urge all of my brothers and sisters to answer this clarion call positively for all of you have great works to do and through your just works the kingdom of the Lord will come to you!

This message ended at 4:40pm

From Jesus As Redeemer