The Rock, Shrine of Our Lady of the Island Eastport, NY at 3:00pm

Lo and Behold! The days of victory are upon the face of humanity; a victory over the powers of the evil one who has been bound up and purged from the face of the earth. These are the times that were prophesized to you concerning the forces of evil.

The victory, however, is incomplete without the participation of the faithful to assure that the bindings of the evil one are final and complete to usher in the Era of Peace for all humanity.

You must recognize the need to discern the casting out of the evil one and his minions as a stage of the process of the fulfillment of the Covenant of the Lord to redeem mankind and to return the order of the original creation to the humans who continue to inhabit the earth in these times.

Time and space as you know it has no significance in the Eternal Realms. To draw a line in the celestial sands and to cast out the evil one from humanity is the work of the Lord that is timeless and for certain. You have the assurances of your Maker and Creator that the evil one will never see a day of victory over all of humanity. But the need to continue to pray to cast out evil is also timeless to assure that the Era of Peace will be realized for all of you.

Do not expect to see that all of the evil in the world is purged from the face of the earth. Much of the work is still to be done to completely erase the evil from the world. All of you, as brothers and sisters, have been the victims of the works of the evil one and his ability to harm you has been greatly reduced.

However, there are negative energies and dark forces that continue to reign over the earth that must be eliminated and the forces of good and the spirit of the Lord that your Creator has generated are available to you to complete the victory over evil.

The final victory requires a continuance of prayer and fasting; an increase in the numbers of brothers and sisters who are practicing the faith and acknowledging the Redeemer; and a continuance of prayer by powerful and prayerful spiritual warriors in intercessory prayer praying with good intentions for an end to all of the evil that is still permeating the planet.

For you see that you are all victims of your habits and of your programming that is causing many of you to continue to act out in old ways that have been inspired by the evil one. Many of his followers will continue in their ways of bringing negativity and harm to humanity and you must pray fervently to release these poor souls from the bondage that continues to plague them, especially for those poor souls who do not even realize that they have been the minions of the evil one and his works. Through force of habit and mindless and reckless behavior, these dark souls continue to generate negativity and darkness in the world.

Recognize now that the evil one no longer has the powerful influence and control over many of you that he once enjoyed for his powers have been greatly bound up and diminished but recognize that through your prayer that you must intercede with others who are still caught up in the behavior patterns of sin.

Now you have the power; the power through your prayers to make the difference on the earthly level through the process that will ultimately eliminate all evil so that your powers compliment the powers on the celestial levels to turn the tide of all negativity and darkness away from the planet; away from the minds and hearts and souls of all humanity; and away from your family members and friends, and communities and towns, and cities and regions of the earth, until finally by the diminution of all the negativity and darkness in the world, Lo and Behold, the Era of Peace will be upon you.

Although the power of the evil one has been bound up, the ripple effect of the damage already created by his acts across the face of the earth will continue to be recognized. Chastisements will continue to befall you but the severity of these events can and will be lessened, postponed, or eliminated by the power of you prayers.

So you must continue on the course of prayer and fasting; and a course of evangelizing with great humility, but with a conviction of spirit that recognizes that you will be victorious in the end.

Many of you have recently experienced an interior sense of serenity and calmness, and a peacefulness that descended upon you because you chose to participate in powerful and intercessory prayers to cast out the demons from the face of the earth.

Now you are feeling the fruits of your commitment to the Lord and Savior in little ways, each and every day, that indicate to you that you no longer need to fear the future; either your own future or the future of your loved ones, because the spirit of the Lord and Saviour is with you.

So now you know with certainty that there is nothing that you have to fear as long as you continue on your journey and your path that is leading you to your celestial home with the Lord and Saviour, the Redeemer of the world, and to your Celestial Mother who is waiting to greet you with open and loving arms, and the Father and Creator who has chosen you to be part of His existence by creating you both in body and soul as a loving being who is loved by the Father.

Much is still asked of you but do not despair! Know that the evil one can no longer harm you in ways that he once could. Know that there is still evil lurking across the planet, but do not become despondent because you have the tools now to eliminate the last vestiges of evil that still permeate the earth. There is a timeliness and a timelessness to the ways in which the changes will take place and now you will begin to see that the world is changing for the good.

But do not despair when the changes do not come as quickly as you expect them. Know that evil will not win out in the end because the Lord and Saviour and His Heavenly Mother and all the angels and the saints are with you in this great battle to save souls.

Prepare for the Era of Peace and know that God is with you!

I am Michael the Archangel

End 3:22pm.