Jesus of Nazareth – A 2020 Christmas Message

December 25, 2020 @ 12:00 pm –

St Rosalie’s Campus, Bishop Ryan Village, Hampton Bays, New York


Jesus of Nazareth – A 2020 Christmas Message


I speak to you today as members of the Church of Our Father in Heaven who has chosen Me as His Only Begotten Son to incarnate among you as Jesus of Nazareth just as I did over 2,000 years ago as I was birthed into this world by Our Blessed Mother to redeem all of humankind.

My journey among you today as Jesus of Nazareth is very much as it was 2,000 years ago when I was born in a manger in Bethlehem. Just as I walked with my brothers and sisters then, I walk with you now, guiding you through these End Times. On this day and every day forward, my brothers and sisters choose to celebrate my Nativity to humankind, for this day of my birth marks the beginning of light over darkness and of good over evil.

During my life’s journey then in preparation for My sacrifice on the Cross, I tried to show by example the desires of the Father in Heaven for all of humankind to return to the Heavenly Realms upon fulfilling a life mission inspired by the Father in Heaven.

The problems of the world today are similar to the problems of the old world but are increased now ten-fold as a result of all of the evil in your world due to the evil one and his followers who are spewing satan’s hatred for humanity.

The Temple of the Father in Heaven is the entire Universe and this universe is reflected by the temples, churches, and houses of worship that have been erected by humanity to acknowledge the Father in Heaven and to venerate His plan for each and every one of you with the promise of eternity in the Heavenly Realms. Your allegiance in this world as well as in eternity should ultimately be to the Father in Heaven.

During my mission on Earth, I was guided by the plan of the Father which brought me to the Temple of Jerusalem during my final days before My Crucifixion and Death. It was in the Temple that I observed the money changers who were acting as a den of thieves against the brothers and sisters.

The greed of the money changers then was the work of satan, just as the greed of the money changers’ descendants – the central bankers among you – is the reason why Divine Intervention is necessary in these End Times to intervene against satan and his minions.

The unscrupulous elites who infected the Temple of Jerusalem with their impious business practices and with their avarice and greed were supposed to be sharing their good fortune with God’s people but were in actuality only looking out for the interests of the elites; they were doing satan’s work then just as their descendants are doing the evil one’s work now. The greed of the money changers then is manifested now by their descendants – the central bankers – who have been instituting a system of power, control, and oppression over humanity, culminating in what they refer to in these End Times as the “Great Reset” which is satan’s ultimate plan for complete domination and control over God’s people.

Woe to those who support satan’s plan! Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who claim darkness is light, and light is darkness. Be they pope or prelate, priest, or politician, or false prophet; they who profit from this rebuke of God’s plan will be rebuked themselves during the Great Awakening when they will be given the choice to repent or to suffer eternal damnation with the evil one and his fallen angels.

Has the Rock upon which I have built My Church become a den of thieves? Have the modern money changers taken over control of My Church? Have the modern prelates and popes by ignorance or design allowed the evil one through avarice and greed to assume the reigns of My Church? In your discernment, my brothers and sisters, is the answer not obvious to you?

Stay faithful to My True Church, for My Church will be cleansed and My people will be redeemed through the power of the Holy Spirit. During the Great Awakening, all of my brothers and sisters will understand the necessity to repent for sins of the past and to be redeemed by the Holy Spirit as you fall to your knees in prayer as the healing power of the Holy Spirit comes over you and upon My True Church.

Stay faithful to your world leaders who you discern are fulfilling their mission to the Father in Heaven. Although they were imperfect men, the framers of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights of the United States of America were inspired by God the Father in the creation of a nation and a society that rejected the greed and avarice of the old world money changers. But since the founding of this once great nation, satan’s minions – the money changers and central bankers of the old world – covertly, stealthily, and subtly gained demonic control of this nation.

Now satan’s minions, the globalist elites are tightening their noose with the intent of strangling the nationality and sovereignty of the United States of America in their satanic quest to achieve total world domination under their New World Order. This is not the plan of the Father in Heaven, nor of His Son, the Redeemer of the world. It is the plan of the evil one, of satan, baal, moloch, and lucifer, and of all the fallen angels who will be finally crushed in these End Times under the foot of the Blessed Mother.

Powerful Prayer Warriors must fight now more than ever against the evil one, his minions, and their New World Order. If nations are to retain their nationality and sovereignty, they must recognize the Father in Heaven as their ultimate authority and reject the worldly authority of satan and the globalist minions of the evil one.

The power of the prayer of Powerful Prayer Warriors can turn the tide against the evil one and for the betterment of humanity. However, ultimately the salvation of humanity will be through the Divine Intervention in the affairs of humankind by My mission as your Redeemer on behalf of the Father in Heaven.

The journey ahead will be hard but fear not, for a New Heaven and a New Earth –  as promised by the Father in Heaven – will be the eternal reward for those who remain faithful in these End Times to the Father in Heaven.

Know this – that your journey is blessed by the Eternal Love of the Father in Heaven; by the Eternal Love of His Only Begotten Son; and by the Eternal Love of your Heavenly Mother!

Knowing this – what is it that you have to fear?

Message ended 12:50 pm

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December 15, 2020 – No New ‘Message From Heaven’… Yet!


Dear Mission of Angels Patron,

No New Message… Yet!

First, I need to inform you of some personal health matters. I spent the first eleven days of December in two different hospitals for cardiac-related issues. Following a Cardioversion and an exploratory heart procedure related to blood clotting, I am now recuperating at my Bishop Ryan Village apartment in Hampton Bays, New York. As a result, I have not (yet) received the monthly “Messages From Heaven”, disappointedly, since I have been consistently receiving monthly messages since August 2005. I expect that I will still receive a monthly message as soon as I am sufficiently recovered and, therefore, ‘predisposed’ to receiving messages. Stay tuned!

I moved into Bishop Ryan Seniors Village in August 2019 after being diagnosed with MMN, a neuro-degenerative disease. One week per month, I receive IVIG treatments at home to curb the disease’s progression. Despite these and other age-related ailments, I can function very well at receiving the monthly ‘Messages From Heaven’ and maintaining an active presence on social media (but I am no longer doing speaking events.) So do not be alarmed! The Lord is my guide, but by all means, please send your prayers!

36 YEARS OF MISSION! (1984-2020) We need your financial support to survive the upcoming year – 2021 – Can it be any worse than 2020? Stay tuned! MAKE A DONATION

My Mission Going Forward

“This is the Final Battle of Good versus Evil.” – St Michael Archangel

The Second Coming will be soon! So it is even more important now to stay connected. I spend many days and nights on social media and news sites, detecting and discerning the ‘signs of the times’ and outing Satan’s minions. In the past, I put a lot of emphasis on secular and political events, but in the future, I will be spending more time and posting on the very-related spiritual events that are unfolding in these End Times, especially the Good News! In addition to the worldly internet, much of my inspiration in these End Times comes from the gift to connect with what I call the ‘Spiritual Internet’.

Social Media Censorship

On October 30th, Facebook locked me out of Ned Dougherty/End Times Daily until November 4th, following Election Day. My response was to announce a “Social Media Sabbatical” from the Deep State actors – Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube. For months now, I recognized that postings on both NedDougherty/EndTimesDaily were being limited in their reach to contacts and friends. EndTimesDaily postings which previously had thousands of followers and visitors were only being seen by less than 20-30 friends or contacts. I will maintain the Facebook pages NedDougherty/EndTimesDaily only as a point of contact to refer viewers to other platforms that are not censored by ‘Big Tech’. Otherwise, Facebook/Zuckerberg will be blocked from receiving any of my future postings. NedDougherty/EndTimesDaily postings are too important and valuable to be blocked, censored, or shadow-banned by communist/marxist fact-checkers.

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China! China! China!

Those of you who read my book “Fast Lane to Heaven” are aware that I was able to predict many future events. In this case: “The greatest threat to global peace and preservation will come from China which is preparing itself for global war and domination.” (page 252. Prediction from my NDE on July 2, 1984) As many of you know, I was very active in exposing Covid-19 as a BSL-4 Biological Warfare Weapon as early as January 2020 and that Covid-19 was intentionally released by the China Communist Party and the Globalist Elites to achieve numerous Globalist goals which they are achieving by controlling us through a Marxist Medical Dictatorship and by their attempts to steal the landslide victory of Donald Trump to prop up the senile and corrupt Joe Biden who has already sold out the United States of America to the China Communist Party. Stay tuned!

The New World Order!

“Shadowy and publicly-unknown world figures will attempt to establish a ‘new world order’ by creating a worldwide government supposedly for the betterment of humanity… ” (page 253. Prediction from 1984). Thirty-six years ago when I was clinically dead in an ambulance, I was shown the events that would be unfolding in what I was told would be the “End Times” which did not mean the end of the world but the end of the world “as we once knew it”! Sound familiar? Now you are experiencing the events that I was shown 36 years ago! Now watch out for the New World Order’s “Great Reset”!

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November 30th, 2020 marked the 36th Anniversary of the acceptance of my mission, when I received the “Message from St. Michael to the People of the United States of America” during my second near-death experience at the wall of the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C. (November 30, 1984)

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I personally wish to thank each and every one of you who has supported us year after year! Have a Blessed & Holy Christmas and New Year!

God bless!

Ned Dougherty


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