January 2, 2013

Our Lady Queen of Angels Church – Blessed Sacrament Chapel, Newport Beach, California, at 7:30pm

I am Michael the Archangel, the Prince of all Angels in the Heavenly Realms, and the persecutor of all of the fallen angels, who deserted the Lord and Father in Heaven for their own selfish desires to gain power over God’s creation. This is a story that you have learned from the ancient times, but it is a story that is now playing out in all of your lives in these modern times. Now is the time you have been warned about when the fallen angels through their leader, Lucifer, the damnedest of all the fallen angels, are attempting to gasp their last breathes against all of humanity in the final battle of good versus evil, of light versus darkness.

The story that is unfolding is not a fantasy or a fairy tale, as many disbelievers would want you to believe. The story is the story of all mankind from beginning to end as ordained by the Father in Heaven. However, the fallen angels have had their way with all of you here on Earth for too long now, and it is through the Father in Heaven that great changes are now taking place around the world, greater changes in these times than have ever been experienced by humanity.

It is most important in these times that you recognize who the enemy is, for the Father in Heaven is asking all of you to join with the Father to defeat His enemies. Here on Earth through the centuries, many souls, who have fallen away from the Lord’s favor, have aligned themselves with the evil one, and they have literally sold themselves to the devil in return for great fortunes and successes, and most of all with a plan that is detrimental to all of humanity.

These minions of the evil one have spent centuries oppressing the rest of you in ever increasing ways so that now in these End Times, these minions of evil have designed a plan of world domination that is opposite the plans of the Father in Heaven for each and every one of you. Through secrecy and stealth in their secret societies and organizations, they have plotted and planned a conspiracy against all of God’s children, and the fruits of their efforts through all of the centuries are seemingly about to come to fruition, or so they believe.

If they were to be successful in their plans, all of humanity would be subjugated to an existence of slavery with the minions of evil having power and control over all of you. Fortunately, many of you have awoken to their plans and have been inspired to inform and lead your brothers and sisters to resist these evil plans to subjugate and control all of you.

It is time now for all of you to take a stand against this insidious plan which the minions of evil have come to call the New World Order, for this order is not new, it is ancient and demonic, and against the plans of the Father in Heaven.

Although these greedy and sinful followers of the evil one have made great strides in their attempts to control you, their plans are going to be soundly defeated despite their great efforts.

You must be attuned to the fact that evil has taken over your global institutions, particularly in your banking systems, and they are using this system to control all nations and all peoples. They have gained control through their banking systems of virtually all countries in the world. Those who are resisting their plans are called terrorists, and you are led to believe that their enemies are your enemies. They have gained control of the leaders of these nations, and the politicians in every nation to the point that they are now dictating their demands to all of the nations of the world through their control over your banking systems.

You must be warned that they are about to launch dark and sinister events globally to negatively impact all of the peoples of the world in a final attempt to enforce a dark and draconian control over the rest of you.

I am here to tell you that they will not succeed in their plans, for the Father in Heaven is directly interceding in the affairs of mankind through His Son, the Redeemer of the world, and the followers of the evil one will be exposed and punished for their deeds against the Father in Heaven.

I am telling you now that you must be vigilant in these times so that you can identify these enemies of the Father in Heaven and their evil plans to subjugate and control all of you.

 You are now entering a very dark period for humanity, while these minions are exposed and defeated. Great and terrible events will happen in the future because of their evil work, but those of you who are aligned with the Father in Heaven will not be defeated by their plans, for the Father in Heaven will see to it that they fail in their plans.

So it is very important now that you all become powerful and prayerful warriors of the Lord during these End Times, when the evil one and his minions will be cast into the bowels of darkness for eternity. Thanks Be To God!

Message ended 7:54pm

St. Michael the Archangel


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