Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, New York at 2:00pm

My dear son,

I appear to you today as your Lady of Light, for I bring the Light of My Son, the Saviour of the world, to all of you, the members of the human race at this very important time in the history of the Salvific Journey on behalf of My Son, Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of the world.

I speak of the salvific nature of my message today because the times are oh, so short, before the world is interrupted by the greatest transformation of humanity since the creation of the world.

Many of you have been awaiting the return of My Son Jesus to rule the world that has been taken over and corrupted by the enemy of all that is good in the Universe. However, it is time for all of you to shout out with joy, because the days of the evil one are short in number. You are quickly approaching the time of the Redeemer.

Many of you are already feeling His Divine Presence among you as the power of the Holy Spirit assists my Son’s journey in these times to bring about an incredible outpouring of spiritual energy from the Divine Realms to the earthly realms.

The times are now before you when the incredible events of the End Times evolve into the evolution and transformation of all of you as brothers and sisters from your former reality of living in darkness with an unknowingness of the presence of the Creator to a transformation in which you are capable of recognizing and realizing that all of you are God’s children and that all of you, individually and collectively, have very important roles to perform in your own individual lives, which are a reflection of the journey of all God’s children from the beginning of time here on Earth.

Be prepared now for the exciting events that are to take place, for the time is near. Prepare your family members and friends for the incredible events that will transform and configure all of you into more recognizable and reverent likenesses of the souls and spirits that God had intended you to be.

It is time now for you to shed the layers of doubt and darkness that have permeated your lives here on Earth, for the layers of veils are being peeled away between the Eternal Spiritual Realms and the physical and limited world in which you live. The transformation that you are experiencing and will continue to experience is an inimitable part of the journey that the Father in Heaven has created for you.

Many of you have been experiencing the changes within yourselves that you also recognize as the work of the Holy Spirit in bringing about the necessary changes within you to don the spiritual shield that will provide the armour of steel that will be necessary to survive these End Times.

The Father in Heaven has orchestrated these End Times events to bring all of His Children under His fold, so you have nothing to fear even though the changes and transformation may be painful for many, alas, most of you.

Are you ready to answer the Father’s call by donning your plates of armour which are initiated by the power of your prayers? For it is your prayer life that will enable you to assist the Father in Heaven to bring about the necessary and wonderful changes that will transform all of humanity as a super race of beings as the Father intended of you in the Original Order of Creation.

It is important that you understand that the Original Order of Creation was what the Father had always intended for His children. However, the events in the Garden of Eden prevented God’s plan from being fulfilled. That is, until now.

Now everything is different and the Father in Heaven through His Son, the Lord and Saviour, intends to make everything new again.

During this busy time of year, in which many of you are so preoccupied with the material things in life, the times for humanity are truly changing. Many of you are aware of these changes with the speeding up of time and the sensing of energies that the balance of the world is changing; that there is much chaos and confusion in your world; and that there is a sense that things cannot go on as they have been. This is happening because all of these things are true. The world must change for the better and the changes must come soon.

Message interrupted at 2:25pm

Message resumed at 2:48pm

I must warn you now that a great darkness will descend over my Son’s Church in the coming months but My Son’s Love for all of His children will prevail during these dark times.

The Church will be attacked with great vengeance by the evil one and his minions here on earth, who are hell bent to destroy the Church of My Son, because it is the One, Holy, and Catholic Church that is the One, True Church to bring all of humanity through the scourge of evil during these End Times.

The attacks on the Church will come from those who are attempting to institute a new world order of oppression upon all of humanity. The attacks will be fueled by a compliant media that it also hell bent on destroying my Son’s Church for these media giants are also part of the new world order that it increasingly more venomous in attempting to erase the good works of Christianity from the face of the Earth.

The enemy will not hold any stops now in their attacks upon the Church. Unfortunately, many will be deceived by their works and the results will be evident to all of you. You will see a time when priests will be pitted against priests, bishops against bishops, and cardinals against cardinals.

 It will seem as if a veil of darkness has descended upon the Church because that is what will be happening during this dark period. It is important that all of you who hear my messages recognize that this unfortunate time in my Son’s Church is a necessary part of the cleansing and transformation that is ahead for all of humanity. For the Church itself, as well as its members, must experience the pain and suffering of the transformation to bring about a New Heaven and a New Earth.

Fear not during these times and pray particularly for the health and wellness of the Chosen Leader of my Son’s Church, for the Seat of St. Peter has always been and will continue to be the threshold of power that continues to nourish and maintain the dignity of the Church through all of history right up to and including through these dark times. For in the words of my Son, the gates of hell shall not prevail against His Church even during these dark times.

So it is important for all of you to pray mightily for the Church in these times and for the health and wellness of the Pontiff in Rome and of his successors, for there will be many who will continue to serve the Father in Heaven through these most difficult times. Despite the attempts of the dark forces of the evil one’s world, the Church will survive these times and the future of the Church is assured by the Father in Heaven Himself. Thanks be to God!

Message ended 3:02pm

Our Lady of Light

(Ned Dougherty’s Note: During the period of time that the January 1, 2011 Message was interrupted at 2:25pm, I experienced an interior darkness within my spirit that prepared me to understand the gravity of the continuing message at 2:48pm. I can recall only one other time that a message was interrupted in this manner when I received the Message from Our Lady of La Salette: November 1, 2005.)