Southampton Pines, East Quogue, New York at 10:00am

My Dear son,

I come to you today on this first day of the New Year as your Lady of Light, and I bring with me the Light of the Father in Heaven, as well as the Light of His Son, and the Light of the Holy Spirit, a Triune of Light that is in its very essence the purest form of Love that the Father in Heaven has bestowed upon all of us, as His created creatures, so that we may revel in His Glory for all eternity and to praise Him as Our Lord and Creator. Thanks be to God!

I know that many of you are wishing in this New Year with great joy, because events in your lives during the past year have made many of you want a more peaceful and prosperous new year. Keep in mind that time is a continuum that does not become specifically identified by each year for any other purpose than conformity to a calendar that permits you to count the years gone by.

Keeping this in mind, you must recognize that the turning of the clock into a new year does not in itself denote a new era for humanity based solely on the passage of time from one year to the next. Although you may resolve to put a damaging year in the past, as you see it, and to hope for a better year in the future, the passage of time in this regard can be disappointing for you.

For you to firmly resolve for a better year for yourself, for your family members, and your friends, as well as for the whole world, you must do more than recognize the changing of the clock from the past year to the future. You must recognize that the passage of time in itself will not produce a better life for you because a digit in this new year changes one place from the past year.

In order for the world to become a better place for all humanity, you must recognize the simple plan that God has bestowed upon you for all times to achieve a future that God has planned for you. The simple plan is to pray, pray, pray, my dear children! Once again, I must remind all of you of the power of your prayers to make a difference within yourselves, within your families, within your friends, and within all of your brothers and sisters throughout the world, for ultimately you are all God’s children.

Take this time now to pray and meditate on the problems of the world. There is war and famine, terror and starvation, greed and malice, and more sins than we can address in such a short message. The answer to eliminate all of the sins of the world and all of the world’s problems is for all of God’s children to turn to Him in prayer in order to bring about the changes necessary to bring the world back to the Original Order of Creation, which is God’s plan for all of mankind while you are here on Earth.

As part of God’s plan, there is the promise of an eternal reward for all of God’s children, who do not turn their backs on their Lord and Saviour. Most of all, the Father in Heaven has great mercy, for He ordained His only begotten Son to come to this world to live among you only to be turned upon by the Father’s very own creations, who crucified the Son of the Father, the Lord and Saviour. Further proof of the Father’s Love for all of you is the continuing presence of the Father in Heaven through the manifestation of His Son through all the ages until the end of time to bring about the fulfillment of the plan of the Father for all of His children.

As you must recognize now, I have been bestowed with an important mission by the Father in Heaven to assist the Holy Trinity in the fulfillment of the plan of the Father. This important mission was first manifested to humanity through my role as the earthly mother of the only begotten Son. How difficult it was for me to have been chosen to watch so closely and so personally how the Father’s Son was mistreated and crucified unmercifully, but only to rise again in the full glory of Heaven.

How magnificent is the plan of the Father that 2,000 years later so many of you recognize the Father’s Son as your Saviour and Redeemer. Now it is also your responsibility to evangelize to all of your brothers and sisters here on Earth so that they too may recognize that my earthly son, Jesus, is the Saviour of the world.

Your recognition of His role as Saviour in these times is most important, for humanity is now within the time period when the greatest changes will take place to usher in the New Era of Peace as ordained by the Father.

Certainly, you must recognize now that the signs of the times are calling you to attention to recognize that now it is the time, and not the dress rehearsal, for the New Era of Peace to be ushered in for all of humanity. My role in this regard remains simple. I am manifesting myself to humanity as the Queen of Heaven to assist in doing the work of the Holy Trinity by bringing you, not to me alone, but through me to your Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. It is for this reason that I am coming to so many of God’s children personally and sharing God’s plan with you.

I am also coming to you in miraculous and spectacular ways now throughout the world, manifesting myself to God’s children so that you must recognize the existence of the spiritual realms in ways that even your scientists cannot explain. As you have been told time and again, look to the night skies now for the signs and signals that you are now in the times when God wants your attention. I am with great joy now that God has chosen me to manifest so powerfully on behalf of His Son, so that mankind can no longer deny my role in bringing God’s children through me to His Son.

In this regard, I am appealing to all of you, my children, to join with me in prayer and meditation to recognize and participate in God’s plan for humanity. It is time now for each and every one of you to set aside your earthly frivolities to honor and worship my Son, as the Lord and Saviour of humanity, for the time will come soon when all of humanity will no longer be able to deny the role of my Son Jesus in saving humanity, for great and miraculous events and miracles will continue to unfold as the destiny of humanity quickly approaches.

Although the turning of the clock from one year to the next will not in itself bring the necessary changes for all of you to be happier and healthier in your lives, your participation in doing the work of the Father will, I promise you, bring you and your family members and friends, and all of your brothers and sisters, to a place of peace and serenity, and most of all, to a place of the most powerful Love that the Father has ordained for you. And, once again, the simple plan to achieve what God had ordained for you is through the power of your prayers. Pray, pray, pray, for prayer is the greatest power of Love that God has bestowed upon you to make a difference for the better in your lives.

So although you may alter your diet to achieve good health and budget your finances to feel secure, you will never find the mission that God has planned for each and every one of you, unless you take time in your busy lives to pray and meditate, so you may be able to resolve what should be the most important issues in your daily lives: Who am I? Why am I here? What is it that God expects of me? What is my mission in life?

So firmly resolve in this New Year to address these questions individually so that you may understand what it is that God is asking of you personally, and also, that you may participate in doing His will for you as well as for all of humanity.

I come to you today as the Lady of Light to spread God’s Love to all of His children. Be ready to move forward within this New Year to experience exciting times for all of humanity. Try to lift your hearts and minds to the service of the Father in Heaven, and you will also experience the joy of being as one with the Father.

Message ended 10:40am

Our Lady of Light