“The Rock” Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport NY at 11:00pm

Lo and Behold! A new year dawns upon humanity, and it is a year of great changes for all of the sons and daughters of the Father in Heaven. You are preparing yourselves now for a powerful manifestation of the Holy Spirit that will become evident to all of you within the near future.

These are the times that many prophets of the old ages and of the new ages have been speaking about in preparing humanity for the changes that will take place. It is time now to pay heed to those among you, who have been chosen by the Father, and who have been gifted with the words of prophecy.

These are the times when great changes will take place within your Universe in a way that you will recognize within yourselves interiorly, for as the changes are being made in the heavenly realms, the changes are also being made within the hearts, and minds, and souls of all mankind.

There are many among you who have been living your lives in the Spirit of the Lord. But many among you have been led astray by the darkness of the evil one. Now it is obvious throughout your world, in your politics, in your governments, within your economies, within your institutions of higher learning, nay, it seems within all the earmarks of progress that mankind has made since the birth of the Saviour that all of your works are being reduced to piles of dust, because of the greed and materialism of those among you who have been living sinful and licentious lives.

The evil of the world today is without comparison in any other time in the history of humanity, and many of you are blinding yourselves to the evil that is being worked among you by people of darkness, who are attempting to manipulate and control all of humanity.

This is the time then, as predicted in prophecy, when the Holy Spirit will be manifested powerfully among the peoples of the world to expose those among you who have been deceiving you. It is time now for a revolution of peaceful and prayerful means to manifest a higher level of consciousness and decency among the peoples of the world.

The forces of the dark ones on the earthly plane, as well as the forces of darkness in the spiritual plane, have begun a final grasp at controlling all of you in subjugating you to accept a draconian feudal society that was never part of God’s plan for mankind. Now they seem to be near success in their attempts, and they are conducting their affairs in a sinister and shadowy way across the globe in a very orchestrated attempt to suppress and enslave all of humanity.

How ignorant these despots are in their arrogance and hubris to think that they can joust with God’s plan for mankind and be successful in their attempts against the One who has created all that there is – the Father in Heaven, who has great love for all of His children, and a Father, who intends to directly intervene in the affairs of mankind to bring about a correction caused by all the evil in the world.

Do not be afraid, as great changes will take place that will overwhelm many of you. Those of you who have been living prayerful lives, and who have been attuned to the events that are about to take place, can be readily identified among you.

For those of you who are true believers in the One True God, you must live in these times with great courage, and without fear, and with a sense of excitement, for the times ahead will – in the finality of these events – bring great and wonderful results for all of humanity.

Those who have aligned themselves with the evil one will be exposed for their terrible deceits placed upon their brothers and sisters. The Father in Heaven will see to it that no man will have control over others among His children in the ways that have been used by the deceivers, who are in league with the evil one.

Watch for the signs of the times, especially within your night skies, for there will be signs of the future in spectacular events that will take place among the stars and the planets. These will be signs to prepare you for the coming times in which the power of the Holy Spirit will become so manifested among you that true believers will be filled with great joy, while others, who have fallen away from the Lord and Saviour, will be living in great fear. For they will not have the tools provided by prayer and sacrifice that are necessary for the true believers, who will reign victoriously as God’s children during the times ahead.

Prepare yourselves now, for great events are coming to humanity. The signs of these great events will appear throughout the world and will be recognized by the faithful as signs from God. Recognize that these signs are intended to get your attention and to awaken all of you to focus your attention on your spiritual nature and to recognize that your existence and purpose in your lives is to honor your Father in Heaven, for He alone is your Creator, and He alone offers you the salvation of eternal life.

Be wary of the false gods and false religions that are being manifested before you in these times, for there will be many false prophets and many deceivers pretending to be doing the work of the Lord, when they are really acting as agents of the dark one, who is using his earthly minions and puppets to create a new world order. This plan of evildoers will collapse under the weight of the justice of the One True God in Heaven.

I call upon all of you now to take up your arms of prayer and to pray mightily for the power of the Holy Spirit to intervene in the affairs of mankind. It is through your prayers that the Father in Heaven will intervene in the affairs of mankind. Your Lord and Saviour, the Redeemer of the world, who manifested Himself among you 2,000 years ago, is now very powerfully present among you, as the Son of the Father, and it is through His Son and through the power of the Holy Spirit that great events are coming to mankind.

Love, above all, is the ingredient that God calls for in the prayers of His children in these times. While the enemy is provoking fear and loathing among brothers and sisters of different beliefs, or backgrounds, or nations, the One True God in Heaven is promoting His love among His children.

You must ask yourselves: Will you be God’s children of love and manifest the Holy Spirit throughout your daily lives? Or will you join the forces of evil and continue to lead lives of materialism and greed?

The answer should be clear for you. Those of you who believe in the one True God are already experiencing the Love, the most powerful and joyful Love that comes only from the Father and Creator in Heaven. You have a responsibility now, as you are gifted with God’s eternal love, to spread and promote the Love of God to all of your brothers and sisters. This is your mission now to bring real change to the future of the world.

This is what your Father in Heaven, the Lord and Saviour, and Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit are asking of you right now, not tomorrow, but tonight and today.

Prepare yourselves through prayer and sacrifice. The year ahead of you will be fraught with great changes and even shocking events for all of you. For those of you who are living the life that God wants of you, you have nothing to fear for the Father in Heaven will prevail in the end.

God bless all of you who contribute to His victory!

St. Michael the Archangel

Message ended 11:35pm