The Rock, Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, NY at 2:00pm

Message from – A Time of Warning: 2008 – 2012

Behold The Light & Listen!

The Light, I, Michael the Archangel, speak of is the Light of God The Father in Heaven, the Creator of Heaven and Earth; the Light of the Son and Redeemer who came into your world to save humanity from the sins of the world; and the Light of the Holy Spirit that is now being manifested so profoundly and powerfully among those of you who have chosen to follow the plan of God the Father for all humanity.

You are entering into the period of time that will be perilous indeed for the future of humanity, but you are also entering a period when great changes will be brought about for the better of humanity. These changes will be felt interiorly by those who have committed themselves to the plan of the Creator for humanity. These will be glorious times, but also deadly times. Glorious for those who have chosen the path of the Father and deadly times for those who have chosen a secular and hedonistic path in the course of their lives.

For the events that will take place in the next five years are events that have been foretold by the ancient prophets as well as the prophets of modern times, who have been called upon by your Lord and Saviour to warn the world of the times to come.

What you can expect is that there will be great changes to your planet. These changes will be brought about initially by geopolitical events, but ultimately by geophysical events that will be the result of the bad actions of mankind; and by the decisions of your leaders and power brokers, who have been secretly and covertly pillaging the natural wealth and beauty of your planet for their own greed-filled desires.

The events that will take place will be the natural reaction of the planet to the wrongs of mankind that have proliferated through the centuries because of the greed and influence of a few, who have attempted to exert their power and resources and influences to be like gods in their own minds and to joust with the authority of your Father and Creator, who has chosen to resolve these issues and to directly interfere in the plans and processes of these self-appointed masters of the Universe, who have chosen to turn their backs on their Father and Creator in an attempt to become like Him.

Just as it was attempted by the angels of darkness, who have lost their influence in the Heavenly Realms, but who have now been working their dark deeds through the members of the human race among you, who have chosen to work for the forces of darkness.

Among your countries and regions, you will begin to see that chaos and turmoil will begin to accelerate and that peaceful negotiations will break down and fail. For the intentions of those in control is not what the Lord foresees for the future of mankind.

Therefore, there will be great turmoil in the world starting with the deterioration of your economies; followed by the failure of crops worldwide; followed by the inevitable chaos and destruction that results from greed and corruption in high places.

What are you to do in this scenario that paints a bleak future of darkness and despair for the future of humanity?

Look to your Lord and Saviour through the power of prayer to make a difference for the better. It is through the power of prayer, through your individual prayers, that humanity will survive the battles of the next five years. I speak of the battles in the spiritual realm for the saving of souls, so many souls among you, who are intended to spend all eternity with the Lord and Saviour in the Heavenly Realms.

On the other hand, the forces of darkness are fueling their intensity of dark powers to continue to influence and corrupt souls in an evil way that is intended to enslave those of you, who are following a life of greed and materialism and ignoring your future and eternal destiny.

Unfortunately, for those who are hoarding and coveting their material goods, the future in this earthly world is not very bright. For those of you who recognize that the material things are transitory, you will continue to grow in love and fervor for the Lord, because your desires are focused on the ultimate goal, the eternal goal, and the bliss of a heavenly kingdom that is only available to those who answer the calling.

In the meantime, during the next five years here on planet Earth, the great changes that will be taking place will cause great turmoil among you as a people. The instability of the atmosphere and of the weather patterns will continue to accelerate at a dizzying pace defying your scientists to explain what is happening or to understand how to bring a peaceful resolve to the environment of the planet.

Only those scientists who have a firm connection to their own spiritual reality will be able to perceive that the problems of the planet are more a result of what mankind is doing or failing to do spiritually, rather than what mankind is doing materially, that is affecting the world.

You see, the sins of mankind have a direct bearing on the stability of the planet. The dark energy that is caused by all of the sins of the world is directly affecting the very stability and balance of the planet in a negative way.

I speak of all the sins of humanity, the loss of the sanctity of human life, both in the womb, as well as among the young and the elderly; the violence of the wars that are being perpetrated among you for selfish purposes by world leaders and power brokers; and the violence in your city streets from the destabilization of the family life, resulting in so much dysfunction among you, particularly fueled by alcoholism and the use of illicit drugs.

Do you see now how your secular world leaders are being exposed and dressed down for all of you to realize that the future of the world needs to be in more competent hands than what is being offered to you by secular leaders who joust with the Father in Heaven?

Therefore, the Father in Heaven must intervene in the affairs of mankind to teach the lessons that are necessary for humanity to continue to exist. For in the present path that humanity has chosen to address the future, the path of ultimate destruction to humanity is the only course that will be available for those who think that the world can continue to exist without even an acknowledgement of He who is the Creator of all that exists.

So now the battle lines are drawn for all of you to face the future, either as ostriches with your heads buried in the sand, or like the prayerful warriors that the Lord and Saviour expects you to be in these challenging times. There are no bystanders in this battle for the future of humanity.

Each and every human living on the face of the Earth has an equally important role with all other human beings. No world leader or military general or power broker will ultimately be deciding the end of the battles that will be fought. For it is the Lord’s prayerful warriors who will be deciding the future of humanity, and it will be for the better only through the grace of God that peace and justice will prevail on this planet for its inhabitants.

So arm yourselves now with the spiritual tools that the Lord has given you. You will be like plowshares planting the seeds of goodness, while those who are carrying weapons of destruction will find that their weapons and their wars, both the military and the economic, will become obsolete.

For in these times, the power of the Holy Spirit will be manifesting so fully among you that the great changes for the better will be inevitable. I call upon you today to join the legions of the Lord, if you intend to be part of the future of humanity that will do good things to bring humanity into both an earthly world and a heavenly world that has been designed by the Father and Creator for all eternity.

The course of events is now up to you, individually and collectively. The final results of your efforts will be judged by your Creator in Heaven, who you shall not disappoint.

Michael The Archangel

End: 2:51pm