The Rock, Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, NY at 2:00pm

My dear son,

On this first day of the new year, I invite you here today to view the magnificence of the newly created world here on Earth that the Lord and Saviour has prepared for you in the near future.

Alas, for now is the time to prepare for this future world for mankind to revel in the world that has always been ordained by God the Father as the proper order of the Universe as it was originally ordained by the Father. For you are now aware that there are those among you who have chosen to joust with the plans of God the Father that were affirmed by the delivery of my Son, the Redeemer who walked among you on the face of the Earth, not too many years ago.

The plans of the world leaders who are attempting to secularize humanity will not go unpunished, for the Father in Heaven and His Son, who is ever so close to you now, will prepare the future for you as it has been ordained by the Father from the beginning. Now is the time to implement the plan of the Father here on Earth and to end the reign of the evil one and his minions who have convinced the masses and have led them like sheep to the slaughter by promising a life here on Earth of materialism and greed and pleasures of the senses.

But this plan is a plan that comes from the darkest regions of every soul that has been tainted by the impurities of the evil one who has already lost the battle to rule the world. You are only witnessing the last vestiges of his reign over humanity by the events that are troubling you now around the world as well as in your families and communities.

This is a time in which the world is being shaken anew to usher in the Era of Peace for all humanity. It is during this time that I call upon you and all brothers and sisters in Christ to pray powerfully to usher in the Era of Peace around the world. I particularly ask you to pray powerfully for those who are not aware of the existence of My Son, and especially for those who have been baptized into the Church of My Son, but who continually refuse to accept the Divine Presence of My Son in the most Holy Eucharist. Alas, pray especially for the priests who have fallen away from their belief in the Presence of My Son in the Eucharist. For how can these priests truly represent My Son as the Redeemer of the world, if they do not fully accept that He is present in a very real and living way in the Holy Host?

Pray for the leaders of the world who have not lost their way and who have not fallen into the trap of the secular majority of leaders for the time will come when certain leaders will be asked by My Son to lead the world back to the Church of My Son, and this time will come after the Great Shaking that will transform the world for the better in the future. This time will come for you in the blinking of an eye and in the not too distant future.

So I ask you to prepare yourselves for the times to come. The changes that will inevitably take place to usher in the Era of Peace will not be welcome by most of you. Those of you who are trusting in my messages and those of you who are living in the Faith, you will faithfully make this transformation into the new realm for humanity without fear, and those of you who are practicing the faith rigorously will actually revel in the times ahead, even the most difficult of times, because you will be given the gift of advanced sight of the promises that God the Father has made for you.

Keep in mind that all brothers and sisters on the face of the Earth are the sons and daughters of the Father for you need to evangelize in these times to all people regardless of race or religion. It is an obligation that the Father has placed on each and everyone of you to evangelize the Good News that the Father loves all of his creations and creatures, but most especially the Father loves all souls that He has ordained to travel here, incarnated in human flesh in this world. You will only be disappointing your Creator, if you do not take every opportunity to reach out to the children of the world who are begging for the knowledge of the Lord in a way that He has ordained.

It is the work of the evil one here on Earth whereby certain so-called religious leaders are manipulating the plans of the Father for His children by brainwashing followers into a belief that Jihad or War against mankind is from God the Father when, to the contrary, the Jihad is from the eternal enemy of the Father, the dark one who resides in the bowels of perdition.

It is incumbent upon you as the followers of the Redeemer, My Son, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, to evangelize to the world that is being misled by those under demonic influence who claim that holy wars are the work of the Father. The Father of all creation has proven to you through the crucifixion and death of His only begotten Son that wars and violence were never part of His plan for mankind. Know that taking up arms against your brothers and sisters around the world was never within the plan of the original order of creation and that all violence and aggression comes from darkness and not from the Light of the Lord and Saviour.

I want all of you as the sons and daughters of the Lord to look forward to the times ahead with an excitement and an enthusiasm that these times deserve. You have all been called upon by God the Father to be part of living on Earth in this generation, because the Lord expects great results from your works to bring about peace here on earth and to usher in the Era of Peace.

What is it that you are planning as part of your mission in life to mirror the desires of God the Father in these times? Are you going to be part of the plan to bring about change or are you going to stagnate in your mission for the Lord? Do you not recognize that it is time now to devote your time to working for the Lord? Can you see that you have buried deep within you the Divine spark that needs to be ignited so that you may arise to respond to a mission that God has carefully planned for you to partake in the wonderful and beautiful future destiny for all mankind?

Do you not recognize that the times are changing now more rapidly than they seemed to before? Do you now recognize that the world is not the same as you once knew it, not the world on the outside, nor the world that is within you, buried deep within you where your soul resides and where your mission awaits you?

Know now that it is time for you to respond to the mission that you know God has prepared for you. Do not postpone the decision that you have been pondering for some time now. Know that the inner voice that has been urging you to follow the Lord is true and valid for you and that through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and through prayer and meditation you will be able to discover the mystery that is within you, the mystery of the mission that God has specifically designed for you in these End Times.

All brothers and sisters in Christ are being awakened in these times to respond to the interior calling. You have recognized that this calling has been within you for some time now and now is the time to respond to your calling.

Do not delay now to respond to the Lord and Saviour who is now ever so close to all of humanity. Take this time in your lives to pray and meditate silently and to pray without distraction from the outside world. Pray for a closer understanding of the plan of the Father to usher in the Era of Peace. If you understand that He has been calling you and urging you to take up His banner in the great struggle ahead, know that now is the time to respond.

Do not procrastinate because the time is now short and the Lord and Saviour is counting upon you to perform in a manner that was originally ordained by the Father when He created you. Know that you have been created specifically to answer a calling from your Creator that brings you under His Eternal Light so that you are protected from all harm; so that you can live out the course of your life without fear; and so that you will have the courage and strength to perform you mission as He has ordained.

We are now in the most important times for all humanity and you have been given a calling. Please respond to the call of Your Heavenly Father for the times are short.

I come to you today as the Lady of Light. Please respond to my call to spread the Light that is within me, a Light that transcends through me directly from the Father who has ordained for me the role of assisting in ushering in the Era of Peace as the Mother of His only begotten Son, the Redeemer of the world.

Our Lady of Light

Message ended 2:46pm