The Rock, Eastport, NY at 10:50am

Note to the reader from Ned

The Shrine of Our Lady of the Island in Eastport, New York, consists of about 70 acres of wooded property. However, there is a clearing in the wooded and secluded hills that is several hundred feet above sea level. This area commands an elevated view of eastern Long Island with a view to the south that stretches to the Atlantic Ocean, approximately five miles away.

The area is known locally as The Rock for the existence of a 300-ton glacial boulder that was deposited on the clearing over 10,000 years ago. In 1975, The Rock became the suitable base for an 18-foot statue of Our Lady carrying the baby Jesus in her arms. It is a place that I visit frequently for prayer, contemplation, and meditation and it is to this place that I was drawn this morning, January 1, 2006.

Although the sky was covered in dark and heavy clouds, the sun broke through the clouds unexpectedly at 10:50am and I experienced the Miracle of the Sun while the sun briefly shined onto the clearing and onto the statue before the skies turned dark again. After the experience, I turned to the statue of Our Lady and Jesus and was greeted by a golden glow which surrounded the statue giving a vibrancy and life to Our Lady and her Son.

At his point, Our Lady conveyed a message by interior locution that was personal to me and not for publication or distribution. Following the personal message, Our Lady instructed me to turn around and to view the scenery that stretches to the Atlantic Ocean in the distance. I can share with you what she communicated to me a this point:

I have brought you here today because you need to turn around. Look into the distance to the seas. Everything you see will be changed but it will ultimately be a change for the better for the future of mankind. It is then that the sun will once again shine on this land and these waters in a way that God the Father intended when he created the material universe. The sun will again shine as a reflection of the fulfillment of humanity according to His Plan.


After attending Mass, I returned to The Rock to receive the following message:

I am Michael, The Archangel

Lo and behold! A new day is dawning on a new land across America and throughout the world. This is the dawning of an era which all humanity has anticipated for many years. This is the time of the beginning of the new era in which all of humanity will be substantially transformed through the works of God the Father and His Son, the Redeemer; and by the acts of Our Lady who brought the Son into the world.

The beginning of this era has already been known to many of you who have been living prayerful lives, who have been attuned to the energy of the Creator, and who are preparing for the difficult times ahead. But what about your brothers and sisters who do not hear; who do not listen; who do not respond to the mission that each and every one has been given by God the Father?

The times ahead will be terrible for them. It is up to you ‘ the knowing, the wise, the chosen ones – to evangelize with the words that the Saviour has given you to prepare all souls for the kingdom of heaven.

There is a Divine Plan for humanity; a plan of order and peaceful living that has always been the underlying order of everything that occurs in the Universe. This order and this plan are from God the Father Himself, who in creating all life, He provided no other plan.

There is no new world order that can replace the plan for humanity that came from the Father and Creator of all humanity. There is no new world order that is needed to replace the Divine Plan. The original plan of the Divine Father from the beginning of creation has always been there for mankind at its disposal to bring mankind back to the Garden of Eden to the rightful place for humanity in the eyes of the Father.

But mankind has been infected by those who have fallen away from the eyes of the Creator. They now live in darkness and have become allies of the evil one who has promised them riches and glory in this world as well as in the next. But they are deceived by the evil one. There is no profit or glory in eternal life for those who have corrupted the plan of the Divine and Heavenly Father who is your only Father in the Eternal Kingdom.

Do not be deceived by the material riches and comforts of this life for these riches and comforts will do nothing for you in the next life. Do not listen to those who tell you to chase the almighty dollar and to enrich yourselves in this world for there is no value to the short term profits that come to you from following a materialistic path, while you fail to perform the true mission that your God and Creator has prepared for you.

Much is being made of a new world order of powerbrokers and worldly leaders who have placed much value on their positions of authority and their ability to manipulate the resources of the world for their own greedy purposes. These leaders who call for a new world order are calling for an order that is really in the realm of the evil one’s plans to dominate the world and to subvert the true role of humanity which was determined by God.

Do those who prophesize a new world order propose an orderly and peaceful world as envisioned by the Father or do they propose a new world order that is contrary to the wishes of the Father?

Do they act only with a deep and loving faith for the Father, and His Son, the Redeemer? In their rhetoric, do you hear them speak humbly and with deep fervor for the Divine Plan that has always been proposed by the Father? Do they speak with reverence of the Ten Commandments and of the Bible as the word of the Lord? Or do they speak only for themselves and the secular world which they envision, whereby they continue to increase their control over the natural resources of the world as well as their control and domination over all other people because they believe they control the purse strings of the world?

Lo and behold! Their purse strings will unravel because the era has come when all mankind will be humbled by the events that will take place in the near future.

God is calling out to humanity in loud and clear ways that many of you recognize. Prepare using the intuitions and beliefs that you are formulating from leading a prayerful life for these intuitions and beliefs are correct and true and are guiding you to respond to the Divine Plan of the Creator.

Those of you who are leading prayerful lives will become the true leaders that the people will turn to in these most troubling times ahead of you. You have a profound and serious responsibility to continue to pray, fast, evangelize, and to call for the conversion of all souls to the faith of the Son of God, the Redeemer of humanity, because all men women and children will soon be confronted with the extraordinary events that will cause each and every living soul on the face of the Earth to either respond to God or to turn away from God and face eternal damnation.

You must make a decision now to carry the Cross of the Son and Redeemer and, therefore, to enjoy the fruits of the eternal heavenly place that the Father has created for you. Or you may turn away from the light of the Son; you may continue to live in the false light of the evil one; a false light which is actually a place of darkness in the great abyss.

Do not be deceived by the proponents of a new world order who are asking you to join the secular society that pretends to fill you with false hopes and promises for a secular world of riches and fame, because whatever they have to offer you is fleeting and the time is so short.

There is no new world order that will provide salvation for mankind. The true order for humanity is not newly created or transitory; it is an order that has been cast in stone since the beginning of creation. It is the order of God the Father and there is no new order that can possibly replace the order established by your Heavenly Father.

If you want to save humanity from its own destruction, follow the order that was always established for mankind by the Creator. It is an order that above all recognizes that all of creation is formed by the Creator Himself and is not to be manipulated, controlled, experimented upon, or terminated by mankind.

The sanctity of all life is resolute and final and not subject to the whims and caprices of mankind and those who wish to play God with the very essence of life and with the very creation of life itself.

Only God the Father is the author of all life and His wrath will fall upon those who do not recognize that the sanctity of life is not for humanity to manipulate.

The chastisements will continue to fall upon the Earth primarily because of the loss of life that was ordained to life by the Father and terminated by those of you who no longer respect life. The Earth will experience a terrible shaking and many more terrible disasters will take place because mankind is playing with the very essence of life itself. This can no longer continue if humanity is to survive.

What is it that you can do to change the course of events? You must first of all pray for a renewed respect for the very concept of life. You must continue to evangelize with your brothers and sisters and very clearly and loudly proclaim the sanctity of life as part of the essence of your message. You must not cooperate with the proponents of the secular new world order for that is the plan of humanists and secularists who deny God’s existence and propose an ulterior plan which is the plan of the evil one.

These are not times to be taken lightly. You are headed like all great civilizations of the past to utter destruction if you do not reverse the course of events. Certainly, it must be apparent to all humanity in these times that God the Father is begging for your attention. If you choose not to hear His Message and His Plan for humanity, anticipate that the terrible events that are happening around the world will continue with greater repetition and intensity.

A Great Shaking will be upon you, if the course of events continues without turning back the tide of humanity to the Divine Plan of God the Father.

The original plan has no equal plan and no reason to be replaced by a new order. The order of humanity has always been upon you. It is humanity that has been struggling to avoid facing the more difficult choices that God wants you to make. It is you who has turned away from the order of the Father.

Pray that humanity returns to the path of a healing, orderly, and peaceful energy that is the energy of the Holy Spirit. For only through the energy of the Holy Spirit can mankind recognize the path that leads to a world order, not a new world order, but the order of creation that was always intended in the eyes of the Creator for all humanity.

Not until all humanity humbly bows and pays homage to the Creator will an era of peace take place. Not until then will there again be a world of order that was only found at the beginning of creation when mankind lived in sight of the Lord.

I am Michael, the Archangel