February 2, 2016

Glendale, CA at 8:30pm

Jesus of Nazareth

My dear son,

I come to you this evening as Jesus of Nazareth, for just as I had walked the face of the Earth 2000 years ago in preparation for my Father’s mission to save humanity from its own sinful nature, I walk among you today in a different way, but just as powerfully and just as purposefully, as I did during my First Coming at the direction of the Father in Heaven, your Creator.

I am with you today in spirit more powerfully than I have been since my crucifixion and death. Just as I sacrificed myself for the Father in Heaven and for all of you my children then, I am preparing to make the supreme sacrifice again, for my Second Coming to mankind and my second mission in fulfillment of the Father’s plan is at hand.

Certainly you are aware that as I promised you then, I am returning to you now in preparation for the Great Changes that are going to take place for humanity in the very near future. I am here patiently but powerfully watching, as the evil one attempts to implement his plans to destroy mankind.

The evil one is planning in vain and he needs to know this now. His minions have been doing his work for many millennia now, attempting to give the evil one final power and control over the inhabitants of the Earth. The evil one seems to be as shrewd and cunning as his followers, who have been implementing his plan, because the patience of the enemies of the Father in Heaven has been more noticeable as the final hour approaches.

The evil one was given 100 years to reign, and he has now attempted to extend his time to take complete control over the Earth and its inhabitants. But the Father in Heaven has set His mark in the sands of time, and the evil one’s plans that he attempted to extend to control all of you in a final draconian and demonic fiefdom are now going for naught. You see, as the evil one has attempted to extend his time, he has reached the final milestone in his timeline, as permitted by the Father in Heaven, and now that time is near.

The Great Transformation is now imminent, so the great changes that will necessarily accompany the Great Transformation are very soon. Prepare yourselves now for what to expect in the greatest changes to the Earth since the beginning of humanity. Prepare yourselves spiritually, for ultimately it is in spirit that all of you will make the final transition to the place the Father has prepared for you in the Heavenly Realms.

But also prepare yourselves to survive in the material world during the anticipated end times events. Many of you have already received a calling to prepare, and many more of you will also receive a calling to prepare in the near future. The time of change will now happen very swiftly in the coming years, but the final transformation and changes will also happen so quickly now, because of the speeding up of time that you are all experiencing.

You must prepare, most of all, through the reception of the sacraments and an allegiance to My Church. for it is through My Church that I will personally lead you through these end times and into a period of time, which you now know as the New Heaven and the New Earth.

I ask of you that you search to understand my intentions for all of you through your own personal and meditative relationship with Me as the Son of the Father, and as the Redeemer of the world, for I am the way, the truth, and the life!

Jesus of Nazareth

Message ended 8:40pm


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