Meditation Pond, Hippocrates Health Institute, West Palm Beach, Florida at 7:50am

My dear son,

I come to you today in this beautiful garden setting as the Queen of Heaven, and I appear to you today to remind you of your journey that began with me over twenty-five years ago during your brief journey to the life after death. You may remember that I showed you the waterfall of Living Waters, the nurturing pure and healing Love of God that is miraculously provided to mankind through the healing effects of the Living Waters. Now you are in a time and place along your journey when the Living Waters of the Loving Lord become most prominent in your own personal journey for healing and recovery.

I must also remind you to accept the work and sufferings that the Lord has bestowed upon you in a way that you should readily understand: You must walk the talk, if you are talking the walk.

Now, it appears almost as a revelation to you that you are being shown the healing and restorative nature of the human body, as has been intended since the beginning of time and the creation of all living souls by your Father Almighty in Heaven.

How sweet is the promise now, for you to see that the Lord works with and through you in providing the means necessary to heal yourself from all that this hard life on earth puts in your path. Many of you have to deal with great physical struggles, pain, and suffering, and it saddens me to see that the way of the Lord in providing healing to the physical body has been swept aside by your modern methods of treatment, much to the disregard of what the Lord has intended to heal all the brothers and sisters on the face of the earth. The healing that is necessary to refurbish the body, mind, spirit and soul is to be found in the ancient scriptures and in the customs and practices that have been provided to you during the life of my Son Jesus, the Lord and Saviour, who has taught us all to ’heal thyself.’

Therefore, in his grand design for the future of mankind, the Father in Heaven has ordained that there shall be a great and grand transformation in the future of healing here on Earth, so that all of the Father’s sons and daughters can turn primarily to the Father in Heaven for the healing that all of you need to a greater or lesser extent, for not all of you will bear an equal burden of suffering as you progress through your lives.

I want you to focus, most of all, on the healing effects of the absolute and unrelenting Love of the Father, and of my Son Jesus, and of the Holy Spirit to permeate the very living cells within you to restore each and every living cell to its original order according to the intent of the Father in Heaven.

Know that there are miraculous and healing abilities within each and every one of you to heal yourselves from the illnesses and afflictions of life, as well as the accidents and injuries that result from living on a planet that is permeated with chaos and confusion as a result of the work of the evil one.

So now you must recognize that all souls individually have a responsibility to know, first of all, that the Lord and Saviour has a loving and healing plan for you in your life. You need to take individual responsibility for your own health care and wellness, so that you can also then provide for the health and wellness of your loved ones, your family members, and your friends by giving them the knowledge of the healing powers that are instilled in all of you by the Father in Heaven.

Be aware of the dangers of many options that are offered to you as means or methods of cures, for much of the practices in the modern world that are presented to you as being for your own betterment are just the opposite; methods that are intended not to cure but to monitor sickness and illness for other motives than your well-being.

Unfortunately for mankind, materialism and greed have permeated the systems of health care worldwide, and, alas, there is also a sinister plan afoot by the enemies of the Father in Heaven to manipulate and control the health care systems globally, not with the intention to improve health care, but to actually do exactly the opposite, to the detriment of all of you who are the sons and daughters of the Father in Heaven. Greed, the deadly sin of greed, and control, the attempt to force power and control over all of you, are the weapons of choice by this sinister and shadowy group. But you must fear not! For the Father in Heaven, my son, the Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are now manifesting themselves more fully, creating a mantle of healing Love over the planet bestowing you with a greater awareness and recognition of the Healing Waters of the Father in Heaven.

It is time now for all of you through the power of your prayers to open up your hearts, minds, and souls to the healing powers of the Living Waters of the Father to help in your own personal healings for whatever your ills or injuries may be, as well as the healing of your family members, your parents, your siblings, your children, as well as your friends.

These are the times now that call for an incredible rescue of the world from the direction that your world leaders are taking you in terms of your health care. It is most important in the times that come to prepare yourselves in mind, body, and spirit by calling upon the healing effects of the Living Waters that the Father in Heaven has provided you. So take time now, each and every one of you, to take inventory of your personal health and to those under your charge among your family members. The Father in Heaven needs strong and prayerful warriors to do the important work that needs to be done during this great time of transition here on Earth.

Most of all, focus on the Love of the Father; the Love that heals, for without the Love of God in your lives, the journey is lost. Recognize in prayer and in mediation that the ability to heal lies within each and every one of you. Become more responsible for your own personal health care as well as the care of those in your family. Learn what has been provided by the Father in Heaven to heal and sustain you through the ancient scriptures of your Holy Bible.

Know that miraculous cures can and will happen for all of you in your lives, if you turn your will over to the will of the Father in Heaven to heal and sustain you along your earthly journey. If you do these things, your journey here on Earth will be easier to bear until you are fulfilled by your final reward in the Heavenly Kingdom. I come to you today as the Queen of Heaven bestowing upon you the Living Waters of the Father in Heaven for all of mankind.

Praise be to God!

Message ended 8:20am

Queen of Heaven