Shrine of Our Lady of Le Leche, St. Augustine, FL at 3:00pm

My son,

I have brought you here today to this Shrine dedicated to my Mother Mary. You are now on a new level of ministry in your mission, which you have dedicated to me through your Mother and My Mother, who is the Mother of all the children here on Earth.

new world through the devote Christians of old who chose this place to bring the Holy Eucharist to the new continent, for they recognized that it was through the power of the Holy Eucharist that the great journeys and struggles to bring Christianity to the new world were accomplished.

These early Christians recognized that the power of the Holy Spirit was what guided them to accomplish great things. They lived in a time when the fervor of people with faith gave them extraordinary strength to accomplish great feats, to perform miracles, and to bring a new evangelization to those living in the new world.

There were many times since I walked among you when the power of the Holy Eucharist was recognized by my people, but, alas, there were other times when the people had lost their faith and also lost their knowledge that through the Holy Eucharist mankind could accomplish great things.

It is incumbent upon the faithful in these times to recognize that all that is wrong in your world can be changed for the better through the power of the Holy Spirit and that power is manifested most greatly through the reception of the Holy Host during the sacrifice of the Mass.

I ask you to pray for the priests who have been ordained by the Holy Father to carry forth the sacrament of the Eucharist to the four corners of the earth, because it is during these times in the world that the power of the Holy Spirit as manifested through the Holiest of Hosts will bring peace, serenity, and calmness to the world, for you are now in a period of time when great graces and blessings are being bestowed upon mankind in preparation for the future trials and tribulations.

It is important during this period of time that you evangelize globally for a return of all peoples of faith to a more resolute acceptance and understanding of the importance of receiving the most powerful transubstantiation of graces from the Father in Heaven through the reception of the Divine Host.

It is only through this act of giving to the Father through the most holy of sacraments that those who are followers of Me can most perfectly provide for a pleasing mission to achieve what I am asking of each and every one of you.

When I walked among my brothers and sisters here on Earth, I provided the Holy Eucharist as a Covenant of the promise of the Father to be with you always throughout your lives here on Earth. As I had promised then, I promise you now that those who eat my flesh and drink my blood will have eternal life within.

Now you are in the times when many miracles are accomplished through the reception of The Holiest of Holies: the Divine Host. Many more healings from injuries and disease in these times will be recognized through the power of the Eucharist.

So it is incumbent upon all faithful brothers and sisters to evangelize to the fallen away brethren as well as to the non-practicing faithful to recognize that I have given you all that you have needed through the centuries to bring mankind more fully into the ways of the Lord.

It is now that you can usher in the Era of Peace by manifesting a renewed belief in the power of the Holiest of Hosts by returning to the faith of your fathers and mothers, who placed great sacrifices upon their own lives to bring you into a Christian world that is God-fearing, but in a way that reflects the Divine Mercy of the Father, as I had shown you by example and parable as I walked among you.

What will be the future for the world in the absence of the Eucharist? The world without me, as manifested through the Holy Eucharist, would become a place of darkness filled with lost souls, most certainly a place like Gehenna here on Earth. You do not want to see such devastation or dissolution among yourselves and your children by even contemplating such a terrible ending for mankind. So now is the time to resolutely determine that mankind must again recognize that the greatest provider of the power of the Holy Spirit is through the frequent reception of the Divine Host.

I call upon you now to encourage your brothers and sisters to return to the celebration of the Mass where they can partake in the eternal nourishment that assures those who partake of Me through My Body and Blood that they will share paradise with Me and with your Heavenly Mother.

I come to you today to ask you to convey my desire to all of the brethren here on Earth.

Jesus of Nazareth

End 3:40pm