February 1, 2014

Our Lady Queen of Angels Eucharistic Chapel, Newport Beach, California, at 1:20pm

Jesus of Divine Mercy


My dear son,

It has been many years, since I first interceded in your life that was going so
terribly wrong in the direction that the evil one intended for you in order to
thwart you from the mission that I had intended in your life from the very
moment of your creation in the mind of your loving Father.


You are very special to me, my son, and as special as all of my
children, for my Eternal Love and my Divine Mercy extend to all of you, who
have been created in a Loving Light to share the eternalness of a beautiful life
in the Spiritual Realms. As part of your journey, you are living in the
material world that gives one a perspective of your reality in a physical sense
that is quite different from the spiritual reality that is your eternal home.

How far my children wander from the path that I have chosen for
them, when they become involved in the pleasures of the earthly world. And you,
my Son, you chose to immerse yourself in those pleasures, so that it was
necessary for me to rescue you in a most profound way. And even in my attempts
to rescue you, you fought me tooth and nail to preserve the old ways of the
hedonistic life that you had chosen for yourself.


Alas, you are a stubborn soul, but your stubbornness had to be
broken, because the earthly life that you had chosen was intended to give you
great pleasure in the pursuits that you had chosen.


No one other than your Father in Heaven knows how unmerciful you were to your
spiritual health and well being, because of the path that you had chosen,
immersed in alcohol and drugs and hedonistic living, so that my rescue of your
soul had to be quite sudden, forceful, and as you know, incredibly profound for
you to wake up from the sinful path that you had chosen for yourself.


Now you are asking me why is it that I chose to interrupt your
life so profoundly?


And I answer to you: It is because of my Divine Mercy for my children that I rescue
the most belligerent among you to bring you back into the fold of the Loving
Father in Heaven. All of My children are entitled to my Divine Mercy to save
your souls from the chains of the evil one, who wishes only ill will for you
and your soul and to bind you into an eternal existence of darkness.


It is because you have chosen to accept my Divine Mercy for you,
as well as my Divine Will for your eternal soul that you are now living your
life upon a path of goodness and worth that is what I want for you. You know
this so well, because you have been shown quite specifically what my will is
for you in this earthly journey.


Know this: That all of God’s children receive whatever it is that
you need to become a loving individual in search of your true path back to your
heavenly home.


Know this: That I answer the prayers of all of my children who
reach out to me in their hour of need.


Know this: that none of you here on Earth are ever deserted by your Father in Heaven
and by His Son the Redeemer of all of humanity, for it is my mission to return
all souls to the Kingdom of the Father in Heaven.


So I say to all of you: Seek your eternal journey and your mission
through me as the Redeemer of the world. Seek my Divine Mercy for your soul and
my Divine Will for your mission in life.


Know this: that the path to eternal bliss is through my Loving
Nature as the Son of the Father in Heaven.


If you believe in Me and you seek Me in your prayers and meditation, you will find my
Divine Mercy for you, and you will find the enlightenment to know what it is
that I have chosen for you in your earthly life that will lead you to your
final reward in the Kingdom of Heaven!


Message ended 1:37pm


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