February 1, 2013

St. Peregrine’s Chapel, Mission San Juan Capistrano, California, at 10:15am

My son,

Peace and Serenity. These are two commodities of human nature that are so dear and important to all of humanity in these End Times. Yet, most of the Father’s sons and daughters here on Earth are living their day to day lives devoid of Peace and lacking in Serenity. This is because of the turmoil of these End Times, when all of God’s children are being called upon to join My Son, the Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, to bring about the fulfillment of the Father’s plan for all of you, His sons and daughters.

You are being asked in these End Times to contribute greatly to the plan of the Father, for – without your participation – the New Heaven and the New Earth cannot be fulfilled, because the Father in Heaven created all of you to be co-creators with Him to bring about a peaceful and serene place of beauty here on Earth, for all of you to partake in the immense Love that the Father in Heaven manifests for all of you.

Because of the blindness of mankind, and because of the influence of the demons of evil upon so many of you, my motherly heart aches for all of you, my children. My heart and soul are filled with tears of blood because of all the heartache and pain that has been heaped upon mankind by the forces of evil that are acting in concert to challenge the Eternal Love of the Father, who wishes only the best for His children.

It causes me great anguish to see the world as it is today, and it is even more painful for me, because I can foresee the great darkness, and the clouds  and storms that are headed toward you, because mankind has turned its eyes away from the Father in Heaven in pursuit of a hedonistic, materialistic, and greedy existence.

I come to you today only to those of you who are listening to my messages. I bring with me today the Peace and Serenity of the Father in Heaven. For all of you who wish to partake in the Heavenly Father’s Love, and with it, the Peace and Serenity that the Father brings, I imbue all of you today with the Love, the Peace, and the Serenity that the Father in Heaven gifts to all of you eternally.

I ask you to pray with me today in a quiet place of your choosing. I ask you to meditate on the Rosary and the Mysteries of the Rosary. During your meditation, I ask you to call upon me to open your heart to the Love of the Father. If you do so today, I promise you that you will be imbued with the Peace and Serenity of the Father in Heaven.

When you have received these gifts, I ask you to continue to pray with me for the salvation of the world, for you are now in the times when great miracles will take place to bring about the Father’s salvation for you through your powerful prayers.

You are now entering an even more critical period of the End Times than you have experienced so far, particularly during the last few years of an incredible transition from the world of the past to the world of the future. It is a place of Heaven and Earth that will fulfill the plan of the Father in Heaven, despite the challenges presented by the evil one and his minions, who are futilely hell-bent to bring only chaos, confusion, and destruction to all of you, my brothers and sisters.

These are the times during which all of you must rise up in unison to defeat the plans of the evil one. You will be successful, for the Lord and Saviour, my Son, Jesus Christ, is now with you in a very powerfuway to implement His Father’s plan for all of you, my children.

I speak to you of my own pain and suffering because of the terrible events that have taken place and that will continue to take place during this time of transition.

It is important that all of you follow my plan today for you to ease your suffering by joining with me, today, in prayer, so that I may imbue you with the Peace and Serenity of the Father in Heaven to assist you to get you through these End Times and the perilous events that are taking place, so that this dark journey will be quickened in time and lessened in intensity through the Love, the Peace, and the Serenity that I offer you today.

So now, I ask you to set aside this time of prayer and Serenity sometime today, and I promise that I will imbue you with the Peace and Serenity of the Father. I will not disappoint you and that is my promise.

Now, plan the time and place for today that you will spend with me in reciting the Rosary. As you proceed through the Mysteries of the Rosary, prepare yourself for my visitation with you, which I so promise!

Message ended 10:40am

Our Lady of Light


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