St. Rosalie’s Church, Hampton Bays, New York, USA at 9:25am – during Eucharistic Adoration


My dear son,

I come to you today as your Lady of Victory, and I announce my title to you and to all the brothers and sisters of the world, in Jesus Christ, who are recognizing that the fulfillment of the Father’s promises here on Earth is being fulfilled; for the time is soon, when I will declare my victory over the evil one here on Earth. So I ask all of you in advance to recognize that the celebration is near, when I will reign over the Earth as your Lady of Victory.

My reign during this period of time will be through the power of the Holy Spirit; through the Father in Heaven, who has ordained my role in these End Times in fulfillment of the Scriptures, first brought about by the birth of My Son; and through your Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

It is through the Son of the Father that the world will be changed for the better in the very near future, and it is through the Father and His Son that I have been given the title of Lady of Victory over the evil one. So I again ask you to celebrate in advance with me as your Mother. I ask you to celebrate now also in preparation for the difficult times that are yet to come here on Earth.

This is not because the hard times for humanity were preordained by the Father in Heaven, but because His children have failed by submitting to the snares and traps of the evil one in leading humanity to a period of time here on Earth, when sin seems to reign supreme. The sins of humanity have caused the conditions that the world now has to deal with, but the Father in Heaven through His plan for humanity will change all things for the better.

In the meantime, it is necessary for all of you to follow my direction and my advice to you, which is quite simple. Each and every one of you must place your life, your body, your soul, and your spirit in the hands of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world. It is only through my Son Jesus that you will be able to survive the times ahead with all the difficulties that you must face.

I must warn you that there are worldly and powerful leaders, who are operating behind the scenes now to thwart the plans of the Father for humanity, a condition that has existed in humanity since the beginning of the fall of mankind from the Garden of Eden. But now in these times, the minions of the evil one have taken control over your secular world in cunning and deceptive ways to render all of you into a state of enslavement, with the few who honor satan at the top of power and control.

Alas for these poor souls, for the power and the influence of the evil one is becoming ever more weak because of the prayers of the faithful remnant, who are thwarting the evil one in a very powerful way. As I have told you before, my son, the prayers of a group of twenty can save a nation from war, and the prayers of the faithful before the Eucharistic Adoration of my Son Jesus are the most powerful prayers to bring about world peace and the defeat of the evil one, who will soon be crushed under my mantle as the Mother of the Saviour of the world.

So again I must reiterate to all of you that you must place yourselves in the hands of my Son, the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. By doing what I ask of you daily, you will also come under the protection of my mantle and graces during these most difficult times.

Once again, I must also reiterate to you that you must also have no fear in living through these difficult times, for you are under the protection of the Triune God, and through the grace of God, you are also under my protection as your Blessed Mother.

Therefore, you must recognize now that you have no reason to fear. For this reason alone, you should recognize my crown and title as your Lady of Victory for the victory of good over evil is soon to be here, but only for and through the grace of your Triune God.

Go forth, therefore, and reach out to your brothers and sisters and proclaim the doctrine of your Lady of Victory in these times, for it is through your prayers that victory will come to humanity following the most difficult times ahead.

My children, I cannot express more profoundly how you are dearly loved by the Father in Heaven, by His Son the Redeemer of the world, and by the Holy Spirit, who is descending upon you in these times from the Father in Heaven as a mantle of protection, as well as by the mantle of your Heavenly Mother in leading you into a time of peace on Earth for all of mankind!

Message ended 9:45am

Our Lady of Victory

Our Lady of Victory’s Doctrine: Place your life, your body, your soul, and your spirit in the hands of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world!