Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, New York, 11:00am

I come to you today as your Master, Jesus, the Son of the Father, who walked among you, my brothers and sisters, 2000 years ago in the birthplace of my earthly life, just as I walk among you today in Spirit in fulfillment of the Scriptures, for as it was foretold, my journey among you, my brothers and sisters, was then and is now to bring redemption to all of the children of the one true God, the Father in Heaven.

Now in these times as in the times of old, the journey of the Redeemer is tantamount to the salvation of all souls, for you are now in the times as predicted when great changes will be brought about for the children of God here on Earth. These changes are necessary on many different levels because of all the faults and sins that have resulted from the flaws and failings of God’s children here on Earth.

The Father in Heaven is a merciful God as witnessed by My Presence among you to save you along your journey in life. For although you are all individually on your own journeys through life, you are also a part of the total journey of mankind for a return to the Eternal Home that the Father in Heaven has prepared.

Now in these times, you are experiencing and witnessing the fulfillment of many of the prophesies concerning the End Times, and you are now seeing the stirring in the Middle East of the brothers and sisters who have chosen one path to return to the Father, but not necessarily in recognition of my journey as the one, true Son of God and Redeemer of all nations, so the stirring among the peoples in expression of their restlessness in their lives has much deeper meaning than one is witnessing by the current events.

For all of God’s children will come to a recognition in these times that ultimately one must recognize my journey among you as the bearer of Good News of the eternal salvation of all brothers and sisters who honor the Father in Heaven. However, this salvation will necessarily have to be cognizant of my role as the Redeemer of all God’s children here on Earth.

Although my children of the world are going about their plans and desires for an earthly fulfillment in their lives, deep down inside of every one of you, my brothers and sisters, you know that the journey of life involves more than just the journey of your eternal soul incarnated here on earth in these bodies of flesh.

The journey of life for each and every one of you is a journey for eternity, and you must rise above your limited scope of experience and knowledge here on Earth to recognize that over all your eternal journey is of much greater concern than your limited lifestyles that focus only on the earthly and creature comforts of life.

God had ordained for each and every one of His children that they grow in fulfillment of their soul journeys through all times including this journey here on Earth.

You must then realize that your limited focus on the things of this world cannot overwhelm you to the point that you forget your spiritual journey above and beyond your journey here on Earth.

The reason why so many of you are beginning to stir now and rise up against your worldly leaders is that the veil to the material realms is beginning to fade, and more and more of you are becoming gradually more aware of your eternal journey so that you are putting this earthly time period into that eternal context. As a result, the status quo here on Earth has no longer become acceptable to most of you and eventually to all of you.

So many of you now are questioning your authorities and their ways in which they have been manipulating you; as well as in their manipulation of your democracies; and you are saying to them No More! We have had enough! There must be a better way!

For those of you who have chosen to know and recognize me, you, above all others, understand that the better way is by recognizing that I am your Lord, Saviour, and Redeemer, and all good things will come through me to you, my brothers and sisters.

As you continue your lives here on Earth, you must continuously recognize your spiritual nature and your relationship with me as the Son of the Father. If this understanding and your relationship with and through me to the Father in Heaven becomes of tantamount importance to you, then your life here on Earth will be very rich and rewarding indeed.

For the times now will become even more volatile in your world politics as well as in the geophysical corrections here on Earth, so you will be required to develop nerves of steel to withstand the times that are ahead for all of you.

This is an important time for you here on Earth, and you have been chosen specifically by the Father in Heaven to be a part of these times, so think about His role in creating you and making you a part of His plan, and your life will be fulfilled in incredible ways.

I bid you farewell, but I will be ever so close for all of you through these trying times. Call upon me in your prayers and meditation, for I am with all of you, my brothers and sisters, always and forever, with the Love and Kindness of the Father that knows no bounds.

Message ended 11:32am

Jesus the Redeemer