The Rock, Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, NY at 8:15pm

My dear son,

I come to you this evening with great sadness because of the turmoil that is taking place in your world. The calamity of events that is falling upon you is due to all of the sins of mankind from the earliest of ages that are accumulating now in their negative and evil effects upon humanity. For many centuries now, the evil one has been having his way with the world, and now it is the time, as has been prophesied, for the return of My Son to His people.

You are fortunate to be living in these times for a great transformation is about to take place for all of you, who are now incarnated across the face of the Earth. However, many of you are blinded to the importance of your mission in the world at this time, because the deceit of the evil one is leading many of you astray, and you are not aware of the deception and lies that are being fostered upon you by your world leaders, who have chosen to align themselves with the dark one.

Motivated by self-enrichment and a hedonistic desire for the pleasures of the world, those who have been led astray have fallen victim to the lies and deceit of satan, his minions, and his luciferian followers. For many centuries now, these unfortunate and poor souls, who are also poor in spirit although rich in material things, have been conducting themselves in ways that are not for the betterment of mankind but only for their own self-enrichment. They have deceived themselves in following the dark one, for in the end they will pay a terrible and dear price for the way they have conducted themselves to the detriment of humanity.

However, their greatest error has been to deny the existence of My Son, your Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, as the Redeemer of the world.

Throughout the centuries, My Son’s role in the Kingdom of God has been at the mercy of his followers here on Earth. During these times, there has been an ebb and flow in how the people have appreciated My Son’s love for them. Never before, however, has the ebb and flow of the people’s love for My Son reached such a low point in the history of humanity, since He walked the face of the Earth. As a result, you are now experiencing the birthing pains of the End Times as has been prophesied to you time and time again.

How do you recognize these birthing signs? Look at the world and the terrible conditions that you find in it today. Throughout the world there is famine and strife, and these conditions in the poorest of nations will only continue into the future. But alas, now even the nations that have previously been abundant in riches are starting to experience the birthing pains of the End Times, and even in these countries now, the earliest indications of a shortage of food, water, and other valuable resources is starting to surface. The reason why these shortages are occurring, and the reason why the shortages will continue unabated into the foreseeable future is not because God the Father in Heaven did not create enough abundance for His children. No, it is because of the few among you who have seized control of the resources that were intended to be abundantly distributed to all peoples.

Instead, they who have taken control are going about their sinister and dark plans to block the necessary food and water sources from reaching the very people who need these resources so desperately. The famines and the shortages are the work of evil men among you who have taken control of the world’s resources. The time will come soon when this will become painfully obvious, even to those among you who are living in prosperously advanced countries.

Their goal is dark and dreadful and the work of the evil one to cull down and wither away great numbers of the people of the world. Woe to those who are behind this dark and sinister plot, for they will be dealt with harshly, when My Son and your Saviour Jesus Christ returns to rule His Kingdom in the earthly world. So dark is the evil of many of you who have been duped by the prince of deception that the time has finally come for My Son and His Father in Heaven to directly intervene in the affairs of mankind to bring about a correction in your activities, so that the Original Order of Creation can reign again in your world. Thanks be to God!

These times require great preparation by those of you who are living the word of God in your lives and those of you, therefore, who have been recognizing the signs of the times and preparing for the dark times ahead. You have an obligation now not only to yourselves, your family members, and your friends, but to all your brothers and sisters in the world to sound the alarm, so that you all become alert to the necessity to prepare yourselves for the coming times ahead.

Many of you are receiving directions from heavenly sources to prepare yourselves to become more active and alert in the missions that have been given to you by the heavenly sources that have been inspiring you to act, and to act decisively now, to implement God’s plan in your lives, so that you may become part of God’s plan at this time to defeat satan and his minions from their plans to dominate the world in ways that are contrary to God’s laws.

Beware now of your leaders who show no regard for the sanctity of life at all stages of life. They are doing the work of the evil one; many of them are doing it blindly; but unfortunately many of them have sold their souls into darkness, and they will soon despair, for the Lord and Saviour will interfere boldly with their plans, and justice for all of mankind shall prevail.

The decisions in these times will be forthright and direct for those of you who have been living lives in concert with God’s plans for you, for now you are to implement the very specific plans that have been given to you.

Throughout the world, God the Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ are preparing powerful and prayerful warriors to answer the call to arms to defeat the darkness of the evil one.

It brings me to tears of sorrow to anticipate the times ahead, but alas, it also brings me to tears of joy, for I foresee that many of you, dear souls, are preparing to usher in the world peace and prosperity that is of God and not of the wicked one. And it is you, my dear sons and daughters, who shall prevail in these times.

So prepare now and take charge as you have been directed by your heavenly sources of inspiration and prepare yourselves for the great battles ahead.

Look to the night skies for the signs and signals that will be provided to you to recognize that the victory of My Son the Saviour is near!

Glorious will be the days in just such little time in the context of eternity that you will sense the speeding up of time even more rapidly than you are experiencing time now. It is through God’s great mercy that this is so, because your Father in Heaven is a merciful God, and He wants all of His children to answer the difficult challenges ahead in ways that will make your earthly journey easier for you.

Those of you who have been given specific missions in these times know who you are, and you know that it is time now to act in decisive ways to co-create with God the Father in Heaven and His Son with the creation of a powerful Love that will transform the world and usher in the Era of Peace.

I stand with you in these times as your Heavenly Mother. Go with God’s speed and recognize that above all else the Love of God will prevail for all of humanity.

I come to you this evening as your Lady of Light, and I am here to light a beacon of God’s Light for all of humanity.

Go about your mission in peace and love, and the joy of a heavenly transformation will be your reward.

Message ended 8:47pm

From: Our Lady of Light