The Rock, Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, NY at 1:45pm

Introductory note from Ned

Following 12:00 noon Mass at the Shrine, I knew that I was to remain at the Shrine to receive a message. I did not feel that the message was imminent as I had hoped, so I decided to go to the outdoor Rosary Walk and to pray while walking along the path hoping that the inspiration to receive the message would come to me while I was praying the Rosary.

The Rosary Walk begins in the woods with a giant cross of evergreen bushes formed along the ground followed by one large and three small juniper bushes leading to statues of Our Lady of Fatima and the three visionary children, Lucy, Francisco and Jacinta. The statue of Our Lady of Fatima connects the two ends of the large circular path that disappears in both directions into the natural woodlands.

One hundred and fifty juniper bushes, spaced in a quarter-mile circle along the trail, each represent an individual prayer, designated by larger bushes for the Our Fathers and smaller bushes for the Hail Marys. Each decade of ten Hail Marys represented a mystery in the life, death, passion, and glory of Jesus Christ and the life of Mary, His Mother.

I looked at my watch as I began the walk. It was 1:45pm and I immediately became aware by interior locution that I would be receiving a message at 3:00pm.

The sun was shining brightly and the temperature was peaking at 42F degrees, a rather chilly day considering that many of the mostly sunny days on eastern Long Island during the past two weeks saw temperatures reaching into the 60s with a record 64 degrees during what is normally the coldest and snowiest two weeks of the year.

In fact, record warm temperatures were recorded in just about every part of the United States while half-way around the world in the Ukraine, the death toll was approaching 600 people who froze to death in a record-breaking cold wave with temperatures dipping below -13F.

As I began the Joyful Mysteries, I thought about how strange the weather patterns have become and reflected on the prophetic visions that I had received during my first near-death experience in 1984 which led me to include in The Future chapter of Fast Lane to Heaven, a warning of freakish, erratic, and unseasonable weather patterns. These patterns are now seen everywhere around the world.

A cool wind began to blow across the Rosary Walk and I looked up to the sun for warmth. The sun was shining through the pine trees and immediately I began to experience the Miracle of the Sun, an event that has manifested itself to me regularly since I began to receive the monthly messages on August 1, 2005. As I continued the walk, I could glance up to the sun at any point along the trail and witness the Eucharistic Host at the center of the spinning sun with the rays of Divine Mercy radiating forth from the sun.

When I completed the Rosary Walk, it was 2:45pm. I was drawn to go up to The Rock to receive the monthly message.

Message at 3:00pm

My son,

Come walk with me in the Garden of Nazareth. Come to the place of serenity, peace, and contentment where I contemplated the mission that lay ahead for me as I was about to partake in the work of my Father.

Come walk in the gardens where I spent my youth and early ages of maturity pondering the role that the Father had planned for me on my journey to save the world from the sins of humanity. Come and see what beauty abounded in this place where I prepared for my role as the Redeemer of mankind.

It is here in this garden where it first came to me that I was of and about the work of my Father here on Earth. It was here in this place where the role of the Son was ordained by the Heavenly Father.

When you walk with me in this garden, you will relive the times of my youth. You will have the opportunity to see for yourself what it was like for me to prepare myself for the difficult path ahead. In the brief period ahead, I knew that great sacrifice was needed and that the time was, oh, so short to reach out to my brothers and sisters and tell them of the love of my Father for you. I came to you as the Son of the Father and I came to you to be as a servant in my role to show you the beauty of the eternal life that has been prepared for you.

In this Garden of Eden, you can walk with me and prepare yourself for your journey for much is being asked of you and your brothers and sisters in these times. Prepare by honoring me through frequent reception of the sacraments, particularly through the sacraments of Penance and the Holy Eucharist.

Recognize that I am present and with you in the holiest and strongest of ways through the reception of the body and blood that I had to sacrifice on the Cross to make your journey less heavy in your life. I chose to walk among you as an equal to you as well as to be your servant, because I wanted to experience what it was like for you as a human to survive in this world that has become increasingly clouded by the darkness and despair of the evil one.

Know now that you need despair no longer for I am with you. I bring with Me the Light of Eternity; the Divine Light of the Father that is ever so present in each and every one of you, My Brothers and Sisters. It is the Divine Spark of the Father that gives each and every one of you the promise of eternal life and happiness with your God and Creator, manifested to you through Me, as the Son and Redeemer, as well as through the Holy Spirit.

Believe now that the future is bright and heavenly for those of you who believe; for those of you who practice the faith; for those of you who participate in frequent reception of the Holy Eucharist; for those of you who are living in the Light of the Saviour; and for those of you who recognize that I am your Father; I am your Son; and I am your Holy Spirit.

I am here to bring myself closer to you and closer to your brothers and sisters who are on the path to glorious fulfillment of their mission on Earth. Much will be expected of you in the future. The time is near when great demands will be put upon my Chosen Ones who are to lead the followers and the disbelievers into the Era of Peace. For the time will come soon, here on Earth, when the Era of Peace will be upon you. This is my promise to you now; just as it is as the Father has promised you; and as I had promised you when I walked the face of the Earth.

Since my crucifixion and death, I have not been as close to my brothers and sisters here on Earth as I am now in these times, for you are entering a period of time that has been prophesied for you.

This is the time for which all humanity has prepared and many of you, my chosen sons and daughters, are being particularly prepared because you have shown that you have faith in Me and faith in the Father.

You must take this opportunity in these times to evangelize to those who are living in darkness. You must go forth and preach the Gospel and the word of the Lord now more than before because many of your brothers and sisters are still living in darkness and do not know of my love for them.

Do not pretend to be the Pharisees of modern times and mock those who do not believe as you do. You will not win the hearts and minds of those less fortunate than you by holding yourself out to be higher than them.

I ask my apostles and disciples to humble themselves in preaching the word of the Lord because it is through the humility of my servants that great love is conveyed to the rest of humanity.

Many of your brothers and sisters have fallen away from the Church because the Church has been viciously attacked by the evil one who will no longer have his way with My Church.

Go forth and preach to those who have fallen away. They are the first converts to whom you need to reach out to. Many of your fallen away brothers and sisters will return to My Church through your efforts and the efforts of my Chosen Ones because you will show great love for them and, by your example, you will lead others to the heavenly love that I manifest for all souls who walk the face of the Earth.

The time for you to evangelize with fervor and love is now. Ask all of the brothers and sisters in Christ to devote their time now to reaching out to the fallen ones. Do not delay in this mission! For the time is short and you have much work to do!

I am preparing for you a heavenly home as your final reward. Those of you who remain here can only glimpse what I have prepared for you in the future in the Heavens. As you grow in your fervor and love for me, you will be led closer and closer to the heavenly realms and you will finish your life here on Earth with a deeper faith and a fervor that you do not yet know.

You will live without fear and anxiously await whatever the future brings because, above all, you are aware of the promise that I have made to all humanity, a promise of Eternal Life for those who recognize that I am the Son of God the Father, and I am the Redeemer of the world.

For those of you who believe in me, I offer you my eternal love and eternal life!

My Blessings to all of you, My Brothers and Sisters!

Jesus of Nazareth


Postscript from Ned

The Garden of Nazareth is the garden that was designed and cultivated by Mary, the Mother of God, and it is where Jesus spent his formative years. In this message, Jesus invites us through prayer and meditation to join Him in the Garden of Nazareth where each and every one of us has been given the opportunity and the blessing to walk with Our Lord and Saviour and to understand through Him our own journey in this life.