December 1, 2013

St. John the Baptist Eucharistic Chapel, Costa Mesa, CA, at 9:00am

Message from St Michael the Archangel

Behold! I am Michael the Archangel, the Protector of the Church of Your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and I am here today to warn all of the true followers of the Church of Jesus Christ that a great cloud of darkness is descending upon the Church of your Lord and Saviour. It is a great cloud of darkness before a dark storm of turbulence, chaos, and violence that is being perpetrated upon the true Church of Jesus Christ by the dark foes in the dark realms as well as by their minions here on Earth.

The Vatican, which is the authority of the Redeemer Son’s Church, is under attack most viciously now from the dark forces and their earthly demons:

– For you are now in the End Times of this civilization – which is not the end of the world – but the end of the world as you once knew it.

 – For the Great Changes and Great Events of these End Times are soon to occur, causing all of you to tremble in fear and self-pity, but not if you are truly Powerful Spiritual Warriors of the Lord.

– For the true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ will have no fear during these terrible times, for the minions of evil will have no power over those of you who are the true followers.

 – For a mantle of protection through the power of the Holy Spirit is ever present now among all of you, who choose to seek this protection in these End Times, and I ask of you, neigh I beg of you, to seek the protection of the Mantle of the Holy Spirit in these troubling times.

It is important now that the true believers of the Church address their allegiance to the Papal Authority of the Vatican and of the Son’s chosen successor, the leader of the Church in Rome.

The Chosen Pope to lead the Church through these End Times is under tremendous pressure from various sources even within the Vatican to pursue a course for the Son’s Church that is not in the plan of the Father in Heaven, nor of His Son. There are those within the hierarchy of the Church, who are bent on the destruction of the Church that the Lord and Saviour has promised you – a Church that will not be put asunder.


There are forces that are aligned with the evil one, who is hell-bent in his final days of loathing to make a final attack upon the Papacy and the Redeemer’s Church, because the dark forces know that only the Church of the Father’s Son will save the many souls here on Earth from the wrath and the fury of the evil one.

It is important now for all of you to support the efforts of the Father’s Chosen Pope to lead the Church through these end times. Only the power of your prayers in cooperation with the plans of the Redeemer, the Lord and Saviour, will assist in the Pope’s efforts to bring the Church through these turbulent times.

Do not approach the future with fear and speculation concerning the events that are yet to come. The events will unfold in time that are necessary to bring about a great transformation for the better for humanity, and your participation in the plan of the Father is a necessary part of you salvation, as well as the salvation of your family members and friends.

Be wary of those who are quick to attack the Church, the authority of the Vatican, and the intentions of the Pope, who has been chosen in these times, for He is inspired by the power of the Holy Spirit.

He will lead the Church here on Earth, because he has been inspired by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Thanks Be To God!

St Michael the Archangel

Message ended 9:16am


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