Southampton Pines, East Quogue, New York at 10:10am

Lo and Behold! Devilish behavior on the part of the proponents of the new world order is about to send the economies of the world into a tailspin. This has been the plan of this sinister entity for many years now.

Out of a sense of desperation and because they have not seen their plans come to fruition as per their own timetable, they are now going about a suicidal plan of destroying the world economies for their own selfish benefit and to assume even more evil power and control over all of humanity.

This desperate attempt on their part will only succeed in their own minds temporarily, because many of you have become enlightened and recognize the evil that they are perpetrating upon humanity. It is up to you the knowledgeable and to those of you who are the visionaries according to God’s plan to bring about a higher level of awareness of the activities of these fearmongers.

They are attempting to manipulate all of the resources of the world including your drinking water, your food sources, your energies, all of the resources that the Father has planned for the sustenance of all of humanity, not to be used as the tools of those who are greedy and corrupt and who have taken up their allegiance with the evil one to subjugate all of mankind into an earthly slavery.

You must understand that these new world order proponents will not succeed in their plans because of the awareness that many of you are conveying to your brothers and sisters, but most of all, because the Father in Heaven is guiding His children through this new period of time when the transition will take place that will purge all of the greediness and corruption from planet Earth so that a new era, the Era of Peace and Love, will be ushered in for all of humanity to take benefit from the graces that the Lord has always intended for His children.

In the meantime, it is necessary for you to be ever vigilant of the plans of the evil one and his minions here on Earth, who are attempting to enslave all of you through economic hardship and by limiting the resources of the world to place many of you in extreme hardship, so they can go about their plans to further dominate and control the world.

Fear not for you will see how the transition planned by the Father is fulfilled during this trying time for all of humanity. It is important that you recognize and implement the power of your prayers during these times for only through the power of your prayers will you be able to assist the power of the Holy Spirit in bringing about the global transformation that is necessary to usher in the New Heaven and the New Earth.

So plan now by conserving your available resources, by instructing your family members and friends to prepare for the trying times ahead, and by preparing through the power of your prayers to defeat the evil of the world during these trying times.

For the power of the Holy Spirit as ordained by the Father in Heaven will prevail over all of the evil that is now taking place and the demon, himself, will be cast into hell for a period of a thousand years and the truth of the ancient scriptures will prevail in these modern times.

Prepare yourselves now for the time is short.

Message ended at 10:25am

St. Michael the Archangel