Meditation Garden, St. Rosalie’s Parish, Hampton Bays, New York at 12:45pm

My dear son,

I come to you today as Jesus The Redeemer with good tidings to the world during this Advent season, for I am here to spread the Good News, as the Lord and Saviour, of my intentions to diminish and defeat my enemies before your very own eyes in this very important time in the history of humanity.

As you listen to my words, I am going about the Father’s plans to diminish and defeat those who have attempted to install a new world order upon humanity in defiance of the plans of the Father in Heaven for all of humanity.

It has been my mission on Earth during my lifetime, as incarnated in flesh among my brothers and sisters, to lead all of God’s children back to the Heavenly Kingdoms, and my mission continues as such in the Spiritual Realms, where I now dwell to fulfill the plans of the Father.

You must watch faithfully the signs of the times and the plans of the so-called elitists among you, who have gathered together in sinister forces and in clandestine and secret societies to impose the will of these few elitists through the ages and through all times up until the current times to control and defeat all of you and to force you to live without personal freedoms in a draconian state of serfdom.

Now as you watch the headlines in your news sources, you can see how these dark forces are being exposed, and how their plans for world domination are being thwarted. As I have told you time and again in my messages to you, these dark forces would be defeated in your lifetimes here on Earth, because the Father in Heaven has so ordained not to allow the dark forces and minions of the evil one to continue to rule the Earth. So now it is the time when these minions of evil are being exposed and their plans for world domination and control are being thwarted, much to their disappointment and chagrin, so assured were they in their hubris and self-confidence that they would prevail in their plans.

However, the time is now for all of God’s children, for all of my brothers and sisters here on Earth, to be even more vigilant and aware of the plans of the dark forces. These are the times that require all of you to pay closer attention to the signs of the times and the plans of the new world order that are being unraveled and exposed before your eyes.

Be wary of global visionaries promising you a global governance and a new world order, for their plans are to serve the few in number who count themselves as the elitists and the rulers of the world. Be wary of their claims to save the planet from fictitious and trumped-up environmental threats that will result only in global legislations and laws intended to dominate you and your freedoms while masking the true intentions of these evil mongers.

You are all stewards of the Lord’s dominion here on Earth, and it is the good people of the world, not the elitists of the new world order, who will gracefully and with love manage the Lord’s kingdom here on Earth, where the Father in Heaven has given you dominion over the animals and plants and resources of the world for the benefit of all of mankind, but not through the evil plans of the elitist few, who have been dominating the resources of the world for their own control and benefit and to the detriment of the rest of humanity.

Now these evil world leaders are being exposed for their injustices to humanity, and I as your Saviour and Redeemer will continue to expose the evil ones, who are doing the work of satan, for it was never the plan of the Father in Heaven to allow this evil new world order to take control over humanity.

Be wary then of any and all legislations and laws that are proposed to give global governance to a select few to dominate and control the rest of you. Do not accept any technologies that result in the lessening of your freedoms, and specifically refuse to accept any microchip technologies to be imbedded under your skin or within your human bodies, for these devices are the result of evil technologies that are not planned by the Father in Heaven.

So become aware now and more vigilant of the plans of the evil ones by exercising your responsibilities to become ever more aware of their dark plans for you. Do not assume that your world leaders have the most idealistic goals in mind when they give you assurances, and when they expect you to concede to a one-world governance, a one-world currency, or a one-world court to enforce their domination and control over you.

There are many conspiracies among these dark forces to control you, and you have a responsibility to your children and your children’s children to recognize these conspirators and their attempts to control you. Do not accept the explanations that are fed to you by major media sources, who are doing the work of the evil one in brainwashing and controlling you into their new world order belief systems. There are many among you now who are answering the Lord’s clarion call to expose the new world order and their plans. So my brothers and sisters, you now are being given the information and tools to assure that the dark forces will not prevail in their plans to dominate you. The truth, as it is written, shall set you free from the draconian plans of the new world order.

Most of all, you must rely on the power of prayer to discern for you, each and every one of you personally, on the best course for you to take to help the Lord and Saviour in the plan for you to defeat the evil elitists of the world, who want only to dominate you. For above all, it is the power of your prayers, collectively and individually, that will enable the world’s citizens to defeat the elitists of the new world order.

This battle is, above all else, a spiritual battle to assure the peaceful future of mankind in ways that will please the Father in Heaven. Each and every one of you must recognize the power of your own prayers in this regard to defeat the evil of the world.

Consider this message then a message of good tidings in this Advent Season that as I promised you in these messages, the dark forces of the new world order will not succeed in their plans to dominate all of humanity. For they will be defeated by the vast majority of you, who recognize that you are God’s children and that ultimately you are here on Earth to do God’s will for all of humanity.

So celebrate your successes in advance, for the truth of the Lord and Saviour shall ultimately prevail over all of humanity. You have my blessings on your journey to defeat the evil of the world.

Message ended 1:17pm

Jesus The Redeemer