Sacred Heart Parish (nearby), Weston, PA at 7:05pm

My son,

I have brought you here to the valley that is so dear in my plans for your future journey here on Earth.

Ever since I came into your life, when your own earthly life had taken you so far from your heavenly home with your Saviour, as well as from your Father in Heaven, I have planned and designed a future for you to do my work here on Earth. Now you are in the very valley upon the very land that I have chosen for you to continue your mission for me prior to your return to the Heavenly Realms.

There is much work for you to do now in your journey. As I had shown you following your death and brief return to the Heavenly Realms, you are but one piece of a puzzle in the mission that I have planned for many of you in the future of this area. There will be a New Heaven and a New Earth for those of you who remain behind during the turbulent times that are ahead for all of you here on Earth.

As you can recognize in the signs of the times, there is much chaos and confusion in your world. There is a great shaking down going on within your economies, within your governments, and in all of your earthly institutions. This is because mankind has strayed far away from the orderly plan of the Universe for all of you as planned by the Father for all his sons and daughters here on Earth.

Many among you through the ages have chosen to do the work of the evil one and to joust with God’s plans for humanity. The followers of the dark one, the luciferian brotherhood, believe that they are about to conquer the world for the dark one, but their plans will be foiled for the Father in Heaven never planned for these dark forces and entities to have power and control over his sons and daughters.

Therefore, there will be a great shaking and upsetting in the world that will bring about the manifestation of a new world – a New Heaven and a New Earth.

This new world will not result from the plans of the dark forces, who are already attempting to celebrate the victory that shall not be theirs – for the Father in Heaven through His Son, I, as the Redeemer and Saviour of the world, and through the power of the Holy Sprit, will bring about great changes for humanity in the not too distant future that will be greeted by all of you, my sons and daughters, with great tears of gladness and hope for the future.

For those who have been following the dark forces, they will not recognize the signs that come from the Father in Heaven for the goodness that these signs will bring, and they will, therefore, be living in great fear and despair.

It is up to you my faithful brothers and sisters during this most important time in the history of humanity to reach out to the brothers and sisters who have fallen away from the belief in the true God in Heaven who wishes only Eternal Love and Happiness for all of his children.

The time will come here in this place on Earth, where you are now placed, for a great awakening of the Spirit for many of your brothers and sisters in this very valley that I have consecrated to the Father in Heaven. Many will be led here when the time comes – for the Father in Heaven, and I, as His Son, and my Blessed Mother will call many of you to this place in the not too distant future for the times will come then when the great changes will take place here on Earth.

There will be great fear among many on Earth when the changes take place, because so many lost souls have lost their way in their earthly journey and no longer even recognize that they are the sons and daughters of the Father in Heaven.

So your mission should become clearer for you now. You have much work to do for the Father in Heaven and for me as well as for your Heavenly Mother. The way will be shown to you each and every day a little more clearly as the plans of the Father begin to unfold for all of humanity.

Rest and plan now for the future events. My prayers are with all of you as my brothers and sisters, as well as for you, as my sons and daughters. Fear not and face the brave new world that will be created for you with the Love of the Father in your hearts.

For those of you who open yourselves to the Father’s plans, there will be no fear. You will complete your lives here on Earth filled with the love and joy that is only a glimpse of the Heavenly and Eternal Love and Joy that awaits all of you in the Heavenly Realms, when the Father calls all of you to your Eternal Home.

I come to you this evening as Jesus The Redeemer of the world for the redemption of humanity in these times will be coming soon.

Jesus The Redeemer

Message ended 7:25pm

Please note: This message was received immediately following the evening Mass and Eucharistic Adoration at Sacred Heart Church, Weston PA, in the area which I have identified and described in my book FAST LANE TO HEAVEN as “Sugarloaf Valley.”

Earlier that evening while driving through the valley to Sacred Heart Church, I was astonished by the configuration in the night sky of a particularly bright crescent Moon and two brilliant stars – a configuration which I discerned as a “sign.”
“Awesome sights and mighty signs will come from the sky!”
– Luke 21: 11