The Rock, Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, NY at 3:33pm

My son,
I come to you today as Jesus The Redeemer of mankind. You are now entering the season of Advent and the beginning of a joyous period for mankind. Since the preparation for my birth here on Earth 2000 years ago, every year has become a celebration of the Feast of the Child of God who has been sent to you to change the future of mankind for the better.

There have been periods of time since my birth when humanity has shown great reverence for my birth and my life’s mission here on Earth, and there have been other times when my mission among you has been cast under a cloud of darkness by misbelievers and doubters of the word of God.

Now you are living in the times that have been prophesized to you; the times that great doubt would be cast, not only on my very mission among you, but also on my actual existence. Truly now, you must recognize in your times currently that secular influences have taken over the control of the Advent Season, turning this wonderful time of year from a spiritual journey of growth for you into a secular materialistic pursuit of the false riches that this world has to offer.

The masters of the universe, as they refer to themselves, have taken control of the means of communication to control the way you are led to think; the way you are motivated to spend your money; and even how you should think of yourselves, as secular entities, devoid of a human spirit or the promise of an eternal afterlife.

Look around you today at your brothers and sisters. Are they honoring me as you begin this Advent Season by spending time in prayer and meditation, or are they rushing to the shopping malls to spend more than they can afford? Are you thinking of me and my mission among you that is again to take place with my birth, or are you now part of the problem that has focused on my mission as being irrelevant in your material world?

What are you planning to do on the eve of this Advent Season to recognize me as the Redeemer of the world? Will you find yourself in prayer and reflect upon the miracle of my birth 2000 years ago? Will you recognize the roles of my blessed Mother Mary and of my earthly Father Joseph and recognize the sacrifices that they have made to bring me into the world to save all of you from your own destruction?

Or will you be joining the others who have lost their faith; who have turned themselves away from the doors to My Church; who have chosen to give up their faith and to pursue a secular lifestyle of materialism and greed, devoid of even recognition of me as the Son of God?

Do not spend this Advent Season hoping that the world will become a better place for you because of the money that you spend or because of the earthly comforts that you acquire for yourselves.

Remember that this secular world in which you live is temporary and will end for all of you in the designated time for each and every one of you. None of the earthly things that are so alluring to you now will have any benefit to you when the time comes for you to meet your Maker.

So spend this Advent Season not on material possessions that you will acquire for yourself and others, but in prayer and sacrifice, in meditation and contemplation, and in reflection upon the mysteries of the birth of the Saviour of humanity, for these are the important activities that will earn you great rewards when your time has come.

I am aware that many of you are concerned about the messages that you have received from me or through my Mother Mary, or through the voices from Heaven who have influenced those among you who are so called to hear these messages.

Your concerns should not be about what may or may not happen in this world because this world will go through dramatic changes in the not too distant future.

The changes that you need to concern yourself with are the changes that must necessarily take place inside each and every one of you. I speak of the changes that will prepare you for the times to come, for you will need great courage and fortitude to face the future and what the future portends for you, not only individually, but for the planet as well.

You see, the changes that need to take place within you are necessary for you to obtain the kingdom of God and to also face the future without fear of events that are yet to come.

If you follow me and if you turn the care of your soul over to me, I promise that your struggle in this world will be lightened, and you will be freed from the heavy load that you are now carrying.

Those of you who have been following me are already being rewarded with a sense of peace and serenity, and calmness within you that you never expected to achieve here on Earth. The difference for those of you who are experiencing this inner calmness and those of you who are still filled with anxiety is that the inner calmness comes from surrendering to the Divine Will of God the Father in Heaven through your journey with me as the Son and Redeemer.

If you choose to follow me, you can obtain the inner calmness that God the Father has always ordained for all brothers and sisters here on Earth. It is only through your own individual efforts to move away from God that the turmoil has been created, not only in the individual soul, but also throughout the whole world.

There is an original order to all of creation that is still available to those of you who turn yourselves over to me, in body and soul, in order to achieve the oneness with God that should be the goal of all God’s creatures.

Follow this path to me and clear your mind of all the junk of the material world and you shall be saved. Follow the path to me and free yourself of all the guilt and anxiety of choosing the secular and materialistic world that only provides you with fleeting satisfaction that elusively disappears in a matter of time.

I must emphasize to you the importance of recognizing that your journey here on Earth is ever so brief and the journey with me in the heavenly realms is for all eternity.

So you must decide now; do I want to spend my time pursuing the fleeting and secular world of materialism and greed or do I want to please my Lord and Saviour and focus my attention on the Redeemer of the world?

The decision is yours to make. Will you deny me in these times? Then you will deny me forever. How will you plan to spend your eternity under your own terms?

I come to you today as Jesus The Redeemer
End 4:17pm