The Rock, Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, NY at 3:00pm

From the rising of the moon to the changing of the seasons, all the activities of the Universe are the result of the orderly process of the acts of the Creator in preparing humanity for its ultimate destiny. In the course of human events, the activities of mankind have fallen upon the leaders of the world who are currently jousting with the plans of the Father to bring all of humanity back into the fold of the Father. Like sheep returning to the Shepherd, these are the times that all mankind will be called to return to the arms of the Father.

Throughout the world in these times you are seeing the signs of the times that have been referred to in prophecy to you. Now it is the time when the prophecies of the ancients as well as the prophecies of the moderns are becoming fulfilled as ordained by the Father. Therefore, there is a correction happening in the affairs of mankind, a correction that goes against the grain of the plans of the new world order that has been attempting to interfere with the plans of the Father.

Now you are seeing in your world events that those who attempt to control the destinies of all brothers and sisters of humanity are being defeated in their plans to reign supreme with a secular order of affairs that denies not only the plan of the Father but the very existence of God Himself.

Do you see among your leaders that there is now disillusionment and fear, that there is a lack of direction and determination, that there is a falling apart of the plans deemed great at one time in the affairs of man?

You have been eliminating the existence of God from your governments, your institutions, and your schools, and now the fruits of these mistakes are coming back to haunt the creators of this secular world. There are many of you who are rising up against the secular domination of world events and world affairs, and, through the power of your prayers, these affairs are now being affected for the betterment of mankind.

Do not despair now, if you are in the favor of the Lord and you are practicing your faith with a fervor and a love that the Lord expects of you. For it is time now for your efforts to bear fruit. It is time now to bring an Era of Peace to humanity. You are going through the necessary period of correction to lead ultimately to the Era of Peace. It will come and it will come soon. But many of these corrections will be painful.

For years now, the dignity of the human soul has been trampled upon by decisions of world leaders and governments who have ignored the very act of creation as the ultimate work of the Creator. Many lives have been lost among you due to the failure of your leaders to recognize the sanctity of life at all stages of life. Therefore, many experiments are being conducted now in the name of science, but all good science is truly the work of the Lord. And any science that truly does not recognize the sanctity of creation is not science in the eyes of the Lord and all attempts to interfere with the sanctity of life will be soundly defeated in these times, for much loss of life, death, and destruction result from the failure of your scientists and world leaders to recognize the sanctity of life.

These are the times, when through the power of your prayers, there will be corrections made that will lead all mankind to understand that the sanctity of life is a resolute concept that must be effected in the plans of mankind or there can be no future of peace here on earth. To deny this process of a prayerful fulfillment of an understanding of the sanctity of life will result in a great and painful shaking of the earth that will necessarily bring about the plan of the Lord and Saviour, but this will be a more painful way for humanity to surrender its secular ways and appreciate the efforts of your Lord and Saviour to return all of you into the arms of the Lord.

Prepare now for difficult times ahead and the affairs of mankind will be much easier for you to bear, if you are living in the Divine Light of the Lord and Saviour. Prepare now for turbulent times ahead and the transition will take place peacefully for you interiorly because you will have the knowledge and foresight within you that all the affairs of mankind are now being directed to the fulfillment of the plan of the Creator.

Marvel in your earthly experience at this time so that you will learn to live without fear of the turbulence ahead of you. These are remarkable times in the affairs of mankind when great changes and corrections will take place. Keep in mind that you are living in a material world that will eventually self destruct and that your ultimate future is in a spiritual world where you will spend all of your eternity.

Don a layer of spiritual armor in these times so that you will not be wounded by the terrible evil that still permeates the earth. Although my adversary the evil one has already been defeated in the Eternal Realms, you are still experiencing the last gasps of his foul breathe in the material realms. Know that his future will not be part of your future, if you have turned your life over to the arms of the Redeemer and Saviour, your Lord, Jesus Christ. Know that you will live eternally in His arms and that there is no reason to fear your temporal existence, if you have learned to dedicate your earthly journey to work for the Saviour with His plan to redeem mankind.

Take time to pray and meditate now to hear the voice of your Lord and Saviour as He prepares you for the difficult road ahead. Pray and meditate so that you may understand what the Lord and Saviour is asking of you in His plan to include you in His work to save mankind from its own swift destruction. You see, it is within you, the brothers and sisters of the Saviour, to make the changes that will bring about the Era of Peace for all humanity. So prepare yourself now through prayer and meditation to answer the call of the Saviour to you personally. It is now that you must make a decision to be part of the plan of God to return mankind to the arms of the Saviour and to usher in the Era of Peace.

I bring you Good Tidings in these times because I know that you will not fail your Lord and Saviour, all of you, both brothers and sisters, who are living in the Light of the Lord!

I am Michael the Archangel!

End 4:33pm