Coopers Beach, The Atlantic Ocean, Southampton, NY at 1:00pm

Notes from Ned:

Following 12:00 noon Mass at Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary Church in Southampton, NY, I was drawn to Coopers Beach on the Atlantic Ocean.

Our Lady asked me to walk down to the ocean, dip my hand in the surf, and make the sign of the Cross in recognition that I was fully aware of her presence. On the way across the sand to the waters edge, I looked up into the sky and experienced the Miracle of the Sun with the Eucharistic Host plainly visible in the center of the spinning Sun. Experiencing the Miracle of the Sun has become a regular monthly experience for me surrounding the times that I am being given or am about to receive messages.

After blessing myself at the waters edge, I walked back to my car, noticing by my watch that it was approximately 12:55pm. I knew instinctively that the Message of Our Lady would come to me at exactly 1:00pm which it did. I offer you the following message for your discernment and prayerful contemplation.


My dear son,

Last month I brought you to the mountain; today I bring you to the sea. Have you noticed that the peacefulness and serenity of my Son, Jesus, is present at both places? Do you doubt that this is the world that God the Father intended for you to have in your earthly existence? Do you believe that God intended for the mountains to crumble or these seas to devastate the lands in order to destroy his most beloved creations, all of you, who are his sons and daughters?

Only fools would believe such a thing, and that is the intention of my adversary to make fools of the children of the Father for the evil one knows no bounds in his attempts to destroy you.

But, alas, the time of the evil one is growing shorter and shorter and the reign of my Son is becoming greater and greater as He manifests Himself more fully among you.

Revel in the place in which you find yourself. Relish the beauty and the infinite wisdom of God the Father to create such a magnificent physical world of beauty for you to learn and grow before you realize your final reward.

I am saddened these days because humanity continues to ignore my pleadings; they continue to not heed the messages that I have conveyed to my children in the world.

Lo and behold that the times are changing now for the better but you still have many struggles ahead of you. The times now call for prayer, penance, contrition, and the saying of all Gods prayers to save humanity from its own destruction.

The devil in these times is working overtime to see his plan prevail but he is breathing his last gasps of darkness upon humanity.

Look for the times ahead of you. Do not become embroiled in the problems of the world that have no solution without my Son. There is no solution for humanity unless it is through the arms of My Son.

The weight of His arms has become so heavy for even Him to bear because of the sins of the world.

I am calling upon you, his children, to ease the weight and the pain that he endures for you. I am asking for you through prayer to lighten the struggle for my Son. He is calling out to you now, just as I am.

I am your Heavenly Mother and I am calling out to you now. We are in the end of times now but fear not for the end of times is only the beginning of a magnificent future for humanity; a future world that will revel in the love of my Son for all of humanity; a future that will make all of you wish to remain here forever.

But, alas, this world in which you live is only temporary for the Father has designed a place for you when you leave this world that is beyond physical description. If only you could see what the Lord has created for you to spend the rest of eternity with Him, how different you would behave in this world. How different it would be for you if you recognized the path of my Son, Jesus, in saving the world from its own destruction.

We are in the times now in which many of you are living in the light of my Divine Son. I am calling upon you, the prayerful warriors, to continue the work you are doing but also to continue to pray with more fervor. We need more of you among your ranks to defeat the evil one.

I am calling upon you in these times to evangelize with your brothers and sisters who have fallen away from the true Church of my Son. You have an awesome responsibility in the eyes of God the Father and my Son the Redeemer to evangelize with the lost souls.

I am asking all of you to lead many more souls into the arms of my Son before the times of darkness descend upon you. By bringing lost souls into the arms of my Son, you lighten the weight that He must bear for the sins of humanity.

Only those who live in the light of my Son will be able to bear the weight and the pain of the times that lie ahead. But do not fear if you are living in the light of my Son for you have no reason to fear. The darkness does not exist that can extinguish the light of my Son.

Prepare now for the times ahead will be difficult but prepare with the confidence and knowledge that my Son will appear to you at your darkest hour.

The time is getting near to the great event when my Son will reveal Himself to the world. At that time, the evil one will be cast into darkness and the world will become bright again.

All of you who have not been called to the eternal home of the Father will continue to live but with a fuller life here on Earth; a life filled with the love of your Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of the world!

I come to you today as the Lady of Light.

Thank you for having responded to my call.

End 1:20pm