Nothing in this CBS Propaganda Piece is factual, starting with Scott Pelley, a Hire-A-Liar Hitman who is not intelligent enough to produce and edit this dribble on his own. You better believe this entirely transparent disaster/fantasy was written by the Bill & Melinda Gates’ Disney Foundation!

Peter Daszak, as you may already suspect, is a Scientist/Psychopath, who travels the world to remote and primitive locations to capture wildlife that may breed exotic viruses. Of course, this is all in the name of “Science”, and to create vaccines to prepare for (planned?) future pandemics, which by the way, would not possibly occur, if not for Scientist/Psychopaths who venture into primitive forests to capture animals and then to engineer “gain-of-function” on already deadly viruses that they engineer into deadly biological weapons to humans!

Daszak utilizes an old British accent to attempt to disguise that he is lying through his teeth. Likewise, the additional ‘Gates-Keepers’ who lie, lie, lie through these interviews, basically telling you, the gullible viewer: “Nothing to see here, Folks!… Just move on!”


No mention of the whereabouts of the handful of silenced scientists at the Wuhan Lab, nor of the reportedly missing Shi Zhengli (Bat Woman) the Scientist/Psychopath who engineered ‘Gain of Function’ experiments in 2015, creating a Coronavirus BSL-4 BIOLOGICAL WARFARE WEAPON.

Bat Woman’s engineered BSL-4 BWW was financed, in part, by the $3.7 million grant from the U.S. NIH – funded through Peter Dazak’s EcoHealth Alliance along with other funding from the Gates Foundation.

Sleazy Scott Pelley initially and proudly announced that the $3.7 million grant never took place before quietly acknowledging that the $3.7 million actually went to EcoHealth Alliance and then to the Wuhan Institute, partially, supposedly. (Spoiler Alert! Scott Pelley… It’s called money laundering!) Of course, ‘Orange Man Bad’ and Congressman Gaetz were lying when they made such a claim.

All the “Experts” in the CBS story have ties to Anthony Fauci and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Both Bill ‘The Vaccinator’ Gates and Dr. ‘Little Anthony’ Fauci must be put under a microscope in the U.S. DOJ’s Petrie Dish! A.G Barr Indictments should be forthcoming!

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