August 1, 2016

St. Rosalie’s Parish, Meditation Garden, Hampton Bays, NY @ 12:00pm

Message for the People of the United States of America

Our Lady of Light,

I come to you today as your Lady of Light with a Message for the People of the United States of America.  Your nation and your people are under a terrible attack from the eternal enemy of my Son, Your Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and of Your Father in Heaven, the Creator of all that there is.

The evil one, known as satan, lucifer, and other names under which he empowers his minions among you, is ratcheting up his attacks on humanity, and in particular, on your nation in these end times, because he knows that the stranglehold that he now has on America will be short-lived.  Further, he knows that his time is short and that the Father in Heaven through His Son, Jesus Christ, is now intervening in the affairs of all mankind, as well as in America, so that the Father’s plan for humanity is realized in its finality, which will bring about the last days of satan’s rule on Earth. Thanks be to God.

The evil one is lashing out most vigorously now.  The chaos and confusion that he has instilled in humanity since the most ancient of times, which he has cleverly masked, so that many of you do not understand evil from good, will soon be brought to an end by the Father in Heaven.

The evil one has managed to worm his way into your government, your institutions, your schools of learning, and even into your churches, because mankind has collectively lost its way and allowed the evil one to take over the affairs of mankind.

Through his minions, satan has been increasingly subjugating humanity through the shadowy world leaders and their occult organizations and societies, so that you have all been manipulated into a draconian form of government in your executive, legislative, and judicial branches that most of you do not even realize that you have become subjugated and enslaved by the evil occultists, who go by the banner of the new world order.

This order of theirs is not from or of the Father in Heaven.  It is chaos, masking itself as order, and it is the work of satan, who is hell-bent on deceiving and destroying you.

You must become aware of the evil and occult organizations and societies that the minions of satan use as masks to promot and promulgate their evil ways. Most of you are not aware of how evil your government has become, because you are being misled by your media sources, who have truly become the minions of the evil one, for they are promulgating more hatred and dissension among you, because that is how the evil one works.

He shows you what you want to have, what you want to believe in, and then he tells you how you can achieve your wants and desires in the material world, but at the same time you become blinded by the glitter and gloss of a material world and lose sight of the values that were initially instilled in you by the Father in Heaven, when you were brought into this world.

 It is your mission in your life to live here on Earth and to make the Earth a better place. But alas, the evil one has taken control of not only America, but of the whole world, and many of you, knowingly or unknowingly, have become minions of evil going about doing the evil one’s work.

This truth is most self-evident in that you have become, as a nation, a culture of death. From your executive, your legislative, and your judicial branches of government, you have passed legislations and have executed such legislations to effectively replace your maker, who is the author of life, and have now become executioners of your own brothers and sisters, both in the womb prior to birth and outside of the womb, where your own children now are victims of your policies, of your culture of death.

God have mercy on you and your nation, for the retribution against those who promote a culture of death will be swift and violent, so hear my words carefully.

After following your conscience during a period of prayer and discernment, you must separate yourselves now from those among you, who are believers in the culture of death.  You must do everything in your power to defeat the culture of death, despite what steps you may have to take.  You must follow your convictions and embrace the culture of life as you fight the good fight against the forces of evil, who are the minions of satan and the occupiers of your executive, legislative and judicial branches of government.

It is time now for a revolution in America against the forces of evil.  It is time to rise up against the culture of death and against those, in particular, who support the culture of death. In these times, it is now quite clear who the real enemy is.  It is satan, and through him, his followers who have seized the reigns of your government, and who are responsible for all the violence and death that is perpetrated upon the innocent among you.

You will eventually be successful in your world in defeating the culture of death, but satan’s minions will fight you, tooth and nail, for they are the minions of the evil one, and they are blindly motivated by him to do his evil works. Recognize who your enemy is, for the Father in Heaven will have no other choice but to unleash a terrible retribution upon the enemies of humanity.

All the violence and killing must stop, not only in the abortion mills and so-called medical care facilities of the new world order, but also in the prisons and penitentiaries, as well as on the streets of your inner neighborhoods that are so filled with violence, and lastly, but not least, on the battlefields and places of war around the world that are planned, implemented and executed by those holding the reins of power, not only in America, but throughout the world.

The minions of satan are getting extremely anxious and fearful now, because so many of you are awakening to the manipulation, control, and misdeeds of the new world order. They are being challenged now for the first time in the history of your country, and they fear most their loss of power and control that has been given to them by he who sits on the throne of evil, their evil inspiration himself, satan.

So fearful are they now of losing control that they are arrogantly and blatantly exercising their power and control over the means of communication and the media, which they own, to manipulate and brain wash you, instilling fear in the people to see things their way. Do not be deceived by the purveyors of lies, the media that tells no truths, except the truths of the evil one that are designed to manipulate and control you into a continuing acceptance of the dark forces of evil that are manipulating and controlling your nation.

In particular, they are hell-bent in deceiving and dividing all of you into conflicting camps of beliefs, so that you as a majority fractionalize and fight among yourselves, while satan’s minions stealthily go about their work of subjugating all of you under their dark power and control.

Recognize who your enemies are in this regard.  They are now arrogantly obvious in who they are. They are the anti-life promoters, the war mongers, the greedy and material people who are pillaging and destroying all that is good in America.

But they will not thrive, and they will not survive, for in the end, the Father in Heaven through His Son, Jesus Christ, the Redeemer will conquer all, and satan and his minions will be purged from the surface of the earth, and a New Heaven and a New Earth will arise for those who are faithful to the Father in Heaven.

So be it, according to Your Creator.

Message ended 12:40pm





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I am confidently assured by the events that have taken place since 1984 that my visions from 1984 have been reasonably accurate (so far) and have survived the test of time. Through the years, many of you have requested that I express my opinion, or otherwise speculate on future events and dates, and I have always declined to do so.

In this regard, I will continue to refuse to speculate further on what I had been shown then or now. However, the Messages From Heaven which I have received since August 2005 have provided further information and signs of end times events, in addition to the personal visions that I received in 1984. In addition, we have now benefited from the passage of time. Therefore, I do now see a pattern and a clarity to future events that I did not easily perceive in the past, and it is my intention to provide further information concerning this pattern through this Patrons site without providing my own personal speculation.

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