Ned Dougherty’s Notes: A rare and violent storm began exactly at 8:00pm as I began to receive this message. See photos: Storm Sweeps Across East End


At the Shinnecock Inlet, Atlantic Ocean, Southampton, New York, 8:00pm

My son,

I have brought you here to this place that is so meaningful to you in your earthly lifetime. The Atlantic Ocean is a place that has deep meaning for you in trying to understand the meaning of life. I recognize that you have chosen this place on Earth to be your home of choice, because you prefer the beaches, the pristine settings, the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, the fowl, the wildlife, and all of the beauty that nature has offered to you in this wonderful place that the Father has created for His children.

Now you see how the most beautiful day can turn into an evening of darkness and danger as the thunder and lightning strikes near and far around you in a display of nature, when it turns dark and fearsome to the inhabitants of the Earth.

Just as the darkness descends on this area and the rains pour down, the rest of the world can be changed just as quickly in the blink of an eye, when the Father chooses to obtain His children’s attention. So I want you to recognize the similarity to what you are experiencing now from this simple summer storm to what the future portends for your planet globally when the Father’s intentions for humanity become more obvious to all of His children, especially for the disbelievers, and those, in particular, who challenge that the Father even exists.

The time has come now for humanity to experience the period of darkness that is necessary for the Father to gain His children’s attention. This is the period of darkness that has been prophesied by many of God’s children, both in the ancient times as well in these modern times, and assisted by those among you today, who are listening to and promulgating the Messages from Heaven to God’s children here on Earth.

The period of darkness that will descend upon the planet Earth is just one phase of the global transformation that will take place for the children of God to put down their worldly activities for the period of time designated by the Father in Heaven for all of God’s children to come to His attention and experience the global transformation of your planet from the place of darkness that it has now become to a place of Light and Love of the Father, who wants only the best for His children in the world that He originally created with His Divine Love; a world that has now become completely corrupted by the evil one and through his minions to a place of darkness and despair.

I ask of you my children that you recognize that the predicted period of darkness will be a time for God’s children to celebrate and prepare for the coming good works that the Lord has prepared for the world to bring about the necessary changes. But do not despair or overly concern yourselves with the events that are to come!

Yes, there will be periods of darkness and despair, and yes, terrible events will occur during the time of change, but for those of you who are doing God’s work and living in His Divine Will, you will cherish these times of darkness as a challenge, for you will steel yourselves in doing God’s work during the most turbulent times.

Recognize that there is no use in despairing over the future of mankind for the future ultimately will be for the better for all of God’s children here on Earth, as well as for the children of God who have returned to their spiritual home in the Heavenly Realms.

Do you not see that the very fact that I am with you during this terrible storm is a reflection that I am here with all of my children to keep you out of harm’s way? Yes, you will be in fear of the events, but these events are necessary for the world to change for the better.

Do not be afraid, my children, for I am with you now and forever in the role that the Father in Heaven had prepared for Me as His son in the grand plan that He prepared for all of His children through all of eternity.

Just as the terrible storm surrounding you will soon subside, the terrible storms that will descend upon humanity will also subside, when the earth is purged of the terrible wrath of the evil one, who has held court with the souls of God’s children here on Earth for too many years now.

The Father in Heaven will soon put an end to all of the terribleness caused by the evil in the world. Does not this knowledge alone, my son, and to all of you, my sons and daughters, lead you to a point that you recognize that the Father in Heaven always has had a plan for His children to bring them into His loving arms, when all of the events that are to happen are done?

Recognize, then, that the Father in Heaven, the Son and Redeemer, and My Heavenly Mother are joined in a journey to bring all of God’s children to their Heavenly Home. You must recognize this, above all, for you to sustain yourselves during the times ahead.

My son, let this storm be an experience for you to recognize that the times ahead will be filled with many storms and that you are to steel yourself for the times ahead. For all of God’s children, you must recognize that in your own lives, although you may not have experienced many hardships or deprivations, you must prepare yourselves also for the terrible events that will take place in the future of the world. These events are not those planned by the Father in Heaven, but these are events that are necessary to purge all of the darkness and evil from the world that has been wrought by the enemy of all that is good in the universe.

Recognize that the evil one’s time is short and that in all of the terrible events that are happening in the world, the evil one is gasping his last breaths of evil upon the world. His anger is being experienced by all of you, who recognize that his time of bringing plagues upon humanity is short and will soon end.

Knowing that this is God’s plan for the evil one in this world, is it not already time for humanity to celebrate the end of the evil one here on earth? For it is only a matter of time, and his time is so short.

So, my children, you have much work to do for the Father in Heaven to bring about the Light and Love of the Father to all of humanity here on earth. By your prayers and your good works in helping your brothers and sisters through these End Times, you will be fulfilling your role that the Father in Heaven has designated for you. All of you, my brothers and sisters, have a very special mission planned by your Father in Heaven to assist Him in casting out the evil one from the world in which you live.

Recognize your role in the Father’s plan. Set aside your daily activities for a period of time in preparation for the events that are soon to come. Be prepared! For the times are now obviously accelerating all of you into the most difficult period of time for all of humanity.

The transition will be short for many of you, who choose to do the Father’s work here on Earth. But the transition will seem long and painful for those of you who choose not to recognize not only your responsibility to your Father in Heaven, but for those of you who even attempt to pretend that He does not exist.

The time is now for you to make a decision where you stand. Just as I drew a line in the sand, it is time for all of you, my children, to draw your line in the sand.

Are you with your Father in Heaven?

Do you choose to do His will?

These are the questions that you will have to answer for yourselves, when all is said and done. Go in peace, my brothers in sisters, and prepare for the times ahead!

Message ended 8:48pm

Jesus of Nazareth


Ned Dougherty’s Notes: A rare and violent storm began exactly at 8:00pm as I began to receive this message. See photos: Storm Sweeps Across East End