At the Shinnecock Inlet, Atlantic Ocean, Hampton Bays, New York, 7:00pm

Dear son,

I ask you to observe the ebb and flow of the tides before you, for the waters of this ocean are similar to the Living Waters of the Holy Spirit that sustain all of the Creation of the Father in Heaven.

I say this now to all of you as the sons and daughters of the Father in Heaven, as well as to all of you as my brothers and sisters, for you are now in the times when great storm clouds will descend upon humanity. Just as the oceans can express the calmness, peace and serenity that the Father has planned for all of you, the oceans can also express the stormy turbulence that has descended upon humanity, because of all the sinfulness of the world caused by the evil one in his quest to destroy humanity.

But the peace of the Lord will prevail over this planet, over the lakes, the rivers, the oceans, and the seas, over the valleys and mountains, and plateaus, in the deserts and in the marshes, in your cities and in your rural areas. Nowhere upon this planet Earth will the power of the Holy Spirit be missing in the near future, when the Eternal Plan of the Father in Heaven is materialized and made obvious in manifesting the Father’s intentions for all of you, my brothers and sisters.

Fear not in these times for the works of the Holy Trinity and your Blessed Mother, who is with us in Heaven, will carry all of you through the stormy seas that will transcend very soon upon the planet during the time of transition.

You must look upon these times with courage and strength, and the fortitude necessary to survive these turbulent times. As many before you survived terrible storms in these oceans and seas, all of you, my brothers and sisters, are intended to survive the terrible storms that will descend upon you during these times of transition. It is not the intention of the Father in Heaven to harm his children during these times but to rescue all of you from the evil one, who is using many of you as his unwitting minions in attempting to achieve his goals to destroy humanity.

Fear not, for the Father in Heaven has great plans for all of the souls here on Earth, as well as for all of the souls who have ascended to the Heavenly Realms. During this period of time, you can anticipate that there will be a great convergence of all of humanity through all the eons of time in celebration of the power of the Holy Spirit that is working through all of you to bring about the transition necessary to bring about the Era of Peace for all of humanity.

Just as all the seas and oceans of the world are necessarily interconnected, all of you, my brothers and sisters, are interconnected in your relationship to the Father in Heaven, for He has intended that all of you, separately and individually, but also in union with the Holy Spirit, shall be lifted up during these times into the arms of the Father, so that you can experience your true spiritual nature and your connection with the Father in Heaven.

Although it seems as a great mystery to you that the Love and Understanding of the Divine Nature of the Father can be infused in each and every one of you for you to transform to a Living Soul in the image and likeness of the Father, such is His plan for each and every one of you.

You will all have the opportunity to accept your Lord and Saviour into your lives when that moment in time comes for each and every one of you to experience the Divine Nature of the Father, as it is manifested to each and every one of you individually during the Great Transition. For it is during this moment in time for each of you that you will be given the opportunity to accept the Living Waters of the Heavenly Father or to reject your destiny as a child of the Father in Heaven. At that moment in time, what will your decision be, my brothers and sisters?

Prepare now for that moment when the Father calls you through the power of the Holy Spirit to declare your intention for your soul to the Father in Heaven. Woe to the souls who reject the Father at that time, and it saddens me to recognize that for many this will happen.

So each and every one of you, my brothers and sisters, must prepare personally now for what the Father is preparing for each and every one of you. Keep your souls in a prayerful state in these times and be vigilant, for the Father will call you when you least expect His presence in your life. Will you be prepared to answer His call?

The stormy seas may seem dark and deep but there will come a time when the Father calls upon you, my sons and daughters, and it is during this time that in your lives, a calmness, a peace, and a serenity will come upon the stormy seas of your individual lives, and during this time of transition, the Love of the Father will calm the seas of turmoil that reside now in each and every one of your souls, for the great stirring within each of you has already begun.

Certainly, my brothers and sisters, you recognize this stirring within you and that it comes from the Father in Heaven. You are individually being called now to respond to your Father to recognize your destiny in eternity far beyond the stormy seas in your life today. For in the Eternity that the Father has planned for each and every one of you, the calmness, the peace, the serenity, and most of all the Eternal Love of the Father shall prevail!

Message ended: 9:18am

Jesus of Nazareth