Dockside on Boca Ciega Bay, St. Pete Beach Florida at 11:00pm

(In response to my discerning and challenging that the source of this evening’s unfolding message truly is St. Michael the Archangel, a bolt of lightning and a powerful wind appears directly before me in the night sky over Boca Ciega Bay.)

Lo and Behold! The winds of time are quickly approaching now upon humanity. The gathering of the galloping herd of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is beginning to stir. The time is now when the great confrontation of the Good versus the Evil will take place over and above and around all of humanity.

Many of you have been called upon in these times and specifically now in this particular time in the Universe to sound the alarm of the pending doom to the evildoers of the world, for the time of Great Tribulation will soon begin.

You, who are attuned to the changes that are about to take place, have begun to prepare your plans to do the work of the Father in Heaven, His Son the Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit, since you have been called upon in these times to usher in the Era of Peace. Know this, that the time is now very short, before the great events that are about to take place truly begin.

In the darkness that is gathering around the world in the economies, in the governments, in the militaries, in the bastions of commerce, in all of these areas of power and control, the dark one is rearing his ugly head in a planned attempt that has been brewing for many ages to create worldwide global anarchy. The events to achieve such anarchy are now being put in place by the minions of the evil one, who have been going about their work here on earth covertly and secretly planning events that are loathsome and despicable to bring about the ruin of the God fearing and freedom loving peoples of the world.

Do not fall into this dark and sinister plan to control each and every one of you. Be prepared for the dark events that are about to take place. Do not accept this new world order as the authority over you that it elusively claims entitlement to; for the Father in Heaven will crush any plan that calls for the world to be dominated by the dark order of the ancient and secret occultist societies that are preparing for a control of the world that is intended to bring the world to its knees and in ruins.

The plans of the dark one and his minions will not succeed, for the powers of the Holy Trinity will intervene and smash to smithereens the plans of the dark horse of destruction. From the four corners of the Earth, the Archangels will commence the attack against the dark forces of satan and the beginning of this final conflagration will begin very soon as witnessed by the Great Shaking that will envelope your planet Earth. And it is then that the final battle will take place.

The victor will be the Father in Heaven and the defeated one will be his dark adversary, who had been cast out of Heaven and into the bowels of hell only to be released to torment humanity for thousands of years until now.

But, no, this torment will change, just when the dark one is in pursuit of his final victory. Woe to those who plotted and planned with the dark one in these times to usher in this dark world order that is contrary to the laws and nature of the Father who has created all of you.

You will soon begin to recognize more clearly, who the dark forces actually are, and many of you will be shocked and surprised at the individuals and entities of the world that have been working underground to bring about a dark plan of manipulation and control of the peoples of the world. Their plans will be foiled and they will be exposed, so prepare now for the battle ahead.

Trust only in God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit to guide you through these times. Do not trust any world or global authority that emerges during this time period to claim the authority to manipulate and control you, for there is no such authority that has been chosen by the Father in Heaven to lead humanity in these times. There is only one authority and that is the Father of All; the Master who has created all that there is. He alone will rule the world in these times, so prepare for His Kingdom to become part of you kingdom and world here on Earth.

For the Father now, in these times, will directly intervene in the affairs of all mankind and bring about an end to the reign of terror that has been perpetrated upon humanity by His enemies in hell and their minions here on Earth.

The Great Battle is about to begin. Do not stand aside and choose only to be an observer, for the Lord and Saviour is calling upon all of humanity to raise your prayers very powerfully now above you toward the Kingdom of the Heavens. Your prayers are now most important to usher in the Era of Peace.

It is up to you now to prepare for the Great Battle, for the time is soon.

And the time of the world continuing to be, as you know it now, will soon come to an end.

And that is only the beginning of the great journey that awaits all of you who answer the call of the Lord!

Prepare now for the time is short!

Message ended 11:28pm

St. Michael the Archangel