The National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe, Orlando, FL at 8:45am

My dear son,

I come to you today as Mary, Queen of the Universe. It is not by happenstance that I have brought you here to this Shrine that has been dedicated in my honor, and I have specifically brought you to the very Sacred Chapel within my Shrine where My Son, the Saviour and Redeemer of the world, is venerated by His Presence in the Most Holy Eucharist, where He is also venerated by my faithful remnant in the most important times in the history of humanity.

You sit within an edifice that is A Beacon of Light to the Heavens in a geographical area that has become devoted to the entertainment and amusement of humanity. God has always chosen for his creations to be living fulfilling lives within your world that include time for all of you to enjoy the fruits of the world. Nothing pleases your Lord and Saviour more than to see His children, His loving creations, enjoying their lives in this world when it is filled with the laughter of His children.

But the times have come in this world and among humanity when the plans of the evil one include turning the entertainment and amusement of the peoples into an opportunity to control and exercise power over you that is part of the evil one’s plans to tear humanity away from its connection to the God and Creator of all of you.

Your places of entertainment have become secular havens devoid of any connection to the spiritual nature of mankind; secular havens that are intentionally designed to brainwash humanity into a strictly secular lifestyle devoid of a connection to the Lord and Saviour, My Son, the Redeemer of all of you, as well as from your God and Creator.

You must become aware of the plans of the ministers of the evil one here on Earth, who have intentionally gained control of your providers of entertainment and of the media entities that are now working in league with the dark one to secularize all of humanity and to exercise a dominance and control over all of humanity, which is so contrary to God’s plans for mankind that great corrections must now be made to return mankind to God’s plan which is the Original Order of Creation.

Surrounding this beautiful edifice, which has become a beacon of light for humanity to reach out to God in this area, there are places of entertainment and amusement that draw families and especially the children from throughout the world to enjoy their times together as families. However, the design and inspiration for these places of entertainment ignores the creation of all that is good as a result of everything that has been created for humanity by your God and Creator.

The motivation of the powerful designers and operators of these places of entertainment is aligned with the dark one who intends to enslave all of you and to use such amusement and entertainment to motivate you to accept such enslavement by masking the true intentions of the dark one by blinding you with stimulations that allow you to feel good, but only fleetingly, while you grow in a direction that removes you from your soulful nature and true spirit.

I have invited you specifically to this chapel where my Son is exposed through the Presentation and Adoration of the Holy Eucharist, because I want to emphasize to you and to your brothers and sisters the importance of recognizing my Son through the power of the Holy Eucharist and to accept the Holy Eucharist into your hearts, minds, and souls as the most powerful form of prayer and reception of the nature of God that is available to mankind.

I ask you now, all of you, my faithful remnant, in a special plea for you to reach out to the young people of the world, who have been inculcated with the propaganda of the evil one, who is attempting to secularize and dehumanize the young people to achieve his plans for global domination.

It is important in these times that you reach out to the children to save their souls for the Lord and Saviour and, in particular, to emphasize to them the importance of the Lord and Saviour in their lives through the frequent reception of the Holy Eucharist.

You are now in the time of great struggle for the souls of mankind, and it is in these times that you must, I beg of you, you must reach out to your children who are falling away from the Church of my Son. All of you have a mission in life that has been ordained by your God and Creator, but the most important mission in these times is for you to save the souls of your own children who are being led astray.

This is the plan of the evil one to not only dominate and control all of humanity but to create through scientific evolution a race of soulless beings devoid of any connection to the God and Creator of all that is. But this blasphemy will not succeed for the God and Creator of all, through His Son and Redeemer, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, is manifesting Himself directly to you in these times to bring about an Era of Peace, a time when the dark one will be defeated in his plans.

All of you share an important mission in this regard in these times, and that mission that I speak about to you today must immediately address and emphasize the importance of your mission to reach out to your children and to bring them back to the arms of the Lord and Saviour, My Son, Jesus Christ.

This is a time of extreme importance and urgency in this world, and in this regard, I ask that you dutifully accept this mission to reach out to your family members and friends and especially to the younger children to stop the evil one from taking over their lives.

Introduce the children to Jesus again through the Blessed Sacraments. Bring the children back to the Church to frequent Communion and attendance at Mass. Reeducate your children to the mysteries of the faith, and to the wonderful and miraculous stories and miracles of your religious heritage that are available to you through the written word in the Holy Bible.

This is a time for all of you to energize your family members and friends and rekindle in them the faith that the Lord desires of you. Turbulent times are ahead for all of humanity and I call upon you now, my faithful remnant, to answer the call to arms through your most powerful weapon, my Holy Rosary.

Know now that you will be rewarded in Heaven for the good works that you perform now in answering my call. Understand that to ignore this message and its warning is to risk the souls and the futures of your dearly beloved ones. So act now in the names of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit to assist in bringing about the Era of Peace not only for your own family members, friends, and children, but also for all of humanity for it is the intention of your God and Creator that all souls are to be saved.

I plead with you now to answer my call. The trumpets are already sounding in Heaven in anticipation of you commitment to My Son, your Lord and Saviour.

I come to you today as Mary, Queen of the Universe.

Bless you my son for the work that you are doing for me.

Message ended 9:18am