The Rock- Shrine of Our Lady of the Island. Eastport, NY at 4:00pm

My dear son,

In these times, the world of events that was foretold to you and to many others is now unfolding before your very eyes. It is a time of excitement for many of you to see the plans of the Father laid out for you just as it has been predicted to you.

However, there are many of you living in these times who are living in fear, particularly in fear of the unknown. Even my children who have sworn their allegiance to me because they have believed in my messages to save mankind from its own destruction, yes, even many of my children are living in fear because they have not truly turned their hearts and minds over to the Lord and Saviour, My Son, the Redeemer of the world.

In these times, those of you who have truly followed the path of the Lord and those of you who have been listening, and, yes, hearing my messages, to you, these are not times of fear, but these are the times to be courageous and to look forward to the future of the world as it is ordained by God the Father.

For those of you who are hearing my messages but, alas, are not listening, you know who you are, if you are still living in fear. Certainly these are the times in the world when there is great death and destruction from the wars and the violence as well as from the silent wars that are being waged in your laboratories and other places of experimentation where the creative forces of life itself are being manipulated and destroyed wrongfully. These activities are contrary to the wishes of the Father for His children. He did not intend for His children to be taking life that He has created and to be attempting to manipulate this life for unworthy purposes in experiments, many of which are solely being performed for profit and greed.

For those of you who have been listening to my messages but are still living in fear, I invite you to consider that you need to turn your lives over more fully and to trust in my Son. You have no reason to fear if you are on the right path. Many of your brothers and sisters no longer live in fear of the future because they have turned their lives over completely and have faith and trust in my Son.

Perhaps you are expecting too much to be settled for you in the material world. This would be foolish for you to focus on the material things of the world. Your nature comes from the heavenly realms not from the material world. You need to recognize your true spiritual nature, if you wish to be fulfilled in the arms of My Son. He promises you a fulfillment of your spiritual journey which is beyond your material world. So why do you focus so much attention on the material things in your life when it is the eternal love of God the Father and the Son, and of My Love for you that is promised to you?

Think less and less about what it is that you are about in the world here on Earth. Look to the heavens and to the heavenly Father and recognize that all that is important comes from Him and what He has given you for your creature comforts and existence here on this planet will disappear over time. Begin to accept the reality of change and you will begin to discover the permanency of the Love of the Father and the Son and of My Love which is eternal and transcends all time and material things.

Recognize that your time here on Earth is limited; no matter how long you think that you may live here, it will come to an end. But the end here is only the transition to the time that you will spend in the heavenly realms, which is a time that is timeless and eternal. So stop thinking of the little things that are getting in the way of your coming to a fuller understanding of who you are and why you are placed here on the face of the Earth.

You are here to serve the Eternal Father and not yourself. Recognize that you have a mission here that is more important than the transitory things of life that will disappear over time. Do you understand now that there is nothing that you need to fear, if you are right with the Lord?

I know that the world seems like a difficult place to survive in these times because of all the terrible things that are happening around the world with the violence and war, and the misery that the violence and war is creating. God has told you many times and in many ways that violence and war is not the way of the Lord. Yet, the violence and the war continues for you because you continue to ignore what it is that God is telling you, and you pay more attention and heed to your worldly leaders who are leading you astray.

Much will be learned in these times from the terrible decisions of your leaders around the world who refuse to recognize what it is that God expects of them and much that you are experiencing that is causing misery and sorrow around the world will fall upon their judgment when they stand before the Lord.

For you, it is time to focus on your spiritual journey. It is time to plan your future in eternity, not in this world, for ultimately it is your eternal journey that is important to you. The time that you are spending here on Earth is only the preparation for the ultimate journey. Do you understand, therefore, that you need to focus your attention on your prayer life and in meditation for only through prayer and meditation can you realize what it is that God is calling you to do in this life?

If you are truly seeking to become one with your Lord and Saviour, you need to focus your journey on His heavenly world and not the world in which you now live. If you do so, you will begin to live without fear of the unknown here on Earth because you will realize that the important journey is the eternal journey.

Take this time now after reading my message to you to begin to pray and meditate on your journey with the Lord. Learn to live without fear of the unknown here on Earth and you will begin to discover your spiritual journey and be one with the Lord.

I come to you today as the Lady of Light and I ask all of you to help me to spread my light throughout the world!

Our Lady of Light

End 4:46pm.