East Elm Street, Hazleton, PA – 9:00am

Note to the reader from Ned:

Today, August 1, 2005 is a landmark day for me and for what I believe to be my mission in life. For today, I have received interior locutions from Jesus, Mary, and St. Michael. (See messages below).

Many recent wake-up calls seem to have done little to make people stop and think about the fact that they have a mission in life that does not necessarily include running to the mall, upgrading to a larger SUV, or keeping up with their neighbors? spending addictions. Since September 11th, people seem to be returning to life as usual, and they have become teflonated to the dark realities of the world. We continue to be caught up in this swirl of negative energy that keeps growing at such a dizzying and quickening pace that life itself has taken on a surreal reality. We all seem to have been caught up in a negative wave of materialism and spending that is removing us from focusing on why we are here on Earth.

Since the Asian Tsunami of December 26, 2004, and prior to the recent terrorist attacks in London and Egypt, I had been warning during my speaking engagements that we were experiencing a False Sense of Quietness that would not last forever.

Now, the messages that I have received today indicate that this False Sense of Quietness may soon be shattered.

God bless you and your family in these perilous times!

Ned Dougherty

Message, addressed to the People of the United States of America

The time has come for your nation to make a stand. You are now at the crossroads of the new millennium. The decisions you make as a nation and as a people will determine the fate of humanity from this time forward. You have allowed your government to become corrupted by the materialism and greed of the world. The time is now to reverse this tide.

Around the world there are peoples who are being ravaged by hunger and sickness and disease. Yet, you stand by as a nation and do little or nothing. You devote your resources only to the conflicts that will result in the fortunes of war for your own selfish war profiteers. They see no profit in feeding the hungry so they do not help them. They only help themselves. These profiteers of war are pillaging your country and destroying your ideals for their own personal reasons. They are the power brokers of the world who are attempting to manipulate and control others for their own personal profit. They must be stopped and you as a people have the power through prayer to stop them. Your nation cannot continue on the path that it is going. If you do not reverse the trend, you will be destroyed like all major civilizations of the past ? to be covered over by the waters or reduced to ashes and dust through time.

Your greatest calamity is your denial of the sanctity of life. At both ends of life and throughout life you ignore that every human being is a gift from God that is to be cherished and honored. Each and every life, all of human life has value ? not one life has more value than the other.

Yet, you are destroying life at its conception and manipulating life in scientific experimentation. You are doing exactly what has been done by other great civilizations of the past and these activities resulted in their destruction. And they will also result in the destruction of your nation and people.

You are given the opportunity at this point in history to make a choice to clearly be on the side of God or to continue on a path that is against His Divine Will. As a people, the choice is yours to make. Do not allow the power brokers and politicians to make these decisions for you when you realize that their decisions are wrong. Your first allegiance is to your God while their allegiance is to materialism and greed.

You must rise up as a nation and protest the policies that do not recognize the sanctity of life. You must return God and His commandments to your government, your institutions, and your schools. You cannot allow the present conditions to continue.

Your children are being raised in a secular atmosphere that has no recognition of God. They are losing a connection to their spiritual self worth and identity. If the present course continues, you will be a nation of soulless beings, devoid of any connection to God and then the destruction and the death will follow. Or you can rise up against the secular minority and restore your God and Creator as the rightful leader of your people and initiate the steps that will lead to the Era of Peace.

But time is running out. You must respond soon!

– St. Michael the Archangel