East Elm Street, Hazleton, PA at 4:30pm

Message from

Our Lady of Light

My dear son,

Many months have passed since I visited with you atop the mountain at La Salette. I planned that night for you because you have a very important mission ahead of you in my honor. I asked you to heed my words to you on that evening that ?My intentions here at La Salette have not been honored by my priests.? (November 30, 2004)

It was at La Salette that I first chose to speak through the children to the world. I wanted the world to understand the gravity and importance of my messages at La Salette and to see those messages through the children’s eyes so no one could accuse them of making up stories. But my words at La Salette were not heeded by the world.

As I told you, my son, there is a timeliness and timelessness in my messages to the world. I led you to my places of appearances so that you would understand what I have been trying to tell the world for many ages.

Now we are in perilous times in the world. I warned you of the conditions that were being created around the world because of the sin. You have been shown the images that would result from the shaking of the world. I showed you why my Son’s arms have become so heavy, just as I had done before for the children of La Salette.

You saw the images of destruction from the Asian Tsunami in advance and of other tsunamis yet to come, if the world does not convert and return to the arms of my Son.

For now His arms are becoming too heavy again for me to bear or for you my children to bear. It is because of the weight of the sins of the world that by Son’s arms are becoming so heavy. Unless there is a substantial world wide conversion in these times, the world will be shaken again resulting in more death and destruction.

The time is now to pray for the conversion of sinners, for the conversion of the world, and a return of mankind to the principles of a good and holy life as shown by my Son, Jesus, and His Holy Family.

For in these times, you need to heed the example of the Holy Family in another time. Remember, my son, that there is a timeliness and timelessness to my messages and the messages of the Holy Family as provided through Scripture.

Only with a return to God by humanity and the embracing of Godly principles as exemplified by my Son, Jesus, will the world be saved from terrible destruction and death. We are in the worst of times for humanity and we cannot continue on the present course.

You must reach out to your brothers and sisters and ask them to pray for world peace and to pray for an end to the destruction and carnage from both the geophysical and geopolitical events. You must pray so that your prayers begin to influence the political leaders and power brokers of the world so that they begin to understand that they cannot joust with God’s plan for humanity.

Your prayers are more powerful than you realize. You must emphasize that Prayer, Prayer, Prayer will change humanity for the better and usher in the Era of Peace.

I will be leaving you now but I will be with you until the end of time. You must remember that you are not to hold back any longer. The times are too grave now.

I wish to be known in America as the Lady of Light and through this title I will convey my messages of love and peace for all of mankind!

– Our Lady of Light