East Elm Street, Hazleton, PA at 9:30am

Message from
Jesus of Nazareth

My cup runneth over! The weight of the sins of humanity has become too much for me to bear. You must reverse the course of humanity now to avoid terrible consequences. The weight of sin is causing the whole world to tremble. The might of my sword cannot be held back. I do not want a punishment for my people but I am powerless to stop you from reckless acts of free will that are endangering humanity’s existence.

You must return to a life of prayer and reflection. With the whole world in prayer and reflection, you may usher in the Era of Peace. It is out of my hands as the Son of the Creator, because the weight of your sins has become too much for my arms to bear. I have deep devotion and love for all my people but they now deny me in greater numbers. The folly of this path will lead to destruction and death.

The mechanisms are already set in motion – not by my Divine Will – but by the natural course of the Universal Laws that were created to control and determine the course of man’s destiny depending upon man’s response to God’s call to live a life of love for God, for self, and for all brothers and sisters. In the absence of this love, there is only darkness ahead.

You are entering the gravest of times in the history of humanity. Pray for your brothers and sisters. Pray for an end to abortion. Pray for the conversion of sinners. Pray for the salvation of the world. For only through prayer, will the world be saved from the sins of humanity. I love you my children and wish you God’s speed in saving the world!

– Jesus of Nazareth