April 2, 2014

Our Lady Queen of Angels Eucharistic Chapel, Newport Beach, California, at 11:30am

Message from Our Lady of Light

My dear son,

Through you, my son, I must continue my message of importance to the people of the world for the world is not listening to your Heavenly Mother.  Your world leaders are planning another worldwide conflagration of death and destruction; the likes of which has never been experienced before by mankind. 

You must inform the children of the world that this death and destruction is the plan of the evil world leaders, who are going about their demonically influenced ways to subjugate all of you even further than they have already done, and once again, they are planning on unleashing the instruments of death and destruction from their past wars, as well as dangerous new and more technologically advanced weapons, including weapons that have not yet been made known to you.

You must understand that you need to WAKE UP to their plan to destroy mankind.

Which leaders am I referring to?  You are being manipulated by these world leaders and their secret occult organizations to believe that the wars that they are threatening are over concerns for the rights of the individual in various societies other than your own, of course, and that the world leaders are so concerned about improving the living conditions of the people in the countries that they wish to invade.

Nothing could be further from the truth, and these leaders are incapable of believing in truths, because they are minions of the evil one and under his direct control and manipulation. Therefore, these world leaders pretend to act from  a position of righteousness, when, all along, they are under a suppression of thought that permits them to rationalize the most demonic of plans that the evil one is attempting to enforce upon all of you, my children.

What is it that you need to do?

You must WAKE UP to the realization that your world leaders do not have the interests of the people in mind, when they are planning a war that will kill so many of you. But to these world leaders, your survival is not even a consideration. You are thought of by them as collateral damage.

Even though as the people of the world, you individually have had no participation in causing or creating these events, the people of the world who are being programmed to be your enemy, will react by treating you individually as the enemy. This is because the world leaders are intentionally fostering anger and hate between the people of the world, so that the people of the world do not recognize who the enemy really is. They are demonically programming you with the fog of war that prevents you from discerning who the true enemy really is – satan.

 But many of you have become enlightened now and recognize that the future of the world is jeopardized by the most senior leaders of the various governments, who are acting in league with satan. Therefore, you must withdraw your support from your government, if your government is planning, promoting, or promulgating war.

The truth is that the evilly inspired leaders of the world from various countries with supposedly different beliefs are really all acting in common with the intent to subjugate humanity, sometimes with and sometimes without their complicit knowledge and conscious understanding that it is the evil one who is directing their actions.

It is time now for all of you to make a stand against your governments that are leading you to war.

Once again, I must petition you to respond to my call by pointing out that the conditions necessary for the Era of Peace have not yet been made by my Son’s Church, nor have they been met by the people of the world.

This is the final warning in this regard: All steps must be taken by My Son’s Church to intercede with these worldly leaders and prevent these world wars from happening. This will be a difficult task because the Church of My Son has been deceived by these world leaders, who have been devious in their dealings with my Son’s Church regarding their intentions to plan, provoke and execute war.

It is time now for the Church of My Son to rise up in leadership and represent the people of the world against this global tyranny of the world’s demonically influenced leaders.

It is time now for the Church of My Son to directly inform the people of the world that they are to stand down and to not participate in any aggression and violence that is the work of the evil one and his minions.

It is time now for the Church of My Son to educate the people of the world to the truth of the globalist world leaders, who are acting in concert with the evil one to bring about a third world war.

As your Heavenly Mother, I am inspiring the Pontiff in Rome to provide the leadership for the people of the world; a leadership that comes from the Heavenly Father, who never intended His children to bear arms against each other. In these times, only the Pontiff in Rome has been chosen by the Heavenly Father to properly lead the people of the world in ending the aggression of the evil one and bringing about an Era of Peace for all of mankind.

Therefore, I am asking for a Worldwide Vigil of Prayer and Fasting from the people of the world to petition the Pontiff in Rome to take the necessary leadership and the necessary steps to prevent a worldwide conflagration and to, therefore, usher in the Era of Peace.

The future of the world should not be determined by the bullets and bombs of its demonically-inspired leaders. The future of the world should be determined by the love and the prayers of the good people of the world, who must resist any plan of these world leaders that promulgates hatred between the brothers and sisters of the world.

WAKE UP all people of the world to the hatred of the evil one, who is inspiring these world leaders. To follow in their footsteps in their plans to lead you to war makes you a complicit participant of the evil one’s work.

Do not allow yourselves to be so manipulated and controlled by these demonically inspired world leaders.

Pray for the Pontiff in Rome that he will be inspired to assume a position of world leadership inspired by the Heavenly Father; His Son, the Redeemer of the world; and the Holy Spirit to bring about the Era of Peace and an end to all bloodshed!

Thanks be to God!

Message ended 2:05pm

Our Lady of Light


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