April 2, 2015 at 9:05am – “Holy Thursday”

St. John the Baptist Eucharistic Chapel, Costa Mesa, California, USA

Jesus of Nazareth

I come to you this morning as Jesus of Nazareth on the eve of my crucifixion and death over 2,000 years ago. I come to you with a message for mankind that the near future in this world is to be momentous and wonderful, indeed as it was when I walked the face of the Earth as Jesus of Nazareth.

At that time, I was sent by the Father in Heaven to redeem mankind from the sinfulness that had plagued humanity, as a result of the works of the evil one, who has plagued humanity ever since he has fallen from the graces of the Father in Heaven, because, in his arrogance and hubris, he thought he was superior even to his own Creator.

How evident the sins of arrogance and hubris must be for you in these end times, when you observe the actions and deeds of those among you, who have chosen to follow the fallen angel by becoming minions of the evil one in their quest for worldly pleasures at the expense of the rest of you.

Alas, in these end times, the very reason why it is necessary for me to return to the Earth is to once again prepare mankind for the future of the world that has been wrought by the evil one and by his minions, then and now.

Therefore, in these times, there will be great and significant events that will bring about a new era for mankind, an Era of Peace and Justice here on Earth. It will be necessary, therefore, to purge the evil one and his followers from the face of the Earth so that the Father’s true believers and followers may inherit the Earth, as the Father had planned and promised many millennia ago.

How glorious it is for you, my brothers and sisters, to live in these times, although many of you are living in fear because of what you observe in the world events caused by your worldly leaders in concert with the evil one; as well as the great physical changes that are happening on Earth with your weather and your seasons – events that are also brought about by the evil one and his minions in order to further enslave and control you. 

I ask you to fear not, for I am with you in these end times.

I call upon each and every one of you to be courageous and prayerful warriors for the Father in Heaven and to assist your Creator in purging the evil from the face of the Earth. You, my brothers and sisters, will accomplish the Father’s goals by your powerful prayers and commitment to serve the Father in Heaven.

The evil one is anxious to complete his self-imposed mission to defeat all of you, but you, my brothers and sisters, will defeat him by your prayers and your patience. The evil one is anxious, because he knows his time is short and his future is doomed.

Knowing what the future holds for you,  the followers of the Father in Heaven, what is it that you must impatiently seek and worry about in this temporal world, when you know that your reward is in the Heavenly Realms?

Please be patient during these times for your patience will eventually allow you to reap the rewards of your doing the Father’s work here on Earth.

You should be patient because you share the faith, and hope, and love, of all of my followers, true Christians who live patiently through the turmoil, because you know in the finality of this life that you shall share in the eternal rewards of a life in Heaven.

You will share your eternal reward with all of the angels and saints; with all of the loved ones, who have passed on before you; but mostly with your Father in Heaven, your Creator, with His Son, who I am as the Redeemer of the world, and with your Heavenly Mother, who is also with you in these end times.

So be it! – According to the Father in Heaven, your Creator and Eternal Provider.

Message ended 9:25am


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