April 2, 2013

Costa Mesa, California, at 10:00am

My son,

I come to you today as Jesus the Redeemer of all the sons and daughters of the Father in Heaven. I come to you as the Redeemer, as you have just experienced the celebration of my rising from the dead, as I actually did during my life here on Earth 2,000 years ago.

Recognize that humanity has remembered the celebration of the Resurrection of the Son of God through all of these years, because it has been placed in the hearts and minds of all of God’s children that you are all the sons and daughters of the Father in Heaven, and that I manifest myself to you as the Redeemer of all of humanity, because it is the desire of all of you to return to the home from which you have come in the Heavenly Realms.

Just as I have manifested myself among you incarnate in body and blood, you are also from the Heavenly Realms, for in your essence, you are soul and spirit and the result of the creation of the Father in Heaven to manifest His love to those who He has created.

You must remember in your journey through this life here on Earth who you really are in spirit and that you have an essence that is a Love created by the Father. The Father has created you to be a loving person and to go forth in this world expressing the Love of the Father in ways that are meaningful to your brothers and sisters here on Earth.

Unfortunately, the free will – that has been necessary for each and every one of you to have in order to allow you to develop individually – this free will has run rampant in many of you through the ages so that we now have a state of existence upon the Earth where mankind is warring against itself.

The fallen angels and their leadership have corrupted humanity to the extent now where the direct intervention of the Father in Heaven is necessary to redeem humanity and to save humanity from its own destruction.

Therefore, it is necessary then for the Father to call upon all of you and to ignite the spark of Love that he has created in each and every one of you to assist the Father in Heaven to bring about the Great Transformation of humanity that is necessary to transform the Earth into a ‘New Heaven and a New Earth’ so that humanity can survive  into the future with the Love of the Father present among all of you with a constant and continuous awareness of who you are and why you are here on Earth.

The separation of the Father in Heaven from His children through these many centuries and the infiltration of the dark angels into the affairs of mankind  have created a situation here on Earth where life, as the Father intended for all of you, is no longer possible. Therefore, this Great Transformation must take place to return the Earth and its inhabitants, all of you my brothers and sisters, to the Original Order of Creation, as intended by the Father in Heaven.

The Great Transformation will be upon you soon and has already begun in its earliest stages. Increasingly, the Will of the Father in Heaven will be manifested to more and more of you until the whole world is imbued with the Love of the Father, and then the changes for the better will be apparent to all of you.

Necessarily, such a Great Transformation cannot take place without great trials, tribulations, and suffering, because many of you will initially reject the Father’s Plan, and the fallen angels will viciously attack all of you, my brothers and sisters, to get you to renounce the Father in Heaven, but their attempts will be in vain.

You see, the Father’s Plan for His children will prevail over all of humanity and the fallen angels and the evil ones will be cast into perdition. Then the ‘New Heaven and the New Earth’ will unfold for all of humanity and the Era of Peace will reign for centuries to come.

So remember this message as you proceed forward in your daily lives and remember that this is the most important message that you will receive in these times – that you are loved by the Father in Heaven and that He has a plan for each and every one of you, who recognize your Father in Heaven as your Lord and Creator.

Follow the Father’s plan for you in all of your daily affairs and you will soon see that you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Thanks be to the Father in Heaven!

Jesus the Redeemer

Message ended 10:25am


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