Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, New York at 8:00pm

Message from Our Lady of Light

I come to you this evening as your Lady of the Island – a title that has been bestowed upon me by the Missionaries of St. Louis de Montfort, who have chosen this beautiful setting and this beautiful shrine as a place of prayer, meditation, and contemplation for all of you, my brothers and sisters, who have traveled here to find a place along your journey in search of My Son, and your Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

The priestly sons of mine, who chose this place, were guided by me to this hillside many years ago to prepare this land as a place of refuge from the world in which you live, a world which now has become so totally corrupted by the sins of humanity that great and significant changes must take place to restore the Original Order of Creation, as planned by the Father in Heaven for all of humanity.

I want all of you, my sons and daughters, to not only recognize the souls of the priests who were responsible for the creation of this shrine, but to also pray for the souls of all of the priests of both this world and the eternal world, who have worked tirelessly and unceasingly to bring my Son’s kingdom to the new world, which is now being created by the Father in Heaven for you.

I do not speak of an entirely new world in another place in the Universe, but of a transition of the world in which you live into a new heaven and a new earth; a place of the future where the sins of mankind are washed away by the purification of the old world to allow the transition for the ‘new heaven and the new earth’ to take place.

You must know by now that many plans are taking place in the eternal world to bring about a complete change of the  planet in which you live, because this is the plan and the design of the Father that the world must be purged of the wickedness and sin that have permeated the earth so badly now that only the direct interference by the Father in Heaven can countermand the work of the evil one who has wrought such confusion, chaos, and sin in your world.

I want you to recognize the plan of the Father in Heaven by focusing your attention on the edifice and statue that is present before you. For what you see here on this rock of granite is a representation of what the Father intends to do to make the great changes to bring about the ‘new heaven and the new earth.’

Just as the Father brought the Son into the world 2,000 years ago through my womb that was blessed and sanctified for the Son’s journey into the world, the Father has again chosen your Heavenly Mother to present the Son as Redeemer to your world now and in these times. So, therefore, as you see me here, I am presenting the Son of the Father to all of you, and I want you to recognize that this statue does not just represent an edifice of stone, but it represents the plan of the Father in these End Times to bring about the great changes that are about to take place.

When this place upon which this statue was chosen, it was chosen by mortal men who were inspired by my own visions of the role that I would assume in the End Times. The plans for this shrine as a safe refuge were not made in a time frame that you can even understand here on Earth but in a great and majestic plan by the Father in Heaven to call all of His children to refuges when the time came for the great transition to take place.

So now the times are very short, and I am asking all of you my children to come to me, not only here, but at all of the shrines and places of worship in the world to pray and meditate on the events that are soon to take place.

You have time now for a short period to reach out to all of your family members and friends and to shout out to all of those who are willing to hear that now is the time for you to interrupt your normal daily schedule to pay more attention to the Father in Heaven, to the Son, the Redeemer, and to your Heavenly Mother to prepare, prepare, prepare, for the times are growing short and you need to be in a state of grace and readiness for the events that are to take place in the not-too-distant future.

This is not a time for panicking; it is a time for preparation and planning, and the way to prepare and to plan is first of all, through prayer and meditation, and secondly, by following the calling that my sons and daughters, as well as my brothers and sisters are hearing, which is drawing you to the shrines and places of worship around the world, where the Father in Heaven intends to reach out to all of you interiorly, so that you may respond to His call to answer the following, interiorly, within yourselves, each and every one of you:

What is it that the Father in Heaven is asking me to do? Why am I here on Earth? What is it that I need to do to understand my mission? What is it that I can do to assist the Father in Heaven in ushering in the Era of Peace, as we have been promised by the ancient scriptures, as well as the modern scriptures?

What is it that I need to be doing in these times to reach out to my brothers and sisters, as well as my family members and friends to warn them that the time is short and that the Lord and Saviour and Redeemer of the world is ever so near and about to shake us all into an outstanding awareness and understanding of our true spiritual nature.

The events that are to take place in the future are necessary for the betterment of mankind and can no longer be delayed due not only to all of the sins of the world, but to the fact that the evil one is now planning his own counter attack to bring many souls as he possibly can into the pits of perdition.

He is really experiencing his last gasps of control over humanity and he knows it, which makes him even more dangerous in these times because he knows he has lost the final battle already in the Eternal Realms, and he is about to be finally defeated here on Earth, where his control over you has only been accomplished, because he has convinced so many of you to do his work here on Earth.

The evil one’s minions have been operating behind the scenes and in the shadows to create a feudal system of power and control over you. They have been motivated by power and control, and by a dark, lustful venom of materialism and greed, which is eating at them like a cancer now.

Pray powerfully for these lost souls, who have fallen victim to the evil one’s crafty ways, for many of them can be saved in the great transition, particularly those who did not know until recently who their boss really is – the prince of darkness. Because the evil one is now being exposed in so many different ways, he has become even craftier in his deceptions and plans.

However, all of the evil one’s plans are beginning to unravel before him. He and his unfortunate minions are being exposed now for all of you to see. Therefore, it is particularly important now for you to pray for discernment, for the battle lines which have been drawn for centuries upon centuries are now being more clearly defined in these End Times, because this is the preparation for the final battle; the preparation to reach out to all of God’s children to make a decision now.

Whose side are you on in this great battle for the future of humanity? Will you turn to the dark side, or will you turn to the light of the Father in Heaven? He, who has created you in His own image and likeness, intends to call upon you to be a prophet to all nations. Each and every one of you, my brothers and sisters, my sons and daughters, are prophets to all nations in the eyes of your Creator.

So now it is the time for you to prepare for the final battle. Once again, I call upon all of you to plan and prepare now for the events that are to take place in the not-too-distant future. Pray and meditate, asking the Father in Heaven for His guidance and strength to assist you in your decision to pay homage to your Creator by your prayers and your works.

Now it is the time.

Will you answer the call to all of you?

Will you be part of God’s plan to usher in the New Heaven and New Earth?

Now more than ever before, I plead with you My children to respond to my call.

May God’s mercy be with all of you, my children!

Our Lady of the Island

Message ended 8:45pm