“The Rock” Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport NY, 7:00pm on Good Friday Evening

I come to you today as Jesus the Nazarene who, as the only begotten Son of God, came to this Earth to save mankind from its own destruction as a result of all the sins of the world through all times here on Earth.

Now we are in the times as predicted by the prophets, and as I had foretold during my lifetime, that great forces would attempt to crush and destroy the Church that I had created through the offering of the keys of my Church to St. Peter, my chosen Apostle, to establish the hierarchy of the Church to lead the Church through the centuries, and to defend the Church from the dark forces of evil that have permeated many souls on the face of the Earth, as a result of the dark works of my enemy, the evil one.

On this very day that we celebrate the sacrifice that I have chosen to assume for the Father in Heaven for all of the sins and in reparation for those sins, it is obvious to many of you, my brothers and sisters, that great forces are aligning themselves now in these final days to destroy the works of my Church and to denigrate the very sacrifice that I endured for all of you.

Although many of you are being nourished today in my places of worship throughout the world, be aware of the dark forces that have accelerated their plans to destroy my Church, for they are very determined to succeed in these times to destroy the Church globally and to weaken and destroy your faith individually, each and every one of you, my sons and daughters.

You need not worry though, for as the ancient scriptures have assured you, these are the times when the final stages of battle are beginning to happen, and you have nothing to fear in these times, but fear itself, and that fear is the work of the evil one to diminish you and your faith in Me as the Lord and Saviour of all humanity.

In your media and through all of your means of communication, you can readily sense the work of the dark one as he breathes a hot and heavy air into the mouths of the non-believers, who have become fallen victims and the minions of the evil one in his attempt to usurp the authority of the Holy Trinity and the dominion of the Holy Trinity over the entire universe and of all that there is.

However, all that he breathes now is hot air, for ultimately the dark one has no powers to destroy you or the works of my Apostles that have resulted in the Church that will survive all of the attacks against it.

So align yourselves now with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and don the armour of the Heavenly Powers to achieve an end to all the evil and corruption of the world. You have now entered the holiest days of our liturgical year, and this is the greatest time to pray powerfully to defeat the evil one.

For now is the time that the evil one has chosen to accelerate his plans to destroy you by destroying your faith in me. But recognize that I am here among you and with you in Spirit to assist you in fighting the good fight to crush all of the evil of the world.

Recognize the importance of these times. I have chosen all of you to be here on Earth in these times to assist in the great battles so do not take your personal journey lightly and think that this is not the time to exert your greatest efforts to assist me in these times. For now it is the time, as written, for you to prepare for the Great Tribulation, a miraculous transition, and the promise of a New Heaven and a New Earth.

We start today with the Crucifixion that so many are trying to deny even existed, but I am here today to remind you that I died on the Cross for your sins, only to rise again on Easter Sunday in fulfillment of the Scriptures to assume my position in the Heavenly Realms with the Father in Heaven.

So glorious are these times now for you to revel in your faith and prepare for great challenges. But do not be afraid, for I am here with you always and forever, and only your prayers are required for me to answer your calling.

Peace be with all of you now as you prepare for the incredible journey that is about to begin. Go in peace my brothers and sisters as you prepare for this journey in fulfillment of my covenant to you.

Message ended at 7:19pm

Jesus of Nazareth