Chartres Street Promenade in front of St. Louis Cathedral, The French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA at 9:00 pm

Message from Jesus of Divine Mercy

I come to you this evening in this place of darkness as Jesus, whose Divine Mercy will provide great consolation for all of the poor souls in this world, who are consumed by so much evil; a whirlwind of evil that has become so malignant that never in the history of humanity has so much evil ruled the face of the earth.

I recognize, within you my son, the feeling of sickness that has come over you, because of the sinfulness and idolatry of the environs in which you now find yourself.

Think of the darkness that is so obvious and present here in this community as a visible microcosm of the darkness of the times that all mankind now finds itself within.

As you walk among the purveyors of sin in this place, and you witness the occult, the world of vampire pretenders, the idolaters with their cards and trinkets of witchcraft, and their instruments of the occult, which are used to call upon the dark entities of the fallen angels, you can experience only darkness – without the shield of protection, which I have enabled for my followers in these times.

For you are now in the midst of the darkest struggle between the goodness that the Father in Heaven provides for His children and the evil of the dark one and his minions that is bringing so much suffering and pain to your world in these times. As you ponder the evil that you see around you, recognize that the evil in the world has become out of control.

Around the planet Earth at this moment in time, the dark forces are accelerating their plans for world domination at a rate that is dizzying for even those of you who are attuned to the plans of the dark one and his evilly influenced minions.

Globally now, the leaders of the world, many of whom have been deceived and duped by the craftiness of satan and his followers, are meeting to attempt to create a dominant and world force of power, might, and control, that has been in the planning and designs for many centuries by the satanic brotherhood.

However, their planning is for naught. For the Father in Heaven and I, as His Son, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Trinity of One is visiting upon humanity with a life force of compassionate energy that will enable all of you to deal with the darkness in ways that you could not achieve in the absence of the saving grace of your Lord and Saviour.

For now, it is the time that you will truly experience my Divine Mercy and my compassionate love for my sons and daughters, who are also my brothers and sisters. Do you not recognize that with the speeding up of time lately that you can all now readily acknowledge, because of your own timely experiences, that you are now in the period of purification when great changes will be coming very soon to planet Earth?

You are interiorly aware, many of you, of the changes within you in these times to prepare you for the events that are soon to come. If you do not recognize that these changes are coming, it is because you are also not recognizing the signs of the times that are prophesied to you.

You are hearing among your leaders of the plans for further wars; the rumours of war that have been intentionally designed by the dark forces to interfere with God’s plans for mankind. But again, I say unto you that the minions of satan here on Earth will not get their way with their dark plans.

For the Father in Heaven has sounded the trumpets and has called the Angels of Light to arms to protect humanity from the encroaching evil that is so obvious now to all of you.

The evil is ever-present now in your governments; in your institutions; and in your communities. The Father never intended for such darkness to take place, and His direct intervention in the affairs of humanity is now called for in unprecedented ways. So now it is time to prepare.

For the changes will come now very rapidly. Now it is time for you to respond to the quiet inspirations that have been with you for many years. Hear the calling that is also being heard by the Angels in Heaven and by those in the afterlife, who have been specifically requested to pray for all of humanity.

For no matter when many souls lived on the face of this planet, all of the generations that existed on Earth previously have provided the building blocks for the plans of the Father to bring His children to the culmination of these End Times, so all of humanity for many eons of time now are paying attention to the important work that you have to do here on Earth to call upon your Heavenly Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to lead you to the Kingdom of the Chosen Ones of the Lord.

I must again insist that you pay closer attention now because the time is so short. Prepare yourself for the incredible events that will prepare you to cooperate in a prayerful allegiance with us to bring you into the Era of Peace and to a New Heaven and a New Earth.

Because of my Divine Mercy for all of you my sons and daughters, as well as my brothers and sisters, the glory of the Heavens will prevail here on Earth and my Divine Mercy shall prevail overall!

Message ended 9:24 pm
From: Jesus of Divine Mercy